Written by Ken

22 Jun 2016

My wife decided to have driving lessons and it sounded like a great idea, we thought we would use the same local instructor who taught me to drive a year earlier...the lessons were to be early evening which was convenient for us. After four lessons or so my wife, who was twenty one at the time, told me that the next lesson was to be a double one of two hours as the instructor was going on holiday and to fit it in it would be later, eight till ten...she asked me if that was ok. The evening arrived and she got ready, I noticed she was wearing a dress this week instead of the usual trousers but thought nothing of it..as she went with our usual kiss and my comment of 'enjoy' I saw she looked good...she is five feet tall with brown/blond hair...nice figure...the two hours went quickly and I do admit to wondering and fantasising what she might be doing but dismissed my horny thoughts! When she arrived home I was still horny but she said a bath first as it was very warm in the car and wanted to freshen up....I made her a drink and took it to her as she lay in the hot water...we talked about the lessons how they were going etc. I left her and went into the bedroom wher her clothes were and noticed her panties laying under her dress...very sexy ones, I picked them up and they were very wet, sticky and my mind went into overdrive as I couldn't help but run my fingers through the wetness....when we went to bed I was all over her, I couldn't get my toungue on her pussy quickly enough as my mind went into overdrive at the thought she might have let him have her! She responded to my touches and we had great sex...but I never told her that I was suspicious....I just made some comment that a two hour driving less obviously went straight to her pussy, she just laughed!

The next couple of lessons were back to the normal early evening one hour..my mind was not back to normal, I wanted her every day...then she again mentioned a two hour lesson, this time it was to allow for car repairs, I went with the reasoning and once again she looked great as I watched her get ready, bra, panties, dress and shoes...this time the two hours took for ages as I waited for her return...was I being paranoid? Had I got it wrong? I couldn't wait for her to get back.

The moment arrived, she kissed me as she went upstairs, need a bath she said to me, this time I was ready for that, I pulled her into the bedroom, not a chance I told her, I want you now...I started to kiss her, undo her dress as she so wanted to get into the bathroom...we lay on the bed as I took her bra off, she was hot in every way...we kissed, enjoy your lesson I asked her as I kissed her lips, neck and played with her tits..she tried to stop me taking her panties off but her resistance only lasted a few seconds as my hand found her wet pussy, I kissed her belly as I pulled the panties off and knew that she had been fucked that evening...I was horny for her and even though I knew she had enjoyed someone else and he had cum inside her I kissed and licked her pussy...she was enjoying every moment and as I entered her it felt fantastic...it was now or never, I asked her as I fucked her if she had been having sex on the driving lessons...she was too far gone to deny it, yes yes she said...do you mind? Does it look like it I remember thinking! I told her I wanted to know everything! I knew I would not last long as I fucked her hard until I came inside her....a sudden thrill of knowing that another man had done the same not long ago! We lay for a while...well? She wanted to know.. another moment, in or out, yes or no, she reached down for my semi hard cock...well? she asked again...my reaction to her husky voice was immediate as I felt my cock grow at her touches! I could not help myself but fuck her again....I was, and still am, turned on by her and these events!

The next week were a whirl wind of sex and tell all, she told me how he had come on to her after the first two lessons, the confined car, heat...she said it was intimate and ecxciting...she told me how he had broached the two hour lesson late evening, she was not sure if she would go through with it but he showed her where there was a secluded country park, she drove there and they talked for a while before she decided to go for it! She told me how he undressed her, she performed oral on him and how he fucked her in the passenger seat with it fully reclined! The second time was better as she was ready straight away, this time naked in the back of the car...he took her three times on that occasion, she told me that coming home and having me straight after was the biggest turn on, two men one after the other, she made it clear that any men would do! We had so much sex talking about all of this!

The lessons returned to normal, I broached the subject that maybe I could come on the next two hour lesson...she said she would check the possibility of that see how he felt, I knew he would agree...after all he was not supposed to be hitting on his trainees! The instructor was fifteen years older than my wife, he was happy to be fucking a twenty one year old married woman.....three weeks later it was arranged, the initial meeting was a bit strange but my wife looked great as she sat be hind the wheel, dress riding up her thigh ax she worked the pedals...he wanted to be sure we were happy...my wife reached over to put her hand on his leg, wheel he said! The ice was broken....we arrived and she parked in a secluded spot....they swapped seats, the seat was reclined, they kissed, I kissed her as he removed her panties....between us we stripped her and I moved aside and watched as he started to take her, he pushed her knees up toward her shoulders as he fingered her wet pussy and then pushed his hard cock into her....I almost came on the spot as she took him...just listening to her, watching her as she fucked him! I had my trousers off as she reached for my cock, he was fucking her hard as she wanked me while kissing him....the intimacy was so erotic as she moaned and fucked. He soon cum inside her and I hurried to pull her onto the back seat where I entered her wet and dripping pussy...she was asking me if I enjoyed watching her as I fucked her, I was gone with the moment and lasted no time at all.....we took her again and again, it was all very relaxed and intimate after the hectic start! That night my wife wanted to know where we went from there, she said if we continue she would want more and more, I needed to understand that, stop now or open the flood gates so to speak...they were opened, no way was I letting this pass!

It was great fun, we did it a few more times, he started coming to our house for long sessions...we moved on but the sex continues...many experiences!