Written by Grant

24 May 2018

I've often wondered if the meet today feature on here works and posted an "ad" on there to find out.

Not really looking for anything specific beyond some horny fun my ad was pretty vague. I'm a tradesman and was working in an empty house near Chichester. I had no expectations but three hours after posting I got a mail from a couple I'd met previously some time ago who were game to meet. Their plan was...he's on a day off and would bring his wife for a quickie that lunch time.

Bang on 1.15 they knock at the door. Lovely couple. He's grinning from ear to ear and she's raring to go."I can't be late back so can this be quick?" she asks.

Perfect, straight to business. The kitchen has a breakfast bar and that's the best bet. The sight of a mature woman in business attire jumping on a breakfast bar, hitching her skirt up to reveal a pantyless glistening cunt takes some beating.

Condom on , snog and I slip into her. We're snogging like teenagers as her husband gives words of encouragement. I'm soon cummin and she's not far behind, our lips still locked until I slip out.

A little small talk and they're gone.

So I'm thinking....yes it does work.

I get cpl other messages but just saying maybe another time.

At 3, a guy messages me. Basically he needs somewhere to shag his bit on the side. I can watch and wank which sounds good to me.

Within 40 minutes The guy arrives. Mid 60s, dripping in money. As We're chatting the usual small talk the lady arrives. Beautiful petite Asian lady. Korean apparently. As the house is unfurnished it's the kitchen counter again. She is very pale with magnificent tiny breasts and unusually a big hairy bush covering her cunt.

She's also hot to trot, is soon naked and working on his cock with her mouth. I start wanking as he cums. Her and I were a bit disappointed but the fella was incredible. Just minutes passed when he was hard again. Bending her over the worktop he was soon pumping her cunt. I'm just behind him watching his cock enter her.... wanking.as I stroke her leg there is no resistance . I'm soon cumming. In the meantime she's on cloud 9 as her orgasm hits.

Despite being rock hard fucking her for a good half hour he eventually stops without cumming again.

Again they're soon off.

As I write this it's after 4pm.cpl more messages but nothing concrete