Written by Julie

18 May 2014

My name is Lisa year old teacher. Like many people of my age I had read stories here and got excited wondering if they were true. Let me describe myself. I am 5'2'' tall with brown hair, decent looking and I have kept my figure pretty well. I suppose petite with a bust describes me quite well. Pete my husband and I have been married for 12 year sand both have a healthy outlook on sex. I do like to be admired.

I had been reading a story about dogging and asked him if he thought that really happened. Pete smiled and said he knew it did and was probably more common that I realised. With the help of the Swinging Heaven web site I looked around and found places near us where it was supposed to happen. Before I mentioned more to Pete I tried to imagine how I would like being felt through the car window and maybe playing with a guys.

I decided it could be an adventure and made a note of where these places were and on trips out investigated them in the day time.

One night in bed I brought up the subject with Pete whose reaction was excitement and a promise to check out these sites. I didn't mention that I had already done that but in a couple of days he was touching me up in bed and calling me Miss Randy Pants. He said he had found an ideal spot and if I was willing we could go there at the weekend.

We discussed what might happen any limits and so on. Pete said that it would be a pity to go there and there be no one about and so he contacted a guy who had an ad on the site for dogging.

He was a little younger than I would have preferred but said that he was very well equipped. I thought ok. I was a student once so maybe it would make his day too.

Friday came around and I was a bundle of nerves despite being the instigator of this. I bathed and put on bath oils then I dressed carefully in a red blouse with a small red lace bra and thong and black stockings. I was so excited and could see Pete walking about with a bulge in his pants.

Eventually It was getting dark but still a warm night and we set off for the meeting place. Pete told me that he had arranged with this guy that he would call him as we got near. He stopped and suggested it was time if we were going to go through with it emphasising that I could stop at any point and we could come home.The darkness had started to fall as our car went up the single track road to the forest, passing an old Escort parked at the top.

Pete carried on and soon we were parking in the woods leaving space beside us for another car on my side. The night was still and quiet as we let the windows down and tried to relax. All the time I was peering into the darkness , thinking of the stories I had read.

The noise of a car reached us as the old escort started up and came up the hill, as it approached our parking place the lights went off and it slid into position next to us.

As a precaution Pete wound up our windows and then there was silence. He asked me how I felt and I admitted to sweaty palms and some shaking. Just then the drivers door opened on the Escort and the driver got out. I could see that he was young and slim but not much else. He walked forward past the cars and into the bushes before stopping and looking about him. Here we go said Pete as he reached out to open a few buttons on my blouse. I looked down as out visitor got closer. He stopped by my door looking in as Pete raised my skirt so that my legs were on view and his hand went to his zipper.

Slowly he slid the zipper down and took out his cock. It seemed quite a good size as it hardened and he turned to my window , giving me a clear view. Pete whispered if I wanted to go on and I nodded nervously. He finished opening my blouse and then unclipped my bra pushing it up so that this guy had a clear view of my erect nipples.

I was aware of the mechanism of the window s my window went fully open. His hand rested on the window shelf and then slowly came into the car cupping my left breast gently. I felt so excited as he teased my nipple hard. Pete took my hand and guided it out of the car and onto his hard erect cock. It felt so different to Pete's. It was longer and thicker. My hand almost had a life of its own as I explored his length and cupped his big heavy balls. Pete's hands moved to open my skirt and then slip down my thongs exposing my shaven pussy to the stranger's gaze.

I quivered as his fingers explored pushing apart my pussy lips. He was so gentle but so exciting. He opened his shirt and dropped his trousers to let me have full access to him. What a marvellous feeling it was.

Those long fingers worked finding my clitty and cupping my naked bum.

I heard the locking mechanism of our car open and Pete moved round to the door opening it wide and taking my hand so that I stepped out of the car. Our friend's hands were all over me as he tongued my nipples and then moved slowly down.

I thought ' What do I do if he licks me?' Too late his hands were cupping my bum and holding my legs apart as his tongue found my shaven pussy. Lordie he had done this before. and took control working me almost to a climax.

Pete reached back into the car pulling out our travel rug which he spread on the ground. Our visitor guided me down to it and slid off my panties before moving between my legs. I looked up at Pete and he smiled as I surrendered myself and watched him slip on a condom and put the tip of his cock in my entrance. Slowly he pushed his way in feeling enormous. He was about halfway in before he began to slide back and forth allowing me to get used to his size. His body felt nice and soon he was speeding up. I cried out with pleasure and he began to go harder and harder into me with Pete saying ' Give it to her' I felt my climax approaching and then wash over me as he began to shudder and jerk as his load spattered into me. He seemed to take a long time before he lay still and then slowly slid out. I glanced down at his softening cock which was still quite large. I lay there for a moment and then realised that Pete was sliding in. His cock felt a lot smaller and it wasn't long before he was cumming too.

The three of us lay back and then made ourselves respectable in case another car came.

Both guys were anxious to know how I had enjoyed it and I could honestly say ai had loved it.

Our new friend went on his way after leaving his phone number with Pete so that we could easily contact him for future sessions if we wanted.

Pete and I discussed it on the way home and decided we would love to meet him again but maybe at our house where there was more space.

Back home my knees were trembling from the action and excitement and I was all the more determined to expand our experiences