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Each time I've found myself waiting in the same space sitting in my car on Maureens road. I'm surprised that after a few years that the neighbours haven't become suspicious yet. As I watch Alan drive away in his vehicle I make sure he doesn't see me. As Alan knows me he would find it rather suspicious that I'm on his road. But I have a reason if this ever happens. Alan still hasn't worked out yet that I've been seeing his wife for the last few years now. We would meet 3-5 times a week and we even had a dirty weekend away unbeknown to him.

I count down the usual 10 minutes in case Alan returns. Time does go slow when your desperate but I'll usually spend time messaging Maureen. Where we'll start our digital foreplay.

Maureen gives me the nod to come over. Door on the latch as usual. As I'm swiftly in the door closes behind me. Maureen pulls me in wearing her black dressing gown and we begin to make out. Deep kisisng with our tongues hands all over each other. Slowly and naturally my clothes start coming off. I peel away Maureen's dressing gown exposing her naked body in the hall way. Still kissing sliding my hand in her ass and feeling her wet pussy. Within seconds we both stood in hallway completely naked with my clothes on floor.

Taking my hand Maureen leads me upstairs.

We reach the top which lead to more kissing. We just naturally gravitated towards her bedroom. Even though Maureen has spare rooms. We both find it a massive turn on being in the marital bed.

I backed her to the bed and sat her down, then got on my knees between her legs. I took a nice long lick from the bottom of her pussy lips up to her clit. And then another, this time dipping my tongue inside her pussy. Maureen's juices tasted amazing. She was hot, wet, and ready, as I continued making out with her pussy. My dick was so hard at this thought it was straining towards the ceiling. I paused licking and sucking.

Maureen got on her knees and took my hard cock in her hands.

I then noticed her wedding ring on her hand, which had a large emerald that glittered in the light as I felt the cool metal band rubbing against the smooth skin on my dick. She didn't always wear this for some reason. That turned me on even more. She started worshipping my dick with her tongue, licking its length, playing with and nibbling at the foreskin. Tonguing my balls and licking back up to the shaft.

Precum was leaking from my cock and she was greedily licking it up. Occasionally some ran down my cock and over her fingers and her ring, and I smiled to myself when I saw my sperm cover that glittering jewel. My balls ached, anxious to deposit all of their contents deep in Maureen's body, where my sperm (clearly superior to her husband's Alan) belonged and had made it's own home over the last few years.

I pushed Maureen back onto the bed and mounted her, missionary style. Our naked bodies were pressed together as she ran her hands all over my chest, abs, and ass.

I teased Maureen's clit with the head of my cock and she moaned in pleasure.

I did this a couple of more minutes.

I started to ease the fat head of my dick between her pussy lips. She didn't even think about a condom. Maureen was tight and wet. She bit her lip and closed her eyes as my head parted her lips and gained entrance to her vagina. She gasped as my firm shaft began to enter and spread her. The feeling of Maureen's pussy walls spreading to accomodate my bare dick as I pushed deeper was amazing. She groaned and put her hand on my ass and pulled me in. "Yes! Oh my god that cock feels good! She screamed. I pushed further in until I was about half-way and started gentle in and out strokes, gradually going deeper a little each time.

I started sucking on one of her breasts as I worked myself in and out, a little deeper each thrust. It took less than a minute of me licking her breast, flicking her nipple with my tongue, and gently biting her ample nipple, while working my dick about half in and out of her super wet pussy, before Maureen started sighing loudly and moaning with an expression on her face that said her senses were overwhelmed with pleasure. She was already coming on my bare dick. I felt her pussy squeeze my cock as she came, and this invited me to push deeper.

She looked at me with a glee in her eye, as I started to go deep into Maureen's tight pussy and pound harder. Finally, my balls made contact with her ass and I was all the way in. I pushed deeper still, feeling my head gently but firmly press against Maureen's cervix, and she bit her lip hard.

"I feel sooo full!" she said. But her hands were still firmly on my ass and she was smiling.

I continued pounding Maureen's pussy with my bare dick, both of us now eagerly anticipating the moment where I would flood her pussy with as much cum as I could. My balls were slapping her ass hard. Her tight married pussy felt amazing. I could feel my aching heavy, and amazingly still full balls bouncing off of her cute little ass as I fucked her. I lifted her legs and rested them on my shoulders for better access. My balls were buzzing, slapping hard and loud into Maureen's ass. The slapping sounds filled the room. She started screaming and grunting loudly with each thrust.

"Oh fuck yeah!" I screamed, pistoning into Maureen as hard and fast as I could, both of us sweaty.

I knew that neighbours could possibly hear hear us fucking. After about five minutes, Maureen looked at me with an amazed look on her face as another orgasm washed over her. This time, Maureen's whole tight wet pussy squeezing my fat bare dick as she came again was too much for me to bear and I started pumping cum into Maureen's body. A lot of cum.

Oh fuck I'm coming!" I yelled after the first gush had already flowed into Maureen's pussy. Maureen held my ass tightly against her as I pumped more cum into her. My abs were working overtime, muscles squeezing and pushing cum from my body deep into Maureen's body. The first eruption was like a five second constant flow of my semen into her pussy, bathing her cervix in sperm. Then I started pumping in successive squirts. By the fifth squirt I was amazed even at myself. Cum was still flowing. Maureen's little pussy started to leak. She was overflowing. She probably felt it run down her ass and I was still pumping. She looked down at her overflowing pussy, stuffed full of my dick, and then up at me in amazement.

Satisfied, I stayed in her and slowly softened as we basked in the amazing post-orgasmic glow. In the comfort of the marital bed.

Written by Stupastar21

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