28 Feb 2017

For Best Reults in the Knicker/ Pant Dept please read Part 1

So there I sat in the evening sunshine, waiting to hear the details of the dune adventure, the drinks arrived and then Madge, looking a little less just fucked, hair now in brushed and a look of “I‘ve just had all the cream!” on her face

She sat down, took a sip and says “Well, that was fabulous! What do you think? How did you get on with Maria? Did you get a fumble when I was having fun?”

“Hang on a minute,” I replied “ Does this cock look like it’s been sorted! “, showing her the bulge in my shorts.

“No, she had only just arrived before you pair decided to emerge from the dunes, the best I got was a kiss on my cheek and a cheeky pinch of her arse when they left. Now I want to know what you got up to, and I mean every detail! First I need to know if he did have you, if he did it must have been a wild quick one!”

She smiled, “No, he did not have me as you think, we both wanted to, but the sand was so hot. But I did have loads of dirty fun....”

Just then a man came to the table, “Sorry, but would you mind if I shared your table? I looked around, we were on a table for 4 and all other tables did look occupied. “Sure” I said, through gritted teeth “ We will move up, no problem” the guy thanked us and settled down next to Madge

Madge whispered “Well looks like you will have to wait for the details. I will say, it was very very good, and he had a great tongue action!”

Mustafa introduced himself, he was a slight man of around 50, very well manicured and smart for someone just leaving the beach. He was about 5’.2” dressed in tailored shorts and a nice white short sleeved shirt. He had Thick black hair, very tidy, and wore a nice gold watch and real designer sun glasses. He reached into his man bag, took out a silver cigarette case, and offered us a cigarette. We declined, “its not our thing.” He asked if it offended us. “No, go ahead, we are outside so it’s not a problem ”

He then lit one and then ordered a coffee. Again thanked us and we shared a little polite chit chat, where we were staying, our favourite local bar, type of chat. He was working on a contract locally, specialising in IT and Webb design, says he had a spare hour so decided to catch some late afternoon sunshine.

He was a very educated guy, spoke several languages and was extremely polite. He was of course, enjoying the sight of Madges breasts showing nicely through her see through top. “You are a very Lucky Man Mr Rod, to have such a beautiful lady as Madge by your side, I hope you don’t mind me saying this?” “No” I reply, “she certainly is, and I am!”

“I do like a fuller lady” he replies ,”I did see you both on the beach earlier, and I did enjoy to see Madge sunbathing, she is a stunning lady”

Madge shyly thanked him, (possibly not liking fuller!) She also told him she had not seen him.

“Oh” he says,” I did see you, maybe were busy?

Will your friends be joining you later?”

We both looked at each other, I had not noticed him on the beach, had Madge?

“No, I’m afraid they needed to travel home, a long journey ahead for them, so they have now left” Madge replied

“Oh that is a shame, you did seem to be enjoying their company” he replied “Maybe another time soon is possible?”

“Yes hopefully soon “ Madge replied.

There was now certainly a sexual tension now in the air, and a big tension in my shorts! We were both thinking the same, what had he seen exactly? He was certainly playing it cool, maybe not to embarrass us, or had he simply seen us all having a laugh.

Our drinks almost gone, I suggested it was time go, and waved for our bill.

I was busting to get Madge alone.

“Don’t worry about the Tab He says, It’s been a real pleasure speaking to you both, thank you for spending time with me, drinks are on me”

“Oh thanks” I replied “that’s kind of you, and it was good to meet you too”

He got up, shook my hand, then went to Madge, “You are a very sensuous lady, its be a privilege to spend some time with you” then kissed her on the cheek, then he whispered in her ear, They both smiled, and we made our way out .“ By the way, should you be out this evening, I will be at your local bar this evening, I have been meeting with a client there around 7.30. It would be lovely to meet up later again if possible”

I said “It’s unlikely, we have to finish packing and have a very early start. If we do it will only be a quick last pint!”

“Ok, maybe then. You both have a great journey if not “he replied

“What did he just whisper to you? I said as we walked away, “He asked if I have had fun in the Dunes!!? I just nodded and smiled.”

“Well did you see him?” I asked, “No, I was so into Pedro, he may have been watching, but I did not see him, I seen you”

We soon got back to the Villa, I jumped onto the bed, Cock like a flagpole, Madge, did not waste any time, she straddled me and lowered herself easily onto my throbbing cock, she was still sopping wet “Well” she said, slowly riding me, “I think it’s time you were told just how rude your wife has been this afternoon. Your slutty cock sucking wife! “She then went into great detail, telling me about him sucking her tits sooo good, his wonderful tongue, and lovely cock and cum, and maybe being watched by a stranger!, She missed no detail as she slowly rode me, her tits swinging in time, grinding me good.

You can imagine, it was not long before I was ready to explode, She could sense it, just as I was about to bang her good, she sits right on me taking my whole length in, her fanny gripping me hard, she leaned forward her hands holding down my wrists, she tells me how she wanted to sit on Paco like this, making him fill her tight pussy with his cum, I pumped and pumped my days cum shooting into her as she spoke, it was agony and ecstasy, very little movement, her pussy was simply milking me dry.

Once I had finished, she slowly lifted herself off, my cum just flowing out of her onto my belly. She then dipped her fingers into it, and then licked them.”Arh my mans Cum, delicious!

I do wonder if Mustapha did see me in the dunes?“

See asked as she slipped off to the bathroom

We both showered and enjoyed a well earned siesta.


Well, what an afternoon of fun that was! Teased until it was unbearable, I think we were only in the dunes for about 15mins, but certainly etched in my bank 18 months later!.

When Mustapha turned up, I could see Rod was really frustrated, he did want to hear my story, but in the end it all turned out great, better as I took him.I do love riding him, and it felt so good to slip onto his rock hard cock.

I could have rode for ages, but knew Rod was not going to be able to do this, he was ready to explode, balls full! It felt good telling him all the lovely details, I do know when he gets to the point of no return, I caught him good, nailed him down, and used all my pussy muscles to milk him. He certainly did not disappoint filling me with his hot cum .Loads of my mans cum!

Mustpha, was a nice guy, a proper gent but to be honest not my type, a little too much of a lightweight, and maybe too neat and nice?

I will admit, I had a flush when he asked about the fun in the dunes! He had not made a big thing of it, but did give me a knowing wink as we left, it did make me interested to hear more, I needed to know!

Only the evening to do now, hope your enjoying , this all happened Sept 15 We will post some pictures at the finish x

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