Written by Emma

6 Nov 2016

I trekked across the sand dunes in the blazing hot sunshine yesterday carrying my sun screen and parasol, following my excited husband past hoards of super suntanned people with bodies stripped naked and oiled up, and all I could think was.... I am going to fry out here!

I am a true red head with the whitest skin on the beach. But I had my factor 50 and I do love to feel the breeze around my open pussy lips.

We found a stone circle and I spread myself out in all my glorious whiteness, on a towel with hubby erecting my parasol and plonking himself next to me. The sun was blazing and the breeze felt amazing on my skin, my nipples and my fanny.

A dark skinned young man stood up from a stone circle and showed me his large and lovely semi erect penis.

Hubby wet his fingers and gently rubbed my pussy while the young man watched. We put on a show for each other, he was slowly wanking, as he watched hubby caress me and suck on my nipples, sliding a finger inside then licking off my juices. I spread my legs and got two fingers as my reward for performing.

Then out of the blue, an older Spanish guy arrived, and sat beside us. His huge cock fully erect.

He said "hello, can I join you?" Hubby straight away invited him over. The chap said to me " lady? Is this alright?" And I said yes with a smile.

He came and laid beside me, fingers in my pussy and sucked on my nipple........I was taken by surprise at how fast things were moving, but my god it was exciting! Hubby took the guys clock in his hand and stroked him while guiding him towards my pussy, then that lovely hard and big cock was inside my tight fanny, thrusting.....right there on the beach, with the other lad wanking and my husband hard in my hand. And as I wanked hubby he came hot and wet in my hand and the Spanish chap pulled out... thrust his cum into the air, splattered it all over my tits, stomach and husband!

He was done... hubby was done and I was covered in cum, totally gobsmacked that it had happened and was over so fast.

He smiled at me, asked where we were from, said thank you lady, you are very good.....and walked away.

Meanwhile the young lad furiously wanking was probably kicking himself for not being brave enough.

We ran laughing and naked, covered in spunk, into the sea to clean up.

Got three days holiday left yet.... half a tub of factor 50.... and no sun burn yet, so if you fancy coming for a fuck.... I will be the whitest person on the beach!