Written by Giles Scott

30 Sep 2017

I have been a member of the local Essex ramblers for almost 10years and during that time have had sexual encounters with many of the women who attend. One day this short slim woman called Jane attended the meet. She was just 5ft 2 tall slim with magnificent 36dd breasts and shoulder length hair. It was her first time on a walk and I wanted to make her feel at ease so walked along with her. We talked a lot about our individual separations and former partners . We really found out a lot about each other and at the end of the walk I asked her if she fancied a drink and she agreed.

The drink became two, then three joint and she invited me back to her house for supper.

She was an excellent cook and extremely glamorous ,once she changed into a dress which set off her assets to the full. We both became rather tipsy and I held her close and kissed her. She did not object and my hands caressed her breasts through her bra before deftly unclipping it

Her gorgeous ample breasts really turned her on and I kissed and caressed them before touching her very damp pussy which opened up to my fingers. She was waxed and my tongue caressed her clit and licked her vagina. She reached out and slowly my cock until I asked her to stop.

I led her to the bedroom where we cuddled on her bed before I penetrated her .She was very ,very tight and even though she was very wet it was a struggled for her to take my full 8 inched. However we did and we slowly fucked until she squirted and we came almost together. We lay in each others arms for ten minutes kissing and caressing before we had a replay.

My advice is join your local ramblers ,lots of horny women all of whom or at least most are available.