Written by Ian

12 Dec 2013

Good day to you all, I am Ian, my wifes name is Lola, we have been married for four years now, I am 31 and Lola is 33.

I found this site by accident 6 months back, not sure I will admit what I was looking for, but I found this one, anyway I waffle, we are both of African descent, and have usually staid within our own community, as a social group I mean, Lola is a fantastic flirt, and we usually have a good laugh at the guys desperately trying to get in her knickers.

Waffling again, anyway the majority of Lolas lingerie is white, I queried this one evening, she replied she rather liked the contrast of the white material on her black skin, maybe that is why white ladies wear black underwear?????

Anyway by means of a joke I suggested she might try a white cock? She just laughed in my face, and said “in your dreams” but I sensed a hesitation in her answer, but left it there, a week later I pressed the issue again, she again laughed and said, I thought we were happy with the flirtation? I agreed, but added it might be fun? Again she just laughed it off,

About two weeks ago, the whole heating system packed up, so we called the engineers, usual thing they will be out Friday between 8 and 1??? So someone had to have a day off work it was easier for Lola to book the day off, so that morning in left for work , and as a parting shot I said “ if the engineers were white she could entertain them.

I called her at 11 to see if they had arrived, they had, and apparently it was a simple fix and they were packing up the kit, I told her I would see her later as I was due in a meeting, the meeting lasted about an hour, I had left my phone on my desk, rather than take it with me and turn it off, as I approached the desk the message light was flashing, I opened up the message, it was from Lola! It simply read, something like this? And an attachment, I opened the attachemnet, it was a picture of Lola on her knees with a white cock balls deep down her throat, there were more!!! A picture of her wanking a white cock, she was right about the contrast of black and white, next a pic of a white guy between her legs, next was apic of her wanking two cocks, the last pic was of cum all over her black ass, I txted her back and said “dirty cow, wait til I get home”