Written by Ronmaureen

18 Aug 2017

A little about us. We are in our mid sixties, been married for over forty years. She is a good looking, mature lady, mother and grandmother. I would not describe Maureen as overweight, more curvy with breasts that are still fairly firm for her age. About ten years ago I started getting erectile dysfunction after an illness I had. Maureen has been fantastic and has never given me any indication that it has given her any issues, always been supportive. About two years ago we talked in depth about things and I told her that if she wanted to take a lover then I would understand. Maureen has always said that she didn't need anyone, at her age it doesn't matter she said. And she has her toys. Not more was said except every few months I would tell her again that I would accept her having a lover should she wish but each time she would say the same.

Just after Christmas we attended a wedding. It was quite a big do at a local sport and country club. We were sat at a table when a young lad walked past and said hello to us. I asked Maureen who he was as I didn't recognise him as being someone we knew.

Maureen explained that they had met on one of her nights out she had had with her friends. He was out with a few of his friends and they started chatting up Maureen and her friends. They had a couple of drinks bought them but then the lads moved on to another bar. Her and her friends just thought that they were just a group of lads trying their luck at pulling a granny.

I estimated him to be around early twenties, well built, muscular and well dressed.

Later in the evening he approached us and asked if we would like a drink. We asked him to join us and we found out his name was Tom and that he worked as a personal trainer in a local gym. He wasn't drinking alcohol, explaining that he was on driving duties, the groom was a family friend and he was short drawed to drive his parents. He really seemed a nice lad, not at all cocky and he was really polite.

We ended up talking about our house and how despite it being a bungalow at our age the garden is getting a bit harder to keep on top of. So when the party was winding up Tom said how lovely it was taking to us, then said if you ever need any help with the garden or anything let me know then quickly scribbled his number on a napkin and handed it to Maureen. Tom gave me a very firm handshake and then pulled Maureen to him and gave her what seemed a long hug, but was probably just me.

Later at home we were talking and agreed that we had a good night. I said that Tom seemed really nice. Maureen agreed adding nice to offer to help out. I laughed and said something about better he'd like to help you out. Maureen gave me a look that was a half shocked look, ‘he's young enough to be our g’sn ‘ which was true as we had a g’daur about his same. I just added that he was a polite, well mannered, good looking young man with firm muscles and who has taken a shine to you. Quickly adding, ‘and I am sure he has a big dick that he'd like to help you with too’. This made Maureen laugh. She said it was nice of him to offer to help us out if we needed it. Of course we would have to pay him. I said something like I am sure he'd like you to pay him. Then slid my hand down to her smooth vagina, feeling how wet she was, I pushed a finger into her wet folds. ‘sure he'd like the feel of this’ and I continued to finger her vagina and clit till she came.

Over the next few days I teased Maureen about having a young man who had the hots for her. She always found it amusing telling me not to be daft. About a week or so later we were in the local supermarket when we bumped into Tomorrow. As we chatted I mentioned that I needed the trees pruning. Tom again said that he was willing to do it for us,not taking no for an answer. So I agreed to text or call him in a day or so.

On the way home we discussed about Tom doing a few jobs. I said that the trees so needed doing and if we got a professional in it would be expensive. Maureen agreed and I added that at least she would have a bit of eye candy to look at, which made her giggle.

When we got home I sent Tom a text asking when he could do it, how much he'd like paying. For some reason I then sent him Maureen's number. He replied that he could do it at the weekend or before if we like and he didn't expect payment. I replied great let us know when and we expect to pay him in some way. The reply I got back took me back a bit, probably because I hadn't expected it, it said ‘OK if you and Maureen insist I am sure we can agree on a suitable payment in kind’. I mentioned this to Maureen who said he probably means a case of beer or suchlike. Later in bed I was rubbing Maureen's smooth vagina, when I started saying that we could repay Tom with her, at first she seemed shocked but as my thumb rubbed her clit and she got wetter she started ‘playing along ‘ saying that surely the work on the trees are worth more than a fiddle. So I said you could fuck him, we had had fantasy talk whilst we played in the past and I think she assumed it to be just that. Maureen had a massive orgasm whilst I described Tom being repaid in various ways. I think that made me start to think how I might be able to end Maureen's years of no penetrative sex.

The next day I got a text from Tom saying that he could pop over at the weekend as he had nothing planned. I again asked if he needed paying which he said no need. I said that we'll see him then, just turn up, we weren't going anywhere. I told Maureen that he was going to come over at the weekend to do the trees which she replied ‘hope it's nice day, a young man dripping sweat, all muscles in my garden. Be the envy of the neighbourhood ‘laughing.

Saturday came, we were in the garden, as luck would have it the sun shone and it was boiling. We were both in our shorts, me wearing a t-shirt and Maureen a thin cotton blouse, of course she was wearing underwear. Around lunchtime Maureen had a text to say that he was just a few minutes away. I suddenly realised that he was now texting her not me.

Then I heard the doorbell, saying to Maureen to get the door as I pottered in the greenhouse. As Maureen led Tom out into the garden I was sure he was looking Maureen up and down whist she walked in front. I must admit that she does have a bum that would give someone half her age a run for their money.

Tom was dressed in what people call a ‘muscle top’ and shorts. His tanned muscular body firm.

I showed him what I wanted doing and said that the tools were in the shed, any problems Maureen will show him. I went back to pottering in the greenhouse.

Tom really did a good job. After about an hour I said I would get us a drink, popped in and returned with a beer. I noticed that Tom was in the shed and Maureen was stood by the door explaining where whatever he was looking for was. I was sure that Maureen was eyeing him up, as he was bent over. As I approached she turned and I gave her a wink and she mouthed ‘phwoar ‘ to which I gave her the thumbs up and mouthed back ‘you like’, which was greeted by a smile and a nod.

I offered to help Tom find what he was looking for. As Maureen went back to her lounger I said ‘it sure is hot’ which he replied it was. I then said that you're making Maureen all hot and bothered, she ain't used to having a half naked man in her shed’. Which made him laugh out loud. I then added that she wasn't used to having a man if you know what I mean. He looked at me puzzled. So I went on to explain my predicament, to which he said he was sorry to hear, as we are such a nice couple. I said that I feel sorry for her, as though she denies it I was sure she missed real sex. Then went on to say that if only she could take a lover to fulfill that missing part. Any offers, then laughed to try to lighten the mood. No more was said until later when we were packing away the tools. Tom started the conversation off, firstly by saying that he really likes us and we seem to get on. Which was true, despite our age differences we found it easy to talk and have a laugh. He went on to say that he hopes I won't get annoyed but he's been thinking about what I had said. I was intrigued now, where was this going?

Are you serious about wishing Maureen would take a lover? I said I had talked it over with her many times. Tom went on to say that if he could help in anyway then he'd be happy to. Was he being serious? I said I didn't know, I mean I wouldn't want to ruin our friendship and not sure if Maureen would want to either, not at least because of the age gap. And anyway sure his girlfriend wouldn't be happy if she found out. Tom said that he didn't have a girlfriend and the age difference didn't worry him. He liked us and he found Maureen as a beautiful woman and he wanted to help us if he could. I stammered something about having to talk it through with Maureen but I doubt she would agree. He reassuring said that it would have to be what we both are happy with, agreed and would be just us that would know but the offer is there.

I asked Tom if he wanted a shower, Maureen hearing me said yes, least we can do. Tom started to say he was OK, but we insisted so he popped to his car to grab a spare pair of shorts and a t-shirt which we found out he always kept in the car as being a personal trainer he changed a few times during the day and kept spare clothes in the car in case he ever needed more.

On his return Maureen handed him a towel, told him he could change in our room as the shower room was next to it. Hand her his clean things and she'll leave them on the bed.

We heard the shower turn on and then the shower door close. About 15 minutes later the shower room door opened and Tom walked out with just a towel wrapped around his waist. Maureen couldn't take her eyes from the sight, smooth chested, muscled and bronzed. Even I had to admit he looked good.

He walked into our bedroom, but only pushed the door slightly so it was still open. I was expecting him to push it too but he didn't. From where Maureen was Sat I knew she would be able to see into the room. I watched Maureen staring, her mouth dropped slightly, gulped and her face reddened.

It wasn't till later once he had gone and we were in bed that Maureen told me that she had seen him drop his towel and she had a view of his nakedness from behind, that his bum was so firm, legs muscled, shoulders broad. Did he turn around I asked. But he hadn't.

Maureen asked me to perform oral sex on her, she was so wet and orgasamed within minutes of my tongue touching her.

After she had a couple of orgasms we curled up together. I mentioned that she seemed very aroused. She went quiet then said sorry she just can't shift out of her head the sight of Tom’s body. I decided that maybe now was a good time to try talking to her about what me and Tom had discussed.

I explained how we had got onto the subject, what Tom had said. Maureen went very quiet. She eventually spoke, asking how can a boy who is a third of her age think of someone her age in that way. How could I think of allowing her to take a lover. What if our family found out or the neighbours or both. What if he told people. I explained what he had said, how I feel about wanting her to have a full sex life. That I believe him to be serious and honest. And anyhow, I would be there to put a stop and it would only be as much as she wanted to go.

Maureen said she would think about it. But no promises, it's a big deal and could have serious consequences.

The next day we were Sat in the garden, admiring the trees. Maureen said how good they looked, that Tom had really made a great job.

I asked her if she had given it anymore thought to what we had talked about.

Maureen took my hand, kissed it and said that she didn't realise that I felt so strongly about her feelings and lack of penetrative sex.

I reassured her that I loved her and want her to be happy in every way. That I would never push her to do anything she didn't want to do. Maureen then said that we all need to talk. We are i said. No, all of us, including Tom she said.

Maureen texted Tom and asked him to call us when he could. Later when he was on his lunch break he rang Maureen. She put him onto speakers and nervously she told him that she knew what I and him had talked about. Tom apologised if he had offended her but he just wanted to help them both out. Maureen said that she would give it some thought but if it did happen then there must be some ground rules. He agreed, he said that whatever we wanted. Before hanging up Maureen said she was curious as to why her. Tom replied that he really liked us. That he understood our predicament. No one will get hurt as long as we are in agreement and he didn't have a girlfriend. She is a good looking beautiful woman, great body and deserves every happiness. I think it was then that Maureen made up her mind.

Once the call ended she said, what do you think? I told her that the final decision was hers but I understood if she said no. That night Maureen told me arrange it. I again asked her if she was sure which she said, yes I am then added at the moment.

I texted Tom and almost immediately got a reply. The rules were simple. I was to be present in the house. No means no. No photos. If anyone was to suspect anything then it would immediately stop. And lastly no guarantees, any of us can pull out at any time. Tom agreed and said that he could make it Friday evening. So we agreed that he would come over for tea and take it from there. There was one more text, which we hadn't even thought about, but it showed that he was thinking about us, it said ‘shall I bring condoms? ‘ We had never used them when we used to have sex as Maureen was on the pill, but since her menopause she had stopped taking them as she felt no need. I looked at Maureen, she thought for a minute then she picked up her phone and texted him back. She said it's up to him, she can no longer get pregnant.

That was it. Nothing more was said until Friday, probably because we were likely to find an excuse to back out.

Friday came, as the day went on we became nervous. Not knowing what to expect. Maureen asked me what to wear. To be honest I didn't have a clue. In the end we agreed to keep it simple, just casual, nothing sexy or provocative. Elasticated waisted slacks and a blouse although she did choose matching underwear, lacy white. About an hour before he was due to arrive she showered, freshly shaved her pubic area, dressed and applied her make-up. Considering how casual she was dressed she looked beautiful and quite sexy.

When Tom arrived he handed Maureen some flowers, nice touch I thought. Tea was ready so we Sat and ate. Afterwards we Sat and drank coffee. So far none of us had mentioned about the reason we were all gathered together. The atmosphere was a bit tense.

Tom was the first to chirp up and approach the subject.

‘are you guys still up for tonight?

I glanced at Maureen, nodded and she nodded back. Yes I said, when ever you are.

Tom went over to Maureen, took the empty cup from her and placed it on the table. Taking her hand he pulled her to her feet.

He pulled her to him, wrapped his strong arms around her waist, lent forward and kissed her. As they kissed his hands lowered to her bum.

I watched as they kissed, his hands caressing her buttocks. Maureen's arms were around him, or as much as she could. After several minutes they broke the kiss, I heard Tom ask if she was OK, Maureen saying yes. I watched as his hands went to the buttons on her blouse and slowly he unbuttoned it. He pulled it off, lowering his mouth to her neck and kissed down, I watched as his hands moved to her back as he unclipped her bra. His hands on her breasts, lowering his mouth to kiss them. Then his hands on her waistband. All this time I had Sat watching.

His fingers hooked into the waistband, then he was pulling down her slacks, till Maureen was stood in just her lacy panties.

Tom spoke, ‘Sure? ‘ Maureen nodded.

Then Tom pulled off his t-shirt, undid his jeans and pulled them off, standing in a pair of white tight trunks. He looked like he was packing a fair package.

I watched as he scooped Maureen into his arms and carried her to our bedroom. He gently laid her down so her legs were hanging over the side. Tom leant over Maureen, lowered himself and placed his mouth on her breasts, gently suckling on them. He lifted her breasts and ran his tongue along the underside. His lips lowered over her stomach, planting kisses as he went. Then he whispered to Maureen saying ‘OK? ‘ and she nodded. He slipped his fingers into the waistband of her panties then slowly tugged them down and off, Maureen lifting her bum to ease there removal. Maureen was shaking from nerves, but this hadn't stopped her from parting her thighs. Opening her legs, knew splayed, allowing her new young lover full access to her smooth vagina. I think that we both expected tom to get straight to business, I moved away so they couldn't see me as I didn't want to put either of them off.

But tom didn't go straight for the kill. Instead he started to lick around Maureen's thighs, gently kissing around. Maureen's eyes were tightly closed, from her breathing she was feeling the intimacy of his actions. After a few minutes of kissing around her pubic area he let his tongue flick along the whole length of Maureen's labia. Maureen's hands gripped the sheet, her toes curling as this young man, the third of the age of her, expertly kicked her vagina. Later I remember Maureen saying how gentle he was. Tom seemed to know exactly where and how Maureen needed his tongue. Maureen's clit was visible and Tom lightly darted the tip of his tongue over it which made Maureen arch her back and a loud gutteral moan escaped her. Boy could this boy perform oral. He must have liked her for about ten minutes, Maureen reaching several small orgasams, as if he knew to ease off at just the right time. Tom pulled her off the bed slightly, lifting her bottom up a little and ran his tongue along her wet gash and onto her anus, then back up again. These long slow kicks had its desired effect, Maureen gripped the sheet till her fingers turned white and then she started to orgasm, hard. Grunting and moaning. As she climaxed Tom pulled open her labia and poked his tongue in deep. Lapping her secretions. Devouring my wife.

As Maureen's orgasm subsided, Tom stood. Maureen watched as he hooked his fingers into the waistband of his trunks, pulling them down and off. Maureen's eyes widened, then a smile. This boy.. No.. Man.. Was built for sex. He penis stood proud and erect, perfectly straight. He looked impressive from where I was. It was later that Maureen told me that her was about the length of a Pepsi bottle but slightly thicker. She admitted she was shocked and surprised and wasn't sure if she would be able to accommodate it. Without any words being spoken Tom raised Maureen's legs up, resting her ankles on his shoulders, leaning forward the tip of his penis touched her opening. Slowly, gently he pushed until the head of his manhood penetrated her. Once in he spoke. He just said that he was going to make love to her. And he did. He slowly eased himself into her, Maureen later said she felt herself being stretched,a slight pain then pleasure. Tom was a gentle lover, slowly pushing and thrusting until he was fully in. His shaven balls against her smooth pubis. Once fully in he started rocking, so she had him all deep in her. After a short while he started to thrust, long slow strokes, almost removing the head before sliding back in all the way. It wasn't going to be long I was sure until Maureen would be cumming again and I was right. I heard her say fuck, do me. Then she came. But as she cum Tom pulled out, then as her orgasm subsided he pushed back into her, this time shorter, slightly faster strokes. This sent Maureen into another orgasm. As she started to cum again her pulled out till she calmed down. He kept this up, five or six times he did this. Then he let go of her legs, lowered himself onto her and he continued making love to my wife. Maureen wrapped her legs as far as she could around him, her hands gripping his buttocks, pulling his in close. I could make out the sound of his penis going in and out of her. Hear his balls slapping against her flesh. Maureen cried out as Tommy's quickened his pace. I sensed he was close, Maureen said don't worry I'm ready.

Tom started to kiss Maureen deeply, his penis was really pummelling my wife's depths. Every time he withdrew I could see her labia being dragged outwards, I realised how thick he was. Then he let out a deep moan, saw his buttocks spasm, his balls twitching as his pumped his sperm into Maureen, my wife, his lover. As he continued to pump his seed whilst thrusting I could see his sperm coating his shaft. Maureen climaxed, writhing around under him. A trickle of thick white cum ran down between her buttocks. As he withdrew it seemed like a stream of cum ran out of her forming a pool on the sheet under her.

They laid together for a few minutes catching their breath. Then Maureen got up to go to pee and clean up, as she stood her vagina dribbled big globs of toms sperm onto the carpet. She grabbed her panties and wiped herself. How much had her new lover shot into her? It dawned on me that had she still been fertile there would have been a good chance of her now becoming pregnant. I looked at the clock, almost an hour had past since they started their lovemaking.

When Maureen came out of the loo she asked me if I was alright. I assured her that I was. She said join us, probably need a chat. We entered the bedroom and tom was under the sheet, Maureen joined him and patted the bed indicating for me to join her the other side.

Well, she started, that was.. Fun.

We all reassured each other that we were all fine with things.

How would we feel about doing it again? Regularly? We all agreed.

Maureen pulled me to her, wrapping my arms around her we kissed. Deep loving kisses. Her back to Tom. Him facing her. We carried on kissing, my hands caressed her breasts, then I felt her gasp, then her hips pushed against mine. My mouth covered her nipple as I sucked it into my mouth. Maureen moaned and pushed her bum backwards. I then realised that Tom was pushing his hardened penis into her from behind. As I made love to my wife with my mouth on her breasts her new younger lover was making love to her properly, his whole length buried deep. We stayed locked together until Maureen had cum again, then I got up and left them to spoon, when I next looked in Maureen was laid on her stomach, tom on top, thrusting away, Maureen's hands gripping the sheets, head buried in the pillow. She was or seemed to be in a state of constant orgasm. Is it possible? About ten minutes later I heard the pace quickening, Maureen shouting then grunts as Tom filled my wife's, his lovers, our lovers, vagina once again with his fertile sperm.

About half an hour later I looked in as it seemed quiet. I wasn't prepared for what I saw as I thought they had fallen asleep. But I was greeted to Maureen orally pleasuring Tom. How the hell can he be hard again I remember thinking.

Maureen was truly struggling to accommodate his girth but she persisted. Cupping his balls, as her head bobbed up and down the head of his penis. I left them alone and shortly afterwards Maureen appeared going to the bathroom, her neck, breasts and chin shiny with Toms sperm.

Not long later Tom went home. Maureen slept like a log that night. She complained the next day that she was a little sore, but in a good way. Tom has become her lover, seeing her at least once a week to ‘service my wife’ (Maureen's words). Sometimes it's during the day, usually evenings and a couple of times overnight. We know that it won't last as one day Tom will meet a girl but for now we are all happy. My advice to any guy with erectile problems, get someone in to keep the wife happy. Works for us!