Written by Jim

18 May 2014

How lucky am I? Just got back from my final stint in AG and managed to blag a mini cruise out of a local travel agent (God bless them). We were scheduled to sail down to Spain & Portugal and back home. I had a single inside cabin which wasn’t bad (it was free !!) but almost opposite my door was one to another cabin that had an outside balcony, and as I quickly found out it was occupied by a Mother and Daughter. I suspect nothing more would have developed in this situation except that we were put together on a table of four for our meals giving us plenty of time to chat. The fourth member of the table was an oldish lady who we never saw again after that first meal. The Mother Anna and her Daughter Chloe got on like a house on fire. Anna was in her early forties and recently divorced, Chloe had just had a big bust up with a long term boyfriend. One morning at breakfast they asked if I would like to share the balcony in their cabin, I agreed and we set a time for later. When I knocked on the door Chloe answered with a towel wrapped around herself in that way that women do, sort of hanging off their tits. We went through to the balcony and discovered that we were actually alone as Anna has gone to listen to a lecture someone was giving. As we settled on the beds Chloe removed the towel and was completely naked, I could feel some stirring in the Speedo’s so I turned on to my front to hide it. Unfortunately this manoeuvre only gave me a better view which increased my discomfort even more. As we were chatting Chloe produced a bottle from somewhere under her bed and asked if I would rub some sun tan oil in for her. I couldn’t very well refuse so I stalled for as long as I could before getting up, but I failed. Chloe spotted the bulge in my trunks straight away but there was no embarrassment, she just asked me in a fairly matter of fact way whether I had had sex since my return home. I admitted honestly that I had not had the pleasure since before embarking on tour and we then got in to a discussion on porn and masturbation none of which was really helping me. In quite a matter of fact way Chloe asked if I wanted sex now and I replied by kneeling forward and pulling my trunks down to expose my rapidly rising cock in front of her. From then on it was all a bit of a blur, we were all over each other with hands and tongues probing wildly. In what seemed a very short time we were both lying side by side sweating and breathless from our exertions, not a word having been spoken.

It was not in the slightest way romantic it had just been pure lustful sex. Chloe said we should tidy up before her Mother returned so I put my trunks on and crept across the corridor to have a shower, leaving her to do the same. What an idiot! I could have at least invited her back to mine and maybe carried on the movement, still hay ho, just got laid.

At dinner that evening it became obvious to me that Chloe had told her Mother what we had been up to in her absence, there was plenty of loaded questions and sexual innuendo but in a very light-hearted way. We agreed to go to a show together and I noticed that Anna was becoming quite touchy-feely, she would put her arm on mine, or my knee as we were talking, I just kept eye contact with her watching for any change of expression. Show over we stopped for a quick drink in one of the many bars then made our way back to the cabins, a quick peck of each of them then that was it. Or so I thought.

I had just stripped off when I heard the lightest tap on the door, I wasn’t sure so I waited, then I heard it again so I opened the door. Anna pushed past me quickly and closed the door behind her. She was wearing one of those quilted looking house coats you see in posh adverts but as I soon discovered, nothing else. Anna kissed me as the coat slipped to the floor and I could feel my cock rising, she slipped slowly down my body, kissing me as she went till she was on her knees. She started gently wanking me off then I felt the warm wetness as she took me in her mouth, she was fantastic whatever she was doing with her tongue was working a treat. She then changed by grabbing the cheeks of my bum and forcing my swollen cock deep in to her throat, she would pull out and then plunge it back in, what a fantastic sensation. I told her I was about to cum but she just pulled me in again, she gagged a bit as I filled her mouth but just swallowed and carried on cleaning me off with her mouth and tongue. She stood up and led me to the bed by walking backwards and pulling my relaxing cock then she told me it was my turn. She laid back on the bed with her legs dangling open and as I bent to kiss her she pushed my head downwards, I got the message. I had never seen a women’s anatomy so close up before but luckily my mates and I had watched a porn DVD not long ago so I decided I would try to copy that. Anna was totally shaven and smelt heavenly, I started kissing her fanny lips and licking around the outside, she moaned and opened her legs a bit more. I inserted first one finger and then two into her very damp hole then while still licking for England started to move them slowly in and out. Anna had two handfuls of my hair and was firmly pulling my head in to her slowly grinding hips, I couldn’t really see anything now so I just kept up the movement and groped upward with my free hand to tug on her ample nipples. I have no idea how much noise we were making as Anna’s legs were clamped round my ears like a pair of muffs but the intensity of her bucking reached a shattering climax and then everything just relaxed and it was very quiet. I lay down next to her on the bed and she reached over and kissed me, I could taste my own salty deposit still in her mouth, it was very sexy. Needless to say with all this activity I was again as hard as a board and seeing it sticking up in the air Anna laughed then rolled over and straddled me feeding my erect cock in to her now, very wet, hole. I was admiring her ample but still firm tits as she swayed back and forth and realised she was using some sort of muscle control to provide the action. I almost shot my load a couple of times but Anna seemed to sense it and slowed the movement down so I didn’t. Then like an experienced horse rider she took us down the final furlong wildly bucking, tits swaying all over the place, as we both reached a crashing climax together. She collapsed forward on to my chest so I just put my arms around her and we lay there for what seemed ages totally exhausted. We both stirred a while later and Anna kissed me and left, I had no idea what time it was. I missed breakfast the next morning and there was lots of activity on board as we were on the homeward leg and would be docking later that day, suitcases were appearing in the corridors and the crew appeared to be dashing here there and everywhere. I could not see either Anna or Chloe as we disembarked, everyone was assembled at various points but those of us with just hand luggage were able to walk off straight away. I was very pleased the next day to get a text message from Chloe giving me their address and saying I would be made welcome any time, there was even some reference to three in a bed so it won’t be long before I am heading up North. Watch this space.