Written by Katie

19 Jan 2012

We moved into our new house in summer 2010, after having to relocate for my husbands job. About 150 miles from all our friends and family to a place where we knew no one, to a town surrounded by countryside, which was a change for us having always lived in a large city. The neighbours were friendly, the couple next door popping round with a bottle of wine to welcome us and introduce themselves. Ed and Geraldine were about our age, early thirties, and Ed hit it off with Steve my husband straight away, a mutual interest in classic cars. I liked Geraldine, but she was quite loud and brash, especially when we got onto a second bottle. I'm more reserved and quiet, particularly when I first meet people, until I get to know them. If I have a fault I am rather gullible and easily influenced

Finding a job was a priority for me, not so easy these days, but Geraldine worked in a supermarket and promised to let me know if there were any vacancies. About 3 weeks later she called around to tell me about a job and she'd have a word with the manager if I was interested. I jumped at it, I was going nuts stuck at home all day. I applied, got the job, only twenty hours a week but it all helps. It was only after I started that I discovered that the store manager was shagging her and that she'd put in a good word for me.

Our shifts coincided so we were often off at the same time and began socialising, out for coffee or lunch, shopping trips, the four of us occasionally going out for dinner or to the local pub. Geraldine tended to wear shortish skirts or dresses when we went out, mid thigh, sometimes shorter, more than once I caught a glimpse of stocking top. I must say I felt quite envious of her confidence, and had told her so once or twice. She and I are about the same size, I'm 5' 7” slightly taller than her, we're both a size 10, my boobs are a pert 32c, Geraldine a little fuller in the bust. My legs are quite long and toned and several times when I'd been wearing tight jeans she suggested I should show my legs and wear short skirts. Finally on one of our shopping trips I succumbed and bought a mini skirt and a top, trying on several, letting her persuade me to purchase one which was tight and according to the description 15 inches long. I'd tried it on and being so tight there was the VPL problem so she insisted on a visit to the the lingerie department, selected a matching string and half cup bra. She came with me while I tried on the bra, taking more interest in my tits than I would have expected, complementing me on how firm and pert they were. She insisted on helping adjust the bra, putting her fingers inside the cup, lifting my boobs, so the nipples were uncovered. Embarrassingly my nipples stiffened with her touch, making me blush when she commented, suggesting I must have liked her touch, which I didn't think to deny, saying nothing.

Having bought the skirt and top I wondered where I could hide them from Steve. There was no way he'd allow me to go out in them, but at least they'd been inexpensive so I hadn't wasted to much money. Geraldine had other ideas, “You can wear them tonight. Ed and Steve are going to the Rugby Club. She mentioned a nearby town "We'll go to that new club” I explained about Steve and the clothes. She had the answer to that, brushing aside my excuses, telling me to give her the clothes, to wear the lingerie under jeans and jumper and I could change at her friend, Sue's flat in town and stay the night. That was decided, anyway she'd persuaded me it would be a laugh, “Maybe we can pick up a couple of lads. Have some fun” she told me. I thought she was joking. Steve didn't mind me going out, though I deliberately “forgot” to mention clubbing. He was probably thinking he could go and have a good few pints and I wouldn't be home to nag him if he got drunk.

At the flat we went to the bedroom to change, she told me to take off my tights and handed me a pair of hold up stockings instead. The skirt looked even shorter than it had in the shop, hardly covering the stocking tops. I told her I thought the skirt was to short to wear with stockings but she told me not to be silly, “You've got great legs, show them off” again brushing aside my doubts. We got a taxi to town, the three of us looking like tarts, in our heels, mini skirts and tight tops. My initial reservations began to disappear and after a drink or two in a bar I was feeling quite sexy by the time we got to the club. I noticed several guys eyeing us up and was enjoying the attention, allowing Geraldine and Sue to persuade me to dance.

Somehow we ended up sharing a table with three lads, laughing and joking, getting up and dancing with them. I lost sight of Sue, saw Geraldine her arms around one of the guys neck kissing him. The guy I was with had his arm around me, almost touching my tits and started kissing me, his hand on my thigh. I'd had a bit to drink and responded, snogging him, not really aware that his hand had crept under my skirt until I felt his hand on the bare flesh above the stockings and his fingers rubbing my pussy through my string. Instead of pushing his hand away I clamped my legs together, trapping his fingers against my pussy and kissed him harder. I could feel him, trying to move his fingers, felt my pussy getting wet, his fingers, tugging the material covering my snatch and knew I should stop him before he got his fingers inside my string and was able to touch my pussy.

Geraldine came to my rescue, her arm around her bloke, telling us to stop, then taking hold of my arm, pulled me to my feet, calling to the guy that we were going outside. We squeezed through the crowd, my bloke with his hand on my bum, following Geraldine and her guy out. The four of us crossed the street, I was wondering where we were going, following as she turned down an access road to the rear of some shops. We rounded a corner, out of sight of the street, a couple of security lights giving some illumination as we went behind some rubbish skips. Immediately Geraldine pulled her skirt up around her waist, pushed her thong down her legs, kicking it off. The guy with her, unzipped pulling his prick out, already semi erect before she took hold of it and began wanking him getting him hard. I don't know what I'd been expecting when we'd all left the club and gone up the road behind the shops, with hindsight it's obvious what she intended.

I stood watching her, still just sober enough to be shocked, brought back to reality when the guy with me lifted the back of my skirt tugging the string down. I felt the material between my legs, momentarily caught in my sticky gash. I wanted to stop him but couldn't. I watched as Geraldine turned, put her hands against a skip bent over spreading her legs. “Come on Katie. Get your knickers off so he can shag you” she giggled, noticing they were already around my ankles. The guy moved behind her, holding his prick, rubbed it along her slit then guided it into her hole and began to fuck her. The bloke with me had got his prick out, took hold of my hand pulling it to his cock. Rock hard, feeling much larger than my husbands, I wrapped my fingers around it, stroking him, spreading the liquid leaking from it over the knob end. Feebly I whispered “I shouldn't be doing this” I don't think he heard, anyway it was to late to stop, my thong had gone he'd managed to roll my skirt up around my waist. Unconsciously, because I don't remember doing it, I'd parted my legs, he was fingering my pussy with the fingers of one hand, the other under my top, easing my tits out of my bra. I knew I should be telling him to stop, instead the words that spilled from my mouth were “Hurry up. Fuck me”

I copied Geraldine, leaning against the skip next to her, spreading my legs wider. I felt the guy slide his cock between my legs and enter me. I was so aroused, I gave a loud groan of sheer pleasure, any guilt at having illicit sex forgotten. Geraldine smiled encouragingly at me, a look of approval on her face. She reached out stroking my hair, moving her face closer to mine, pulling me closer then kissed me. Full on the lips, I responded kissing her back, opening my mouth, our tongues in each others mouths. It was the most erotic moment of my life, being fucked in an alley by a guy I’d just met, snogging Geraldine. We only broke off kissing, coming up for air when I started to cum, gasping for breath as I orgasmed, savouring the incredible sensations spreading from my pussy as he shafted me hard and deep, until I felt him jerk inside me shooting his seed in deep in my cunt. I felt such a slut, but knew that I would do it again if I had the opportunity. One illicit fuck and I was hooked.

I watched Geraldine until she came, uncaring that my skirt was still up around my waist, top scrunched up under my arms, tits hanging out of my bra, the young guys spunk pouring from my pussy running down my legs soaking my stockings. Her bloke shot his load in her pussy, pulled out, wiped his cock on her skirt, put it his cock away and just walked off with his mate. That suited us at least we didn't have to get rid of them before going to Sue's flat. That reminded me we'd lost Sue, but fortunately Geraldine had a key to get in. We tidied ourselves up, I found a tissue in my bag to wipe the spunk off her skirt and we headed back to Sue's flat.

It hadn't occurred to me what the sleeping arrangements were until we went into the bedroom, a double bed. “Don't worry you can trust me” Geraldine grinned, with a look on her face which said the opposite, as she undressed. She removed her thong, revealing her smoothly shaven pussy, taking her time before slipping into the bed naked. She sat up watching me strip, her tits rising and falling, nipples hard and inviting as I recalled the kiss we'd shared as we were being fucked. I was down to my string, she didn't say anything, she didn't need to, I just sensed she wanted me naked, wanted to see my pussy. She let me take my time, waiting patiently for me to make my decision. I'd sometimes wondered, been curious what sex with a woman would be like, a few drinks, inhibitions lowered, I removed my thong, revealing my sex to her, feeling relieved that I'd taken the time earlier to trim my dark bush. I felt liquid trickle from my hole, his spunk mixed with my sex juices still leaking out. “I think you're pussy needs cleaning” she said softly, throwing the quilt off, patting the mattress beside her. Nervously I joined her on the bed, trying not to stare between her open legs, but transfixed by the way she was brazenly exposing her wet, gaping cunt to me. I lay on my back, legs together, tense trying to relax, unsure what to do or what to expect.

Geraldine rolled on her side and kissed my neck, I shut my eyes as she softly kissed my shoulder, her hand just below my breast. She took her time, kissing, her way down to my tits, cupping one gently, her hair brushing against me as I felt her lifting my tit to her mouth. Her warm breath on my nipple moments before I felt her wet tongue licking around it before she took it between her lips sucking it into her mouth. I gave I moan of desire, moving my hand to the back of her head, signalling to her not to stop. She sucked the nipple harder, teasing the other one between finger and thumb, rolling it erect. She raised her head from my breast, kissed me on the mouth, before leaning over to suck and nibble and excite my other nipple. Her hand moved from my tits, down over my stomach, caressing and stroking me gently. Her fingers brushed my bush, I jumped then relaxed, my legs parting slightly, her fingers combing through my pubes. Her fingertips got closer and closer to my clitoris. She put her hand of my thigh, gently pushing my legs further apart, I moved my other leg opening myself to her.

Her fingers moved back, now touching my pussy. I gasped, and sighed, as I felt her slowly run a finger along my gash to my clit, then lift it to her mouth, sucking my juices off. She moved her hand back onto my cunt, her fingers began to move, teasing and exciting the hard little bud. I couldn't help myself, it felt so nice, I raised my bum pressing my pussy more firmly against her fingers. I bit my lip to stop crying out as she slipped her fingers in my cunt, exploring my hole. He mouth continued it journey down my body, kissing and licking towards my pussy. She pushed all her fingers inside me, keeping them rigid, the web of skin between finger and thumb hitting my clit as she finger fucked me. She moved, knelt between my legs, bent over, her tongue tracing a route over my stomach, towards my pussy. She kissed and licked around my pubes, slowly withdrawing her fingers from my cunt, replacing them with her tongue. I felt her tongue probing my sex, then flick against my clitoris. I spread my legs as wide as I could. My stomach fluttered, I moaned “Oh my god don't stop” my hands moving to her head holding her against my cunt, my hips moving rubbing my pussy against her face. She sucked my clit, licking along my slit, tongue lashing my soaking sex, drinking the juices gushing from my cunt.

I don't think I lasted five minutes before her expert tongue made me orgasm. She raised her head from between my legs, face smeared with my cunt juices, grinning as she lent forward and kissed me on the mouth. She rolled onto her back, spreading her legs. I thought she was going to ask me to return the favour and go down on her, but as she later explained she didn't want to push me, knew that I would do it willingly when I was ready. Instead she reached down and began to masturbate, right next to me, no embarrassment that I was watching. It was one of the horniest things I'd ever seen. I laid next to her, she started to caress her tits, all the fingers of her other hand in her pussy, masturbating with abandon, close to cumming. Without asking I leant over sucking hard on her nipples as she frigged herself to climax. We heard Sue return with a bloke about half an hour later and heard them shagging before we dropped off to sleep.

It was about a week later, we both had the day off, Steve and Ed were at work and Geraldine asked if she could shave my pussy. I'd been thinking about doing it and had my clothes off in no time. By the time she'd finished I was so randy I almost dragged her on to her bed. We spent most of the day in bed, pleasuring each other with fingers and toys and I went down on her and brought her off with my tongue. We went out together every few weeks, the nights that our husbands could be guaranteed to go to the Club, stripper nights. Sue allowed us to take guys back to her flat for sex once it got to cold to fuck in the road behind the shops. We had some great sex, us three girls, sometimes with just one guy each, sometimes more, the night usually finishing with me and Geraldine on the floor in a sixty nine being watched by everyone.

I suppose over the winter and spring I was fucked by about a dozen guys as well as spending time every week in bed with Geraldine if we got the chance. It must have been around May last year, I called around her house and she was on her laptop. She showed me the site she was looking at “Swinging Heaven” We read some of the stories, read about dogging, looked at the sections open to non members. “I've got an idea” she said. I'll tell you what it was another time if you want me to continue.