Written by Lipspreader8

9 Jun 2014

I was speaking to a bloke about massage and he said he would give me a massage. So I said ok and invited him to my house and in to the bedroom. I had everything laid out ready for his use, Massage oil, wipes, tissues, lube and condoms. Not a word to be spoken.

I stripped naked and lay face down on the bed covered with towels and put on a blindfold.

Then there was a few minutes of silence probably about four minutes then I heard him undo the top of the massage oil and waited in anticipation.

He started to massage my legs up and down my right leg just missing my cock. very close but just missing it.

Then the other leg and the same thing just missing my cock.

Then he put more oil on his hands and then massaged my back working up my torso till he reached my shoulders. His cock just touched my cheek of my bottom and the massage carried on. He then massaged each arm puling and bending them then he asked me to turn over on to my back.

He then proceeded to massage my front from my shoulders, my chest, my legs still not having touched me. Then I was just laying there on my back for a few minutes, Then he slid his hands up my legs till he reached my cock and my sack then gently massaging me to a very stiff erection, no complaints from me, none at all.

Then he told me to turn over and after what seemed a life time, He then put plenty of lube on his fingers he started playing with my hole, then he slid a finger in me and worked it well in me.

He then put his hand underneath me and pulled my cock from under me so it was laying pointing towards my feet between my legs. He then continued to finger me deep and firm for quite awhile till I cum on to the towels under me, I just lay there enjoying the moment so much.

Then he removed his finger from me and pushed his cock against my hole till he slipped inside me then gently and firmly fucked me for about 5 minutes till I assume he came. As I was still blindfold and just lay there till he withdrew his cock and till he said he was finished. I removed my blindfold and was blinded by the bright sunshine pouring through the bedroom windows. It took a few minutes for me to see again. He was dressing and we chatted and I thanked him. True account.