14 Dec 2016

A Married Lady 2

12 months after my liaison with Emma the married lady I made my way to Blackpool where the annual event was toI be staged that year. I looked forward to meeting old and new friends and of course I was keen to see if I could re-kindle things with Emma.

I didn’t rush around looking for her but thought a slow and measured scan of the participants would reveal her to me but alas I could not find her. I did find a male associate of hers in the crowd and started up a conversation with him as we had been friends for a number of years. Eventually I couldn’t wait any longer and asked where Emma and Andrea were. “Not coming this year” he replied. Apparently there wasn’t enough money to pay their expenses so they were unable to come. Deeply disappointed I thought nothing more of it until we went out on a pub crawl after dinner. One of the places on our list was Blackpool FC’s social club and we arrived there about 7pm to a place that was already very busy and very lively. We didn’t plan on stopping there as something had been arranged for the main hotel housing most of our group including me.. As we were about to leave at about 8:30 I felt someone from behind me covering my eyes and saying “guess who?”. I knew right away it was Emma and turned to find her smiling at me. Out of respect I merely gave her a peck on the cheek and she joined our lot as we headed back to the hotel.

Back at the hotel Emma took me aside and explained that she had managed to persuade her husband that she was going on a girl’s night out and would be home late. She then asked me my room number and said she would go ahead and wait for me at my door. I gave her a few minutes before following her to my room and as I joined her at the door we were in a private enough situation for her and I to indulge in a raunchy kiss! I then opened the door and we stumbled inside.

I told her how glad I was to see her and she said she was glad to see me but was sorry that she couldn’t stay overnight. She then proceeded to undress and of course I took the hint and began to shed my clothes too. We then made it to the bed where she grabbed my cock and started walking me with one hand while fondling my balls with the other. I meanwhile was making a meal of her succulent nipples and fingering her pussy vigorously which she seemed to enjoy. Emboldened by her attentions I let my fingers reach round to her puckered asshole and gently started playing with it without penetrating her. She didn’t say stop so I then gingerly pressed one finger into her bumhole and started working my way in up to my knuckle. After a few minutes she asked me to return to fingering her pussy and I was only too happy to oblige. At this stage she had been getting me close to coming so I suggested she stop wanking me for a minute or two so I could step back from the brink! We kissed and cuddled and as I made to get on top of her she reminded me of her rules i.e. I must pull out and still no oral. As I entered her well lubricated pussy I leant forward and paid attention to to her tits and nipples. My staying power was again prolonged by the amount of drink I had already had and so we enjoyed a reasonably long (for me) shag. I could feel her pressuring my cock with her pussy and hear her breath getting heavier and then she juddered and sighed which I took as a sign that she had come. I renewed my efforts and just as I withdrew she came again while I sprayed my come all over her tits and tummy. We lay in each other arms for a while and then she said she had better go because she had a train to catch. She dressed and I did too but she noticed I was putting on different clothes so she told me in no uncertain terms to put on what I had been wearing earlier in the evening. She left the room first having agreed to meet me by the hotel's main door. I got there and it may be my imagination but I thought I saw a tear in her eye. I had a feeling that we would never meet again and that proved true. I always remembered her and wondered if things might have been different if she hadn’t been married and if we had had mobile phones, email and social media back in those days. Emma was one of the best things that ever happened to me.

At the time of my involvement with Emma I had not long been divorced and was going out with a girl at home.