Written by Carol T

25 Feb 2015

Hi all, thanks for your messages of support, my mind is racing at the moment. I haven't seen Anna since I wrote the first time and my husbands home now until Saturday so I guess I wont see her this week but she has been texting me telling me how she wants to tie me up and be rough with me. I sent her a text this morning telling her that I wasn't sure we should meet again and I explained why and that I was too tempted.

She replied telling me that she was disappointed and that she had dreamt about me and had plans for me, like a fool I asked her about her dream and what she meant by plans.

She told that in her dream I came over to her house and she ripped my clothes off and that she wants to suck my 'tities' and taste my pussy and she wont let me leave until she's had me and that she has her 'toys' ready.

I asked her 'what toy's 'and she sent me a photo of her self wearing a big strap on cock. I know I'm sounding naive but I have only ever seen these in a film I watched a while ago and didn't think people could actually get them.

I thought my 'get out' was telling her she was starting to scare me but she's just replied again telling me she would be gentle if that's what I wanted.

Now my mind is racing. On the one hand I am a happily married woman but on the other I can't get the picture of her out of my mind. I keep looking at her fantastic body, her flat stomach, muscular arms and tiny breasts with her big nipples. And that strap on cock, I'm out of breath thinking of it inside me.

I know she won't tell anyone if I did but I also know she is very forceful and demanding. I would go from a married family woman to a lesbian in one afternoon which scares me but I keep thinking of that kiss and I want her to suck me and have me.....

The kids are in school and my husbands been hinting about going to bed when he gets back from the gym.

Maybe having sex with my husband will make my mind up for me and help me decide if I have a lesbian side or if I'm just lonely.

The only people I can tell this to is you guys, trust me my friends would freak, so I will let you know what I decide and what if anything happens.

one last thing. I just sent her a text saying I would come over just for coffee and a chat on Saturday but she replied, 'if you come over then its to fuck so you (me) decide'!

My hearts pounding.