Written by Barry

15 Jun 2014

Any fault or blame comes back to me,it was two years ago at my wife's Christmas bash we had a couple of drinks most people had, her boss got Helen up to dance a quite fast one to start with then a slow one, I watched all this from the sidelines, it was the way they danced the way he held her plus the body language said they fancied each other

There where more dances as time past, it was then quite late a lot of people where leaving and Helen and Philip had disappeared, it took me some time to find them they where outside to the back of the car park, by keeping close to the building I was able to get with in a few meters with out being seen in the shadows

There they where snogging by a car which I now know is his a rang rover, it was obvious his hands where all over her and she was lapping it up from where I was I couldn't see every thing it was still quite a dark part of car park, I stayed still watching a car lit the area up for a moment and with out a doubt my wife had is cock in her hand, the light went and they where in shadow, then there jest one of them visible Philip a few minuets later another cars lights flashed by to eliminate them Helen was crouched down she must be given him a blow job , then the light had gone, after that I could make out some movement

Then I heard a woman say loudly, OH MY GOD PHILIP JESUS, then a loud grunt and OOH AAAR FUCK, then more lights came round a bit slower this time, I could see my wife bending forwarded with both hand on the bonnet to steady herself as Philip jerked away behind her

In that time I had no dough she was getting fucked from the back and I would say Philip had got quite a large cock up her the noises she started to make the lights had gone but I could hear the gasps and pants the noises when on for ten fifteen minuets, then a man gasped a couple of times and grounded, I guessed he was cumming in my wife

If I had moved then they may of seen me I stepped back close to the wall in the shadows Helen was sorting herself out pulling her skirt back down tidying herself up he stepped back putting his cock away and doing his zip up, they move to the front of the car feet from me now I almost hugged the wall and hardly breathed, they had a kiss I could hear Philip say you liked that we got to do it again, Helen replied Christ I want that again you are bloody big he laughed saying so its bigger than your old man, I herd her say Christ a lot you must be twice as big as him Philip laughed again and said its only a tad over nine inches, she didn't say any more

Philip asked so when am I going to have you again, she said it have to be some whee warmer and more comfortable next time a bed really, Philip said your old man go's away with his job you told me when will he be away next I am sure she was thinking and said I will find out, I want more of that, they kissed again she said we better get in there before we are missed and they went past me so close I could of touched them

I let them get back and went in myself Helen was talking to two other women she didn't see me, I sat on a table in a corner, in the end she spotted me and came over say there you are where have you been I said I went out front for some air then moved over her to get away from the music, you where dancing, she left it at that she must of thought I was none the wiser, there was no sigh or hint she been fucked she sat there chatting as normal I could see she had a little to drink but so had I

As we sat there Philip came over and introduced himself as Helen's boss saying its nice to meet me at last he head about me from Helen, he got us another drink and sat himself down and started a conversation the cheeky bastard, he was telling me how he like working with my wife how good she is how well they get on, he missed out how tight her cunt is and how much of his spunk must still be inside her right now

He said to me Barry you work away I understand are you home now till after Christmas

I said I wish most likely away next week and the week after for a few days, he looked at Helen and she smiled, he went on asking where are going I told him the midlands we do a lot up there that's why we have to stay away he agreed say its to far to get home, I said no chance, he said to Helen do you get lonely she replied yes some times and half smiled

Then a caby shouted my name, I said our taxi is here we have to go, he shock my hand saying it nice to meet me and we should meet up again, he kiss Helen on the cheek saying see you at work

In the cab on the way home she was saying what a nice man Philip is and asked what I though, I said you two seem to get on really well, Helen told me his the best boss she ever had,I wonder if she meant his the best fuck or the biggest cock I said you would bend over backwards for him , she laughed, I thought you most likely will when you get a chance

When we got home and gone to bed I tried my luck and got a knock back, she said I had to much to drink and she was tire, in the morning in the wash basic I found her tights with crotch ripped and her knickers full of spunk, what he did was rip her tights and pull her pants to one side to fuck her and she let him, I really was amazed she would do it or let it happen like that I had always thought of Helen as being to conservative prudish maybe

It was Friday so had go to work, it was late that afternoon she phoned me to tell me she be home late that evening she need to get some work done before the weekend and not to worry she be home as son as she could

It was about half six she got in a good hour and half later than normal, saying sorry for being late she said but had to get the work done, I did notice she seemed a little odd almost sheepish and her making sure she explained about having to get the work done as if it was to justify being late was a cover up, she not to good at doing it when completely sober, that night in bed once again she didn't want to know a headache this time, also in the morning I found some spunk stained knickers, he had fucked her work I guess

That morning she questioned me about would I be away the next week I remembered the conversation of the night of the the bash and what Philip had said about me working away

I needed time to think and said I could tell her on Monday but I would be away at some point, Helen went shopping in the afternoon and I stayed at home, it gave me some time to think, also I remembered the CCTV I had put up a couple of years before we never looked at it after the first couple of months it go's on and off and wipes its self a bit of of wast of money in some ways but I though it would come in very useful now

I had a look at it there was us on it coming and going the postman that sort of thing

Its wireless set up and it can take more camera, I went on the peoples web site who we got it off and ordered three more cameras, they came I sat about fitting them one in the bedroom and one in the lounge I didn't know where to put the other

So my trap was set it be a waiting game now, I was going to use me going away as bate

The next couple of day gave me time to think why was I doing this, on that night in that car park I could of walked up to them and said I found you, they would of given me an excuse like we are getting some air and we all would of gone back in, so it was my fault it had happened and it would of most likely never of come to this, Helen would not been any where with him and had a bit to drink ever again but I didn't do that, it was weird what I has seen that night was spearing me on I was getting a kick out it and it turned me on in a funny way I did want to see more

I was also getting very horny but Helen wasn't responding, it used to be a regular thing once a week or so, now all I have been getting was excuses sins that night

When I told Helen that I be away I think it could of been the first time she didn't have a moan at me or go on about being left lone

I was pretty sure this was the first time she ever done this, it may of been a little to much to drink and the right place the right time plus she most likely fenced Philip as well or some sort of combinations of things made or let her do it, other wise I would of said before its not in her nature to stray

I had the images of that night and what I heard in my mind you know how things can come back to you, also what I heard when he went into her, she wants used to him he must be bigger than me but it must of given her a taste for it she had him again the next day for sure and I am guessing she wanted more and I was given her the chance she wantee

I was away, now the usual thing would be a phone call in the evening about nine or so

This time she called me at five it was the usual chitchat she asked about the hotel to make sure I was there I think and asked when I be home

Helen must of phoned as soon as she got in, I was sure then she had Philip coming round and she wanted to make sure I wan't coming home it was a god bet he be fucking her in our bed tonight, I hoped my camera work, the thought gave me a hard on

It was much the same the next evening an early phone call, on both night I tried to call back later and he phone was off so I guess Philip gave her a seeing to both nights

I got home at about one, after getting in the first thing I did was look at the recording

I flicked though the comings and goings, I was right Helen had only been in a frw minuets and she was on the phone to me I could hear her side of our conversation, then I looked at our bedroom with her getting ready coming out the shower getting dressed it was all on there, then her in lounge looking a bit nervous, then Philip arrived at seven he had a bunch of flowers I had noticed them when I came in

At first they both looked a little nervous, he put his arms round her and kissed her it was a kiss of passion,he then said your wish is going to come true he he was still holding her she was looking up to him and said what is that,he smiled saying a comfortable bed she laughed and said yes better than a car park and your office as she said that I could see her hand rubbing his crotch, the next ten or more minuets was spent snogging and playing about but what surprised was how keen my wife was to get him upstairs

Once in our bedroom she made all the running I would say by getting him undressed and most of her closes off at the same time, he was naked she was down to underwear she got his sizable limp cock in her had holding it, it was like she was fascinated by it, when she looked up he kissed her, and at the same time he undid her bra, she pulled it off her nipples looked quite stiff she went back to kissing he and pressed her tits into him she was still holding is cock to one side it now looked quite erected, I now realized now much bigger than mine it was it looked almost twice as long and I would say three time as wide or thick, no wonder she made the noise she did that nigh in the car park when that went into her, so that made me think it had to be the first time then

I know one thing his been getting my shear ever since then, I have not been near it, I added up the times I thought he fucked her to date that night then his office the the two nights I was away so she had him four times I know off she must like it

Any way they where snogging and Helen had hold of his cock which was now hard, as I watched she dropped down and took it in her mouth, it was then I looked at the time my god Helen be home soon day