20 May 2017

You could say I am a husband whose dream came true but like most things it has not quite ended up as I expected, with out spending time telling you how this all started, I will admit it had a lot to do with me wanting to watch my wife Sue with an other men but it has not worked out quite as I thought it would

What has happened she has now got a regular boyfriend, that was not in my fantasy

We used the internet and Mark contacted us amused others when I saw his profile I thought yes, he would be the cherry on top in my dream it could be a black man hung like a donkey okay in my dreams but Mark came close he was mixed race and it said large assets

To start with as far as Sue when he was not in the running the attraction was not there it is always hard to say with a woman

The guy she fancied he terned out to be a time waster, there was another one but in his emails he got very kinky

I think then Mark sent a message again by chance and Sue replied they got chatting even then she was not quite sure but they keep in touch

I will move on, they seemed to get on and Sue spoke to him on the phone a couple of times and seemed to warm to him after talking to him

Mark suergested we meet up, Sue was not to sure, I think up to then every thing was at arm's length anyway with a bit of encouragement from me the meeting got arranged just a chat in a pub

When we did met him even I was surprised he was a really nice guy, after an hour I could see a change in my wife she was getting on really well with Mark and most of the conversation was between the two of them, before we left Sue said she would phone him

On the way home she said what a nice bloke he turned out to be,it was obvious she was impressed , I was not privileged to any of the phone calls but after three days Sue was asking me what I thought of Mark

We had a long talk about him I have to say I did give him good press, then she said should we meet him at home, music to my ears, Sue went on saying how she really liked Mark when she got to meet him in flesh

So with out going into that too much arrangements where made, this is where it could of gone wrong there had been little or no thought gone into meeting and what would happen or how if anything

I never said anything to Sue just wait and see what may happens with it be down to her, it was arranged for the Friday evening, we where both nervous Mark had a thirty mile drive to get to ours he texted to say he was leaving

Sue had just come down stairs as he arrived, I opened the door to him he had a bottle of wine and flours given me the wine he shock my hand I took him to the lounge it seemed in away like having someone come you not seen in a long time and didn't know that well, we started to get on well after a time, Mark was quite a funny guy a sense of humor that seemed to relax all of us and he was making himself at home only things like taken his shoes off and jacket I think we both felt comfortable with him and he was paying Sue a lot of attention

After almost an hour of talking I though maybe if I gave them some space things may move on so I made my excuses and left them to it

I sat in the kitchen wondering if we really where doing the right thing but at the same I was very aroused I think my dick out weighed my head

in the end, I am not at all sure how long I had sat in the kitchen but it was quite some time

Where I was sitting I could just about see down the hallway , I heard voices as Sue and Mark came out of the lounge, my wife looked towards the kitchen she looked quite flushed and weather she could see me I don't know she never indicated she could

I watched as they headed for the stairs, a strange feeling came over me realizing in a few minutes this would go beyond the point of no return but I did or said nothing, they disappeared upstairs

I was sitting there like a lemon wondering what to do, in the end I followed them I got to the landing our bedroom door was not quite closed, as I went to it my mouth felt dry it was almost a scary feeling I got to the door I could hear them inside there was no sounds that told me what was going on it was a mix of low sounds, after quite some minutes I put my hand on the door and slowly eased it open a little then a bit more till it was over half way open, I don't know if I expected someone to say something but they didn't

As I looked round the door I could see why, there was my wife and Mark both naked on our bed, he lay on his back with Sue kneeling beside him her back almost to me her head was moving up and down, his hand was between her thighs

I was shocked in away to see my wife performing oral on almost stranger, I know that seem strange, the other thing that struck me was Mark his skin looked much darker now almost black, when I had seem him clothed he didn't look that black

In a moment or two I was going to get the shock of my life, my wife left what she was doing terned and moved up to kiss Mark she still had what she been performing oral on in her hand my Christ what a cock she was holding it was bloody huge her fingers didn't even meet round it, it was that big, what makes a big cock is how wide it is not the length and this one had a massive guith topped off with a even bigger knob end the shaft was jet black the meaty flanged bell end was lighter almost purple looking with the foreskin rolled right back

I know on his profile it said large it really was also it had to be about eight inches long not only big but long as well ( it is achilly a tad over eight and half inches in length ) but I didn't know that at the time I was comparing it against my almost six inches

They had a long passionate kiss, as they broke it off he rolled Sue onto her back after some moving around he was between her legs she had them wide apart to make room for his shoulders as he went down on her

This was a revelation to watch, I have never known my wife to get so terned on or to climax so hard she was twisting about gasping and when she did cum she arched right up off the bed crying out like I had never heard do before

She was still gasping for breath as Mark moved up over her, she just lay there her thighs wide apart, he held himself up on one arm the other between them it took a couple of moments he seemed to be getting his cock in the right place

What followed there seemed a long pause which was most likely seconds, his body pressed down only a little, my wife's head went back in the pillow her eyes wide open then her mouth before she cried out GOD OH MY GOD very loudly her hands came up onto his upper arms

It looked or seemed as if she was trying to stop him or hold him off but he was pressing down I heard AAAAHAA and a gasp of breath

I can only imagine he had forced his knob end inside her verginal entrance opening and stretching it, it had never been used to anything as wide as his bulbous cock head

At the time I had no idea of the consequences of what was taken place in front of me, it is like seeing Mark naked that is when I realized he was really black being mixed race and the way he looked to me before I somehow thought he was more white but there was my wife about to get well and truly blacked by a stud and I couldn't complicate how that would change her afterwards

He was well into her pussy now and that is when I realized no protection was being used she was having him bareback, the one thing she has said would never happen

Mark had penetrated quite slowly he had not give hard thrusts he had more gently pressed his cock into her vagina, Sue was groaning loudly as he stopped then his ares started a gentle slow rise and fall in doing so my wife started moune, it seemed from enjoyment this carried on for some minutes, after a time his movement started to get more penoused the stroke may of been a little longer the inward was making Sue gasp from where I stood I thought he was right in her

Mark now had a steady rhythm going, with out warning he gave a powerful thrust my wife squealed out as she did another more forceful followed she screamed out, Mark scooped up her legs onto his shoulders pushing them over her,he then slammed into her pussy as hard as he could going as deep as possible maybe five time the first two causes my wife to scream out but the last one it was a whimper

I was now going to witness how Mark could fuck and see my wife on the receiving end and how he would make her his, his movements speed up as he got faster her legs got pressed lower over her our bed creaked loudly, as he fucked I started to see the effect a really wide fat cock can have, Sue has told me she never felt that full, to start with it was almost painful as it stretched her vagina but after she was used to it she had never experienced a sensation like it

Mark's cock was now pumping into her at a rate of knots far faster and harder than I ever do, she seemed to tense up before crying out GOD YES YES a massive climax hit her as she cried out Mark never missed a beat he may of fuck her harder, she went crazy, she never really came dome her orgasum hadn't stopped before she started to cum again and that was even stronger, by then then he been ridding her for ten to fifteen minutes at an incredible pace but he started to flag and slow till he stopped still inside her he was out of breath laying on top of her

I thought he had unloaded but no he was still as hard as ever with full ball, he was resting, he then somehow rolled her over with his cock still in her so she was on top of him, as Sue sat up she looked right at me with no reaction at all she knew I was there watching and I don't think Mark would give a damn any way

What followed was going to amaze me, they whee both out of breath my wife sat almost upright impaled on his very large member her chest heaving with each breath moving her large drooping breasts at the same time , her nipples looked stiff and stood out a long way a sight to behold her nipples stand out like that from the dark aureoles that cover so much of her breast like two large dark rings

It was like they where waiting for something, then with a groin she lent back to upright . Mark put his hands out she took them for support I think, she moaned as she started to rock her hips the look on her face was intense her hip movement increased to still quite a slow rolling acton keeping herself pressed down taking his full length inside herself

As she moved faster she closed her eyes she was now going back and forth on his cock, I moved forward and looked down between them

It appeared under her bush the lips where splayed and I am sure the clitorus was exstended out of it's hood it can get quite long like a little rounded dick and it looked like that now

As I was looking her rocking acton got faster she took sharp breaths then bit her lip before gasping oh god she was about to cum Mark pushed himself up as she climaxed, she gasped as she slowed down

It left her panting, Mark keep her steady with his hands he seem to urge her on it took a few minutes before she could move again but slowly her hips moved she murmured something as she started the acton again

It took longer this time her face contorted her tummy pulled in her arms tensed as her hips moved a lot faster, then a squeal before she fell forward, Mark bucked like hell under her as she almost screamed as his cock pumped into her she was shaking

I moved to the bottom of the bed looking up there was his cock going in and out her quite long and meaty pussy lips seemed to wrapped around the shaft it was amazing to see how wide his cock was it had really stretch her pussy , his ball looked more like chicken eggs they looked that big pulled up in his sak in a big tight knot under his cock they where soaked with my wife's juices there was white round the base of his cock that had come from her

He was bucking like hell now as he came up it was like a shock wave going through her thighs and ares he had a grip of her upper body holding her down, she was in the grip of a huge orgaum she was screaming out he pounded her from underneath, he started gaping then he cried out and jerked fuck he was cumming as he slowed I could his spunk on his cock

It hit my that was the first load of spunk to be shot in my wife from another man and it was back mans sperm in her Sue lay on top of him shaking as I wondered what we had done, little did I know life had just changed from then on, I had seen what I wanted to see but the consequences of that where going to be far reaching

I watched the cock sriking and slowing slip out followed by a river of spunk, how much had he shot up her

It was not till she rolled off him and lay on the bed still out of breath, that is when I got a look at what he had done to my pussy the lips rolled back looking reddish but past then a gaping hole then a white bubble appeared it slowly ran out before she closed her thighs

I started to feel awkward till Mark said did you enjoy that she was blood good and hell she was tight, his word took me off the spot as I nodded

He sat up and leant in to Sue asking if she was okay , I heard her say my Christ you are wonderful she grabbed him and kissed him

Mark stayed well over an hour after that it seemed strange talking to a naked man and my wife both on our bed, in the conversation Sue asked if she could see him again with out even considering me and arranged for him to visit the next week

After Mark left I had to come terms with what had happened my wife told me it was the best sex she had ever had and she want him again saying no one has come close to givin her what he did

I was getting cocked but didn't know it, she was taking control by telling me how good he was to my face she made no bones about it

What we didn't know about Mark he was experienced with other couples but them couple where looking for a bull as in cuckolding and he had been the bull to them for a long time I now think he may of thought we where the same the truth is we are now, my wife been his woman for months and I am the cock, I know now be careful if the wife has a real stud like Mark there be a good chance she want more