7 Jan 2019

At the weekend I posted a meet for a quickie on swinging heaven. Although I didn't really have any expectations, I just fancied a little hedonism or kink this week.

This morning I had a reply which read

"This might not be your thing but you seem pretty open about what you're looking for. Although we're miles away from you we are catching a ferry from Portsmouth tomorrow afternoon and will hopefully get down with a few hours to spare. We can't promise anything but we fancy meeting someone befire we board the ferry. Maybe some car fun? We are thinking park somewhere quiet, put porn on the tablet, sit in the back, you between me and my hubby. If you're interested let us know. "

Well I felt my cock twitching just reading their message and sent back a yes. They replied instantly with a contact number. They were already in Portsmouth and struggling to find somewhere quiet enough for a car fuck. As they had time to kill I directed them to portadown Hill and joined them half an hour later. At night it's quiet enough for fun but it was swarming with dog walkers so after a brief chat they followed me to somewhere much quieter. If you know the area, there are v quiet back roads heading north from portadown Hill to denmead. After just a few mins I pulled in somewhere quiet. And sure enough joined them on the back seat of their car, perched in between Geoff and sue. Geoff wedged they tablet between the front seats and it was showing porn. Not a coincidence but a bi mmf. Me and Geoff had our trousers round our ankles and sue turned to kiss me. Between us we unbuttoned her dress from top to bottom giving me access as we kissed. Her legs were as wide open as they could be and I easily slipped three fingers into her, whilst trying to rub her clit with my thumb. As we continued kissing she shifted forward on the seat. Meanwhile Geoff was now wanking himself and me. Although it was pretty cramped I broke off and moved down to suck her nipples. Meanwhile sue and Geoff were whispering.. I couldn't catch exactly what they said but given Geoff soon had his lips clamped around my cock I can guess it was something along those lines. Somehow sue managed to stand, encouraging me to half lay down so she could sit on my face, fucking my tongue. More whispering between them then then we paused and Geoff got out, followed by sue. The back window was fully open and sue leaned in, kissing me whilst Geoff fucked her. It was fairly rough stuff, calling her every name under the sun whilst almost constantly spanking her arse.

He soon came, I was trying to cum too, with her sucking my nipples through the window whilst I wanked furiously, one eye still on the porn.

It was enough to make me cum. Sue directed me to cum on the car seat, then she licked it up.

We were soon on our way.

So Geoff and sue... If you're reading this...and fancy a repeat on your way back at the weekend... Get in touch