Written by bright sky

15 Jan 2016

At last Liz's lover was free to play again, the previous meet had been in October and I had been like a cat on hot bricks impatient for them to get together again. Now mid January and at last the fun has taken place. After a frustrating three months Liz had booked the hotel room. I had offered to take her to her meet and then rendezvous back at the hotel room when she sent me a text and some pics to show just how much fun she had been having.

The ritual of a long soak and pamper followed by leisurely dressing in some sexy underwear guaranteed to give her lover a lovely surprise, she had trimmed and shaved, oiled and treated her body to several treatments, taking her time and trying to enhance an already desirable body. She loves to dress sexy and this night was no exception. A long coat was to cover a mini skirt/kilt, hold up stockings in black with fancy tops, a new thong and bra and a tight fitting pullover accentuating her sexy breasts.

We were meeting at eight and rendezvoused on time after picking up the room keys on the way. York is open for business by the way, despite the flooding at Christmas and new Year. I kept one key and Liz had the other. We went for a drink and a chat and then on to another pub, where Liz was able to undo her coat and treat him to the sight of her sexy legs which he loved exploring, especially at the very top. I said I would now leave them to their fun, knowing they were both giving off signals that they were wanting to move things on a bit. I kissed Liz and shook his hand then departed with my heart thumping as my excitement that soon they would be naked and fucking surged through my body.

In the cold outside air I was exhilarated, a silly smug smile no doubt on my lips. My mind raced, images of them kissing and undressing each other, Liz sucking his cock and him licking and praising her wet and willing pussy, her nipples hard and her thighs open and ready for his uncut cock to slide into her unprotected pussy and give her his spunk. Powerful images at the best of times, but this was going to occur quite shortly and to my very happy wife. They have been meeting for four years now so they are familiar with each other and talk and meet for coffee on other occasions than the sexual ones. It was me who made the initial approach, reading his profile on SH and armed with a whole batch of pictures of my lovely wife from across the years, which I showed him after a general chat. All were sexy and very explicit and he complemented and commented as he thumbed through them in the sunshine in a beer garden one lunchtime. After that Liz met him and after a month they arranged a meet after a cup of coffee at a nearby cafe, then back for their first sex session at our house, mid January 2012.

Four years and many meets later he is with her again and ready to pump his seed in her once more. I have been present on many occasions and love the anticipation and excitement of witnessing the whole act, but that is not the whole of it. I do like them to be able to relax completely as I feel my presence may sometimes inhibit total abandon, so then i happily sit with a pint and know I am going to get a series of very sexy pics through my Iphone.

Today was no exception. About an hour after leaving them I got a buzz and opened a pic of Liz flashing her pussy while sitting in the bar I had left them in. The next pics were in the hotel room and Liz was now being stripped and posed in her underwear on the bed, then slipping her hold ups off followed by the bra and then her thong. My tension was building nicely and I left it a few minutes before ascending the stairs and going to the room. Inside they were both naked, clothes all on the floor and he was gently licking my sexy wife to a climax. I stayed respectfully at a distance watching her with her eyes closed, a smile on her face and happy whimpers issuing quietly from her lips.

I slipped out of clothes and sat in a chair in a corner of the room, fascinated by the display of sexual satisfaction, the pair of them engrossed in their activities, I was simply invisible, the best possible terms on which such activities can be carried out. They changed positions, clung to each other, sucking and licking, giving loving sounds and praising each other in an almost undefinable manner. Her body was given over completely to her lover and he was receiving the greatest gift, that of his ability to take whatever part of her body he wished.

I was painfully erect much as I had been for the past hour or more, time was unimportant, just the spectacle of this intertwining love vision as they strived to give and receive enjoyment from each others bodies. A fantastic carnal picture of the most erotic kind. His cock strong and thick, sliding slaked in her juices as he fucked her with long strokes, ten turned her and took her from the back, doggy fashion deep and heavily coming unexpectedly with a strong sigh of satisfaction and collapsing across the white sheet temporarily spent and satisfied.

They rested and we spoke, all overcome with the intensity of the fun. I went for some more drink and when I returned they were back at it again, a remarkably quick turn around. I sipped my drink and then decided to leave them to their fun, kissed liz and said I would await a call when they were ready. I slipped away and back down to the lightly populated bar. it was after twelve and I watched the various people coming and going. i wondered whethr any others were going to be or had enjoyed a similar sexual union as I had witnessed. i concluded that it was entirely possible and contented myself with that thought before I got er text with a picture of a very spunky cunt, she had been well fucked twice that night and her body looked irresistable . I ran up the stairs to find him dressed and ready to get his taxi home, we shook hands and agreed to meet again soon. liz gave him a big kiss and squeezed his cock over his trousers, thanked him and said goodnight.

My turn for sloppy seconds and a great night of relaxation after the fun of the previous few hours.