Written by D

11 Sep 2011

Some time ago I posted the story of May's first extramarital fuck with a friend of mine, and what happened later (see May's memento and Maya second time).

It happened when I was pretty drunk after a night out, and they both thought I had passed out, but I saw the whole thing and found it a real turn on.

After telling May that I knew all about it, and arranging a follow up, I decided I would like to recreate the events of that night, but with me participating.

I met Kevin and told him what I wanted, and he readily agreed. May was a little reluctant, but had really enjoyed Kevin's follow up visit and didn't take too much persuading.

On the night of his visit, I prepared May carefully, shaving her pussy and picking out her sexiest basque and a little black thong. A few glasses of wine got her a little more relaxed as she had a long scented bath. She dressed in her stockings, basque, thong and 6 inch heels, with a bathrobe over them.

Kevin arrived right on time. He kissed May hello, running his hands over her body as he did so. We both kissed and stroked her gently, leaning her against the wall. I eased her thong to one side and rubbed her clit gently. She was very wet, and by now was breathing heavily.

We both took her hand and led her into the Kitchen. I positioned her across the breakfast bar, then went round the other side and took her hands. I wanted to see her lovely face as Kevin entered her.

Kevin removed her bathrobe, and gently eased her thong down over her thighs. She stepped out of the thong and spread her legs wide, allowing Kevin free access to her freshly shaved pussy.

Kevin dropped his jeans and boxers, giving me a good look at his stiff cock. He took it in his hand and rubbed it along May's slit. She groaned in anticipation and shuddered in an early orgasm. As I held her hands and looked deep into her eyes, he slid into her fully and slowly. The lust exuded from May's eyes as he slowly fucked her. His pace increased gradually until he was ramming her hard and fast. May was groaning "Fuck me Kevin" and biting her bottom lip as he came to a shuddering orgasm. As he emptied his cock inside her, May screamed loudly and orgasmed, her legs buckling.

The night had just started.