Written by Jenna

20 Dec 2008

Hi, my name is jenna, im 28 and married, 5ft3, shoulder length brunette hair with a size 12 figure and 34 b boobs....i am by my own admission a total slut. I will almost never turn down an erect cock and have recently been having some girly sex sessions too.

My mum Joanne is 47 and is fantastic for her age, she looks at least 15 years younger and we look like sisters when we go out. We are so close and i tell her everything..even sexual stuff. Since my dad left her a few years ago, she has really come out of her shell sexually ans shags almost as much as i do.

Well, my husband has no idea that i screw around and thinks im a good little house wife, and cause i go out with mum he never bats an eye when i come in late or anything.

We have talked about swinging and he has said that hed love to see me suck and fuck someone and i would love to see him fuck another girl.

Me and mum went out the other week, i was staying over there, and i drove cause i wasnt drinking (another diet) and me and mum got separated when she met a guy she knew and she told me she was going to take advantage of him !

Well, i did end up drinking and left the car at the pub and got a taxi home. Mum was still out when i got in and i went straight to bed. I was woken half an hour after by mum coming home and she wasnt alone. I heard lots of giggling and mum said to the guy that it was ok cause i wasnt home yet as the car was missing and i heard her say to the guy that she thought i would be shagging somewhere....cheek of it!

It wasnt long before i heard kissing and gentle moans coming from the lounge and when i got up and crept to have a look what was going on, i was shocked to see two guys with her. She was on the settee with the guy she knew on one side of her and a young black guy on the other side !! I couldnt believe my eyes...they were unbuttoning her blouse and boobs were out in no time each guy sucking on one and their hands were going up her short skirt and soon her thong and skirt was off along with her blouse and bra and she was naked and so were the guys.

They both had big hard cocks and i was jealous that she was going to get fucked by them both. She knelt down and sucked them both off and then her friend got between her legs and slid his big cock up her while she sucked the black guy off.

I was dripping wet and started to slip my fingers in and out of my pussy and had to slow down to stop myself coming...i wanted to see all of this. Mum was now on her knees and was getting properly spit roasted by the guys and they kept changing over. It finished with her sucking them both off and them both coming in her mouth and her swallowing the lot.

The black guy was still hard and he fucked her again while her friend held her arms down and made her lick his cock clean until she came with a loud scream.

I tiptoed back to my bed and slipped into it and fingered myself to orgasm...panting into my pillow. I heard mum packing the guys off, saying to them that they had to go before i came home.

I heard the front door close, and heard mum tidying up and for some reason she then took a peak into my room and saw me (pretending to be sound asleep) and i heard her gasp with shock when she realised i was in.

Next morning i got up and didnt pass any comment to mum apart from asking her what time she got in and did she take advantage of her friend, she looked so relieved but told me she did take advantage of him and she thoroughly enjoyed it...to which i replied good !

She is obviously getting more and more horny the older she gets and im now hatching a plan to get my husband to fuck mum when im next away with work. I have seen her eyeing him up and we joke about it when she says he has a big bulge in his pants and i now know that she would almost certainly go for it.

I\'ll keep you all posted.