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me and the girl next door

"Wife arranges the time of our lives"

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I’m 45 and married. My wife is sexy and full of fun and it was her that started this all off. We live next to a couple who have a daughter. I’ll call her Emma. At the time, Emma was turned 18 about two weeks before all our fun started. It was my wife that noticed that Emma would kook at me, or more exactly my dick. I’m pretty well endowed and I do a lot of cycling so if Emma was around when I came back from a ride she would sometimes go into the back garden which is obviously next to ours. I sort of noticed her looking over but didn’t pay much attention. Eventually my wife would comment on how Emma liked to look at me but I brushed it off. However, we had a garden party with a few friends which included Emma’s parents and of course Emma. My wife told me to watch her and so I tried discreetly to look at her and sure enough I would catch Emma looking at my crotch in the same way that guys try to sneak a look at women’s cleavages etc. So, move a few weeks and I was mowing the lawn in shorts and a t short and sure enough Emma comes out ‘for a chat’. That’s when I noticed that she always seemed to wear almost spray on jeans and a very tight t short leaving nothing to the imagination. She has tiny tits and big nipples. We chatted for a few minutes about ‘stuff’ when I turned to the kitchen window and my wife was looking out laughing and doing that thing with her tongue pretending, she was me having a blow job. That and Emma’s tight t-short set me off and gave me a hard on so I made my excuses and carried on mowing. Late afternoon that same day I go for a ride on the bike and come back just as it was starting to get dark. I’m in my tight Lycra shorts and tight top putting my bike away in my large shed when the wife and Emma walk in. The wife starts some conversation about how my ride went and was I feeling fit and so on, the two of them giggling like teenagers. I had finished putting the bike on the rack on the wall and round, Emma gave a shriek. For no real reason I was getting stiff, Emma was looking at the bulge in my shorts and my wife had that cheeky look on her face. The wife said that they ‘just wanted to take a look’ , I asked ‘at what’. It wasn’t too bright in the shed despite the lights but I could tell that Emma was blushing. The wife said ‘at stuff’. Then she tod me to lean against the table, actualy a work bench and I knew what she was doing but not how far it was about to go. I did as I was told, Emma and the wife visually examining my cock which was now getting harder. The wife whispered into Emma’s ear, Emma said ‘no’ so the wife whispered again. Emma looked at me. The brief conversation went something like this. Emma ‘ can I see it’ Me What Emma ‘that’ pointing to my cock I asked her to confirm that she was referring to my cock. The wife ‘ she wants to see your cock to see if its as big as I told her it was’ Emma ‘ can I see your cock’ The wife ‘say please’ Emma ‘ please’. I was more than a little bit shocked and wasn’t about to just get it out. The wife walks over, puts her hand in my shorts and pulls it out, holding it in her hand. ‘come on’ she tells Emma. Emma walks over looking at me. I Was now hard. As Emma moved closer I saw her tiny titties and hard nipples and now. I looked at her face, she wasn’t a stunner but was pretty and skinny. My wife told her to touch it. She hesitated and then put her hand around my shaft. My wife then proceeded to show Emma how to toss a guy off telling me that she hasn’t done it before. I said ‘but she has a boyfriend’ to which Emma, as though coming out of a trance said ‘but its tiny, yours is huge, Emma continues to slowly give me a wank. After a minute or so the wife grabs some old blankets I use to cover the bike and lay them on the floor and kneels in front of me telling Emma to join her. Now I have my wife and the skinny kid next door kneeling in front of me, Emma still slowly wanking me off. The wife turns to Emma, ‘now this is what you do’ and with that my cock slides into her mouth. I feel her tongue examining my cock followed by a gentle suck of my bell end. She looks at Emma, Emma looks at me, then my cock. She says that she won’t be able to get it in, my wife tells her to try. slowly Emma puts her mouth over my bell end and pulls back. The wife tells her to try again. Again Emma puts her lips over my bell end, this time the wife hold the back of her head and pushes it forward. Emma gags out my cock slides in. The wife is pulling Emma’s head back and pushing it forward again. She whispers that she’s doing well and let’s go of her head. Emma continues to suck me off, her ginger head bobbing back and forward, she sucks, and slurps and she does it. My wife sits on her calves and smiles at me, I smile back as the 18-year-old from next door sucks me off. My wife undoes a button on her blouse and puts her hand inside and touches herself. That was almost too much, and I grunt. The wife rushes forward and shows Emma how to stop a guy cumming by pressing at the end of his balls. Emma gives it a go before sucking me off again. The wife takes her top off and lets her ample tits fall out. I really, really want to fuck them both but I’m not in charge, the wife is. She pull’s Emma’s t shirt up. ‘Better not get any stains on this’ she tells her. Emma pulls back and lifts her arms and, in a flash, her top if off to show us for the first time her nice, firm small tits. She tells Emma that its only fair that he (me) has a feel and Emma up. I have a feel of her tits whilst Emma continues to gently wank me off. She sticks her tongue in my mouth and we French kiss. The wife adds her tongue whilst feeling Emma’s breasts. She ask’s Emma is she’s on the pill, Emma pulls back and asks if we’re going to fuck adding that she’s not on the pill. The wife says it’s a shame but that we will sort something out for ‘next time’, Emma says ‘ok’ whilst my wife pulls her back down. Emma starts to suck me off, the wife joins her, now I have two tongues exploring my shaft. The wife asks Emma if she wanted me to cum in her mouth, promising her that she would like it. Emma bite’s her lip. I said that maybe she wasn’t ready for that, Emma shook her head and goes back to wanking me off, studying my cock as though it was the most amazing thing she’s ever seen. I’m ready to shoot my load now but I’m trying to hold it in. The wife tells Emma that I’m going to cum all over her and suggests that if she doesn’t want it in her mouth, she needs to keep it closed. The wife tells me to cum over them both and pulls Emma back, she joins my wife bot sitting on their calves. I’m wanking myself like crazy looking at these two hot women in front of me, one with big soft tits in her hands and the other one feeling her own small hard tits. I let out an unintentionally loud grunt and shoot spunk over the two of them. I had always cum a lot but this was a lot even for me. Cum sprayed over Emma’s face and chest, my wife was pressing her face next to Emma, cheek to cheek so she got a face full as well. The wife liked some off Emma face, then, for someone who didn’t want cum in her mouth Emma went back to sucking my wet cock. I inadvertently let go another splash of cum in her mouth. Emma pulled back and I apologised. She said it was ok and went back to sucking me off with my wife, both cleaning me. The next evening there was a repeat performance, this time in out living room, this time my wife taking a load in her mouth with Emma taking the last splash between her lips. Night three was where it got serious. We were all naked, the three of us on the floor feeling, touching and kissing, wanking and fingering. Then the wife gets out a condom, turns to Emma, lets fuck. Emma says nothing but lays on her back and opens her legs and aits for me to put the condom on. The wife stated the obvious and tells me to be slow. I slowly push my cock into Emma’s very tight pussy. It takes a couple of attempts but it’s in and I slowly fuck her. Emma goes on about it being so big and so hard. I look at my wife who pulls a face and tells Emma not to make me big headed. ‘but it is ’ Emma says and tells my wife ‘he’s fucking me’. The wife whispers ‘I know, aren’t you lucky’, ‘oh I am’ she says. I’m thinking that I am the luckiest guy alive, Emma is sweet and groaning and moaning begging me not to stop, my wife is on her side running her hand over Emma’s body, feeling her tummy and her hard tits and even harder nipples. I fuck Emma hard and make her cum over and over then I cum inside her and she starts to almost convulse. I thought she was having a fit until she started to laugh and cry out ‘that was fucking amazing’ . I immediately rip off the condom and fuck the wife. This went on for some time, stopping for a few weeks when Emma got engaged but that didn’t long. Then Emma gets pregnant. She assures me that its not mine ad why would it, she fucks her fiancé unprotected a lot. Then we didn’t see her for a little while until she comes round, her belly swelling, she was upset. I eared the worst, that she had come to tell us that the baby was mine, but she confesses that she can’t stop and begs us to fuck her again. With that the wife is pulling Emma’s clothes off, the two of them sucking face. I’m directed to lay down. Emma gently lowers herself into my cock and rides me, her belly slapping mine. It was nice and gentle and natural and this time I was allowed to cum inside her unprotected. And when she was finished, the wife rides me and makes me cum again. The very last time we saw her before locking down she didn’t want to fuck, just play which is her way of telling me to cum all over her. This time I came in her mouth so much she caused and splutters it all over herself, the wife helping rub it in and cleans her with her mouth. We haven’t seen her for ages which is for the best. Now lock down has eased we will leave it to her to contact us bit she must be a god 8 months pregnant by now. You’d thing it would be the man wo wants to fuck a heavily pregnant woman, but the wife has told me on more than one occasion how she would love to fuck her right now. Maybe we need to move onto pastures new.
Written by Annon Dave

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