Written by Jocksock

25 Nov 2017

Just Me and Ali this time ! Sorry to all the readers of my stories who asked me to post my videos of our threesomes etc but they were on a VHS video which got scrunched up in the VCR ! I did manage to save some of it on a micro memory card in my phone but it being a cheap one went corupt on me so i lost them all ! Anyway back to the wife and i fucking one night ! We were both feeling a bit horny ! Sitting in the lounge watching tv and having a beer ! The wife was wearing a lovely cream coloured jumper with no bra and our favourite party skirt which she wore through many of our threesomes etc and which never fails to give me the horn ! Ali was sat in her arm chair in front of the tv but she had one leg draped over the chair arm giving me the odd flash of her black french knickers and me as always filming on the camcorder ! I could tell she was getting turned on as she was swinging her leg side to side and stimulating her cunt with this motion ! I was hovering around her with the camera as she started breathing more heavily ! Her legs came apart a bit wider and i could then see the crotch of her panties and if i zoomed in i could actually see the folds of her pussy through the shear material of the knickers ! She then started moving her leg faster and her panties moved to one side exposing her lovely cunt to my view ! She then started rubbing her pussy and sliding her finger up and down her moistening slit circling her hard clitoris and starting to slip her finger up her twat making it squelch as she fingered herself to her first little orgasm which made her clench her body as she shook through her come ! She then suggested we head for the bedroom and when we got there she produced her little white bullet vibrator which she started using on her now wet pussy rubbing it on her clitty and slipping it into her cunny forcing her gorgeous fanny lips open for the toy ! It actually looked like he fanny lips were sucking the littl vibe into her and when she took it out to rub on her clitty again one of her gorgeous fanny lip curled back into her fanny like it was moving in slow motion ! Got me right hard for her ! She carried on for about ten minutes with me filming the action ! I then placed the camcorder on the bedside cabinet so that it was positioned to catch the action ! She was lying back on the bed with her legs wide open for me ! Her sexy party skirt pulled up to her waist for easy access to her love hole she had dropped the vibe on the bed and i moved in to get involved in the action ! I had my hard cock in my hand but before feeding my meat into her cunt i pushed my finger up her and gave her another orgasm before i then slid my erect cock up her hot wet fanny and started sliding in and out in a nice hard but steady rythm making her come again and again very vocally and i also had the pleasure of watching her big tits jiggling under her jumper which i then lifted so i could see them jiggle in the flesh ! I fucked Ali hard for a good ten to fifteen minutes making her come a real load before i then shot my Jizz load right up her hot wet and now spunk filled fanny also withdrawing and letting some of my Jizz mingle in Alis pussy hairs with her pussy cream ! What a nice fuck and a sexy finish which i will always have in my memory and which i call out of my Wank Bank every so often !!! Also found out a couple of years ago that after 28 years of marriage and regular fucking that my Darling Wife squirts like a fucking big fanny fountain ! I love that but she gets embarassed about it now !!! Hey Ho !!! The end.