Written by saucywife

6 May 2011

By some standards here on the site I have a fairly tame situation at my place of work which has taken over 18 months or perhaps even 2 years to reach it's current state. I hope that you find this interesting and would love to receive your thoughts.

It is almost impossible for me to draw a line between the first identifiable moments or flirting and the current situation, it all began so innocuously, and certainly nothing occurs that I could definitively say was being unfaithful but it would be very difficult for me to explain to my Mum, for example lol, and I feel it important to keep it secret to myself and not tell my husband, which is revealing in itself I suppose.

It began about 2 years after I'd been working in an office environment - mid-sized room, 4 desks occupied by 2 project managers, me the PA to the Chef Exec and the fourth occupied by the secretary to each of us. The Chief Exec's office is accessible only through our outer office and the door into his office is directly opposite my desk.

I am early 40s, and a married mum of 3, not athletic at all but a typically average UK size 12 - so nothing to write home about but I'd hate anyone to think of me as curvy lol.

Anyway, it's difficult for me to pinpoint exactly where the origins lie, but I would say that after about 2 years I began to notice the odd compliment from one or other of the men who shared the office - all very polite and proper - perhaps a nice comment about how I suited this colour or how if I'd had my hair done it suited me and looked lovely. The compliments were all well and good and not at all sexual or fnarr fnarr, and very welcome by me. To be honest I think I can remember a period in summer 09 when I would, when getting dressed, deliberately choose one outfit over another based upon what I knew had drawn compliments in the past - perhaps this skirt with that top, or that dress with those shoes etc. I can clearly remember one very warm day deciding upon one particular dress which I knew to be quite figure hugging (but not at all revealing) and that any evidence of underwear would be readily apparent, and consequently my lack of VPL would speak volumes. By the time I entered the office I'd honestly forgotten all about it - to be frank I almost always wear no knickers unless it's a full moon (ahem) so for me it was nothing unusual. However - not a single comment all day. I can clearly remember making dinner at home that evening and feeling slightly put out and then chastising myself for feeling so.

I didn't give it another thought until the following week when at a work's social function, we had a few drinks in a local pub when, as the evening drew on and tongues were loosened, the men were commenting upon how gorgeous one of the female new starters was. There was general agreement and as one of the guys wistfully bemoaned his lack of a chance with her, one of the men I share an office with turned and discretely said only for me to hear, "She's too young and ditzy, I prefer ladies who are a bit more like yourself". I was a bit tipsy so didn't spot the sign but rather simply laughed and said "Oh and how is that exactly?"

He replied, very conspiratorially, "more classy, who know how to carry themselves, you know, smart and aware"

Well obviously I was touched and thanked him as he asked me if I wanted another drink. We began drifting into our own conversation within the general hubbub and he told me many things such as how fortunate he thought my husband to be, how he had admired me for a while , and he kept mentioning how classily or tastefully he thought I dressed.

By this stage I was definately feeding off his compliments and was aware that he was flirting and I was responding in kind thinking it to be harmless and fun - after all we were both happily married and with families. So I asked him outright, "how do you mean, exactly, classy?"

He looked me right in the eye and said "understated sensuality, very smart, very subtlely sexy"

I was surprised by his candour so disguised my tied-tongue by taking a drink, but he held my gaze and said "like the other day, when you wore that brown dress." A pause and then he continued "it makes your legs look wonderful with those heels and it was incredible to share the office with you all day knowing that you couldn't be wearing any underwear other than your bra."

I was silent for a short moment and he said that he hoped I didn't mind that he'd noticed or that he'd commented, if he'd overstepped a line he apologised - obviously I had to say "No, not at all, I'm flattered, really"

But to be truthful I was shocked - surprised mainly at how fast my heart was thumping and how excited I suddenly felt. In all honesty, this chap is lovely, very considerate and a real gentleman, not at all leery. But he isn't at all the kind of man I'd consider myself attracted to physically; he is slightly bearded and portly and is perfectly normal, but not at all "my type". Nonetheless, the fact that I privately knew I had worn that outfit with deliberate intent, and that it had been noticed, and appreciated, that it had been noticed that I'd worn no knickers, that he had sat nearby all day in the (almost but not quite) certain knowledge that I was naked beneath my dress (remember it was warm, so no tights or hose) was so thrilling. Moreover, here was a man other than my husband discussing my underwear with me. I was more than a little knocked off balance and as the conversation moved away I made my exit.

Over the following week I couldn't get the conversation out of my mind. Although he was a perfect gent at work and didn't allude to it at all, I felt it was sitting at my shoulder gently whispering in my ear every few hours. So about 3 weeks after our conversation in the pub I went to work wearing the same dress. What surprised me most was the consideration I caught myself giving my outfit - I laid it out on the bed and actually discarded a pair of shoes for the pair I'd worn on the previous occasion and changed my mind about the bra - replacing a flesh tone smooth cotton bra with a chocolate brown lace bra. I drove to work that morning with my heart in my mouth, all sorts of conflicted emotions bubbling away; I was being silly, I was being a tart, I was being unfaithful, I was being an emotionally desperate middle-aged woman and should know better. By the time I parked I had to sit and gather myself lol.

Sure enough I reached my office and he wasn't there lol. I felt so stupid, certain that my red face could be seen from the Moon. I simply got on with my work and slowly became lost in trivia. However, at about 11am he came into the office and took his seat, saying hello to all those there and we passed or usual chat. He hadn't seemed to notice my dress or what I was wearing - but I was sitting down behind my desk I told myself so that was to be expected. Soon later I had to visit another part of the site and take some documents from some cabinets. I put the moment off for as long as I could but had to complete the task by 12 so took a deep breath and stood, walked around my desk and over to the cabinet drawers - I felt as if he must be staring at me, I could feel myself blushing dreadfully, my heart pounding, my mouth dry and my throat tight. I retrieved the documents and walked from the room barely able to breathe. I had felt so self-conscious, so utterly aware of how clumsily I had stood at the cabinet, so awkward walking from the room - why had I wanted to saunter slinkily, to stand with a perfect curve to my legs and bum - MY God I didn't even fancy him.

I dared not return to the office, feeling very silly and went instead to lunch, alone - when I did return after lunch I was a nervous wreck. He wasn't there, in fact I discovered a few days later that he had sensed my awkwardness and had deliberately left work early to avoid making me feel uncomfortable. There was however, a small handwritten post-it on my PC screen which simply said, "Very, very, very nice indeed" with a little smiley and the words "thank you".

The following Monday, (I had worn a very nondescript trouser suit, utterly shapeless) I was at lunch in the cafeteria and he came and sat by me. Others were nearby so I felt confidant that out conversation would remain proper and not touch upon what I had convinced myself was a stupid moment and one that would under no circumstances EVER be repeated. I was embarrassed and felt very uncomfortable which I now know he sensed and very empathetically steered the conversation around my discomfort - what a lovely man I thought with relief. In retrospect this was the magic trick which must have made me break my promise to myself and unlocked my subsequent behaviour. Not a word was mentioned about the previous Friday but as he stood to leave he said quietly, "You know, you are beautiful, and you make coming to work here an absolute joy".

Again I was almost speechless but stuttered a thank you to his receding back. Since then I have learned a great deal about what men like, and what to wear and how to behave to turn heads and impress.

It was another 4 or 5 weeks of obsessive pre-occupation and feelings of guilt before I gave in to temptatation and wore an outfit deliberately designed to impress him - a long fitted black woollen skirt with heels and a vaguely or slightly transparent white blouse with a white lacy bra beneath. I was aware that my bra was perceptible through my blouse but wasn't aware just how much attention men pay and how much detail men observe and note. It was a Monday and on the Friday several of us popped to the pub for lunch - he accompanied me to the bar to get the next round and whilst we were standing he very discretely said, "I think you always look lovely anyway, but on Monday you looked absolutely stunning - very, very elegant and genuinely sexy. Dare I ask, was that for my benefit?"

I relied nervously, reddening, without looking at him "Of course"

He whispered "Well I loved your outfit"

I felt as if I was on autopilot "Thank you, I wasn't sure you'd notice or like it"

Then he asked, "were you aware that I'd be able to see your bra through your blouse?"

His chat was making me flush but feel excited, noone had ever talked to me about me like this, and before I could reply he continued "I loved that it was so crisp and white and I just went weak at the knees when I realised I could make out the pattern of the lace through your top. Thank you"

Since then I have worn many, many outfits quite deliberately to impress him and turn his head, and slowly through 2010 our conversations and texts became increasingly flirty then saucy. I have even dressed occasionally according to his requests, culminating in the Christmas function, and have several times exposed myself or my underwear to him and for him, publicly discretely and also privately secretly. He has even taken photos of me and I have seen often how much he admires me and appreciates the way I dress and gets turned on at my teasing.

I am sorry if this has rambled on. However it has been really sexy explaining and describing everything to you and I hope you enjoyed it.