Written by Lucky Jim

17 Feb 2012

Sorry for the title making use of an old film, but that is how I feel. It is now 8pm and I sit at the desk while my wife lays soaking in the bath, pampering herself ready for her lover. I sit and wait, tension building, the feeling of detachment, unreality running haywire through my entire being. confusion in a way, but a wonderful underlying euphoria in that I know i am shortly going to transport her from our place into York centre where she has a date with a guy who fucked her almost three weeks ago.

She has booked a hotel room in the centre and they are having a drink together in The Living Room on Ousebridge before strolling around a hundred yards or so to the room on the second floor of the hotel. For my part, I have helped organise the fun. Adam has been waiting for her for almost an hour before she comes down stairs, looking fabulous in a floaty dress, tan hold up stockings, a thong with matching bra and denim jacket to stave off any chill rising from the river.

8 15pm we are in the car and heading into the city, a sly grope of her thong the realisation that she is already wet. She carries her handbag and a small overnight bag for effect. On the way in Adam is impatient, but Liz is going to collect the keys (plastic swipe type) and then bring one for me. The idea is that I join them later on, presumably when she is already naked and probably well fucked. I am going to be prepared to return to either collect her to come home, or more likely to join them in a threesome.

I thought up the idea of taking a bottle of wine with me to give the excuse of presenting it to my sister (wife) and so allay any fears the receptionist might have of allowing me in.

I am now back home, it is 21.25hrs and I have my i phone on charge, waiting for the promised pictures that I am going to receive of things as they progress. This waiting is killing me and i have promised to attend the hotel in a less scruffy state than I am presently in. I need a shave and to have a shower. Pound to a penny the phone will ring just as I am in there, lathered up to buggery. It is this waiting which might seem interminable, but is as much fun, the thought that a few miles away my wife is in a sexual liaison with another guy with a nice sized cock. i think she has also taken a vibrator, must check when in changing mode.

Showered and decently clothed, no pics yet, but tension continues to build 2145hrs all silent except the creaking of my aching cock in my trousers. Best not let the beast out it might well spit at me. Control, control.

2206hrs. They are in O'Neils just along from the hotel, right side of road. I query whether she has her thong on still. The silence is deafening. 2230, Things should be moving soon. It could be a long night. I wonder if Pepys ever did this?

2257 At last, two pics arrive. Perfect. Two shots of her cunt, the first with her lips still covered and the second with her sexy cunt exposed. I presume the dress is now missing and i send a return message voicing my strong approval. there is no doubt that now they are getting naked and liz is about to suck his cock and receive his tongue deep in her wet cunt. Roll on more revelations. It seems that I am to remain several miles from the action yet curiously close via the pics.

My heart is racing as I review the photos time and again. How lucky I am to have a wife i love doing such a wonderful act for me, and herself of course.

Armed with wine at ready. They have sent a text that they are closing down for now, 2310hrs, they must be getting down to some serious fucking.

Just after midnight, the call comes for me to collect her at around one am, the pics of her naked body are divine, her cunt looks well used and her nipples hard and demonstrating her excitement. my tent pole is also demonstrating mine. I suppose this is detached cuckoldry, but i have the knowledge that i am still gaining access to my darling wife's lovely cunt.

The thrill of her being fucked by another guy is something I have known before but I remain just as thrilled as the first time it happened whem i felt my heart would bounce out of my chest. My self control is good so far, but i fear it may well be lost when I meet her post fuck with Adam. She is five years his senior so at forty eight, he is probably beyond being a toy boy.

Yes she is naked. i could shout it from the rooftops but might affend the neighbours, being fucked by a different cock and hopefully coming. i will only discover that in the next hour or two. I sincerely hope she does, she deserves a good long fuck with his cock stiff in her juicy cunt. my story will conclude tomorrow when i have gleaned the dirty bits from the second floor, room 237