Written by fun_time810

3 Feb 2016

So it was on.

After lots of talking and planning she’d decided to go through with it and even though I wasn’t going to be able to watch, I was going to be there and experience it almost first hand. The guy wasn’t up to me actually watching but he really wanted to fuck her again and she’d insisted to him that this was the only way it was going to happen so he had agreed and this was the compromise we’d come up with.

We were in the car driving to the big shopping centre where we were to meet, I was nervous as hell but the strange butterflies in my stomach and my hard cock in my trousers countered all the nerves, I knew that I loved her and that this was mutually beneficial to the both of us, I was finally going to get one of my biggest sexual fantasies come true and she was going to be fucked hard and continuously and get her fulfilment that way. I adored her right at that moment and couldn’t keep my hands off her as we drove the half hour to the meeting point.

She was wearing a white top which was very low cut and she knew it was my favourite one, as she’d worn it to a meet with the guy before and it never failed to turn me on when I looked at her wearing it, underneath her 34G breasts were straining at the material of her white lacy bra, the one with little pink detailing that was just on view in the low cut top along with the swell of her breasts which would draw any red blooded males glance directly to them. She had on black trousers that framed her amazing arse and her new underwear which she’d bought that week which were lace panties that his any visible panty line, to top it off she had on a pair of black patent heels, very sexy indeed, and if we were to be let down by this guy then at least id still get the pleasure of ravishing her in this outfit. Her hair and makeup were stunning and she looked beautiful, and very, very sexy.

We arrived and found a parking space and made our way through the centre to the coffee bar we were meeting at, she was apprehensive and I still had butterflies but was incredibly horny at the thought of what might happen still. We got a drink, and found a table suitably away from most of the other customers, luckily it was early afternoon and being so soon after Christmas it wasn’t very busy, which suited us just fine. She asked me if I was really OK with this as she had previously thought that although she knew my fantasy, she didn’t think I’d be able to handle the actual realisation of going through with it. I assured her I was fine, eager in fact for this to happen and she’d see how after that I was fully accepting of this. I asked her if she was happy with this, as I never wanted her to do anything just for my sake, or to please me, but because she wanted this too. She said she was, and was excited herself at the thought of having this guy take her again and then sharing it with me, as this would bring me pleasure and she got off on that, and as if to reinforce this she discreetly slipped her hand into the front of her trousers and when she brought it out again her fingers were glistening with her wetness, she glanced around and then leant over and slipped them into my mouth. God did they taste amazing, her pussy always is very wet when she’s aroused and it tastes even better. The taste sensation made my cock twitch and she leant over again this time putting her hand on my crotch to feel my erection and kissed me hard slipping her tongue into my mouth tasting herself and me all in one kiss.

So we were wet and then very shortly I saw her look up and over my shoulder and smile, and even blush a little, so I knew he had arrived, the thought of being able to have her again had proved too much of a draw for him and he hadn’t bottled it.

He was there, pulling up a chair and sitting next to her with me on the other side of her, they said hello and went in for a kiss that looked a little awkward but seemed to break the ice a bit. She introduced him to me, no handshake, just a nod of the head, I knew he didn’t like me very much, but I didn’t really care, the thought that he lusted after her and could fuck her like I couldn’t was overriding all other emotion at that point. He was tall and a little imposing, and had a few days of beard growth, quite swarthy but that was down to his Mediterranean heritage, definitely had some Italian in him somewhere, dressed in designer jeans and branded T-Shirt favoured by guys of that fringe London/Kent/Essex area and some of his tattoos could be seen on his upper arms as he moved and gesticulated, I could see that she was attracted to him and understood why. They were making idle chit chat and hardly including me in their conversation but we all knew why we were here and it wasn’t to make friends and gossip..

So he says to her that he’s an idea of where they should go and make this happen, I expected the old in the back of a car in one of the multi-story car parks routine but he suggested something far more exciting and horny. He needed to actually buy a shirt for a function and suggested we walk up to one of the major department stores to find one and under the excuse of trying some on in the changing rooms she would slip in with him and I would keep look out outside for security or staff or just anyone else that was heading that way. So off we went and I followed them up some escalators, where he deliberately stood on steps lower than her so his face was at the level of her breasts and was staring at them, salivating almost, and I could tell he wanted them, and wanted her, I was trying to hide my obvious excitement, and I could see the lust in her eyes too, she looked up at me and smiled, I mouthed that I loved her and I could see the excitement in her.

We went into the store and wandered around for a while actually looking at shirts and with her help he chose three or four that he was going to try on. We took these to the changing area and she and I waited as he went in to find a cubicle and to also check the coast was clear. A few moments later another guy carrying some clothes exited from the area and walked off into the store, there was no member of staff there and like I’d said before it was very quiet in the store. He appeared at the entrance, wearing one of the shirts, to keep up the pretence I suppose and asked her to come in with him as the coast was clear and no one else was in the changing area.

This was it, she turned to me looked at me as if to say ‘last chance to change your mind’ and I nodded, she kissed me hard, squeezed my erection through my trousers and winked and turned around and was off into the area, and then they were gone. I looked around nervously and could see some shoppers over the other side of the store, some staff members at the tills and no sign of security so all was good. I went closer to the entrance of the changing area and could hear some muffled noised and groans but couldn’t make anything out. It was tempting to go in a look, but we’d agreed I wasn’t to watch and knowing my luck we’d get caught because I wouldn’t be keeping an eye out for anyone coming this way.

Fifteen minutes later I saw her come out, she came straight to me, looking a little dishevelled, make up smeared and I could see something wet on the side of her face and a little in her hair, I was just wondering what it could be when she grabbed me and kissed me hard, sticking her tongue deep into me, I could taste her, and I could taste him in her mouth. She drew back and said ‘Let’s go, I’ve lots to tell’ and without looking back we almost ran out of the store, not looking to see where he was, and headed back to the car as quick as we could.

In the car she could see I was expectant to hear the details, but just turned to me and said ‘wait until we get home’ so we left and drove back to hers as quick as was legally possible.

Once we were in and in her room sitting on her bed this is what she told me;

‘I followed him into the changing area and into one of the cubicles and he immediately started to kiss me, he had his hands on my breasts and was touching me, my nipples were hard and I was very wet, he was pressing himself against me and I could feel his hard cock through his jeans pressing against me. He put his hand on my shoulder and almost pushed me down on my knees and I knew what he wanted, so I unbuckled his belt and his jeans and I could feel the heat and hardness of his cock through the material of his boxers and then I pulled them down too and his thick hard cock was there, stiff and hot touching my face, so I took it in my hand and used the tip of my tongue to lick the tip, I could taste his pre come, warm and salty, and then he almost thrust his big hard cock into my mouth and I was sucking him. I could feel my wetness soaking through my panties and really wanted to have him fuck me but he was holding my head and feeding his cock in and out of my mouth, almost making me gag with the size of it sometimes, I could hear that he was excited, by his breathing and the thrusting of his hips as my lips and tongue worked up and down his cock, then all of a sudden he said my name and I could feel his cock twitch and pulse in my mouth and he held my head and started to cum in my mouth, three, four, five big hot spurts of his creamy, salty cum filing my mouth, I tried to swallow it all but couldn’t and had to pull his still spurting cock from my mouth to breathe, and he continued to shoot on my face and in my hair too. But his cum was delicious and I swallowed what I could and looked up at the ecstasy on his face as id made him cum so quick he must have been gagging for it.

I stood up, and was slowly wanking his cock still, it was softening slightly, but I said to him in a quiet voice that I wasn’t going to let him get away with just that, as I had to tell him out there a proper story and not just a quick blow job one, so I wanted him hard again and I wanted to be fucked, hard and fast. At this, I felt him stiffen up again and enjoyed seeing the size of his cock swell in my hands. He lifted my top off, and released my tits from my bra without taking it off, he then was licking at my nipples and his hands were squeezing and playing with my tits really turning me on. I undid my trousers and slipped them down along with my panties and immediately felt his hand slip between my legs and feel how wet I was, soon enough the fingers he had inside me were soaked and if he kept that up I was likely to squirt on his hand.

He then quickly told me to turn around and bend forward facing the mirror in the cubicle, I could see myself, looking flushed and turned on, my breasts hanging down, legs apart, I could see him looking at my arse and between my legs, he was stroking his big cock in anticipation, then I saw and felt him move behind me, rubbing his hard cock up and down my very wet pussy, and even teasing my arse with the tip of it, but I knew that he was just going to fuck my pussy this time, so I said ‘Just fuck me, you can have my arse again next time’ this seemed to please him and I felt him slide his thick cock inside me right to the hilt, I could feel his balls against my thighs, I groaned quite load and then I felt one hand cup my tits and the other cover my mouth and he started to thrust in and out of me.

This was really getting me going and I knew I wasn’t going to last very long and was groaning at every thrust as I felt his cock deep inside me, his hand across my mouth stifling my noises, and that was turning me on too, being dominated by him in a way, his other hand was all over my swinging tits and pulling at my large swollen nipples, I could feel my orgasm building, and the more I moaned the more excited he got and the more his hand covered my mouth. I was almost there and the realisation that he was in me bareback but I was too far gone to care at that point and the waves of my orgasm were beginning to wash over me I could feel my wetness covering his cock and making my thighs wet too, I was thrusting back to him, meeting his thrusts forward, I could see him in the mirror, and my hands and face were pressed against it as I came and I bucked and deep groans came from my throat as my pussy contracted and milked his cock inside me. His thrusting increased as he knew I was Cumming, and he sped up and as I was just finishing the first wave I felt his cock swell inside me and could feel his hot cum squirting inside my pussy that set me off again and I started to cum again. He pulled out as he was still Cumming shooting some onto my pussy and arse from behind and the last squirt landed on my back as he held my hips and rubbed his wet slippery thick cock along the crack of my arse. I then span round, dropped to my knees again and took his cock back in my mouth to clean him off, the sensation was too much for him and he was panting wildly and had to sit down as I took his now softening cock in my mouth and squeezed the last drops of his hot cum out. Satisfied I stood up, pulled my trousers up fixed my bra and put my top back on, and I looked in the mirror I could see the flush of my orgasms on my face and even some cum in my hair, but I knew I needed to leave and see you at that point not knowing how long we’d been in here, so I made sure I had no visible cum on my face straightened out the best I could, lent down and kissed him quickly and said ‘until the next time’ and left the changing room and saw you waiting, so excited, I knew what I would tell you would blow your mind, as well as your balls. So grabbed you, kissed you and said lets go right now….

So there I was on her bed kissing her in-between her telling me this, my cock is hard and leaking like never before. ‘Did you enjoy’? She asks. ‘Oh yes baby’, I reply, and she pushes me back onto the bed, mounts me, guiding my cock into her very wet pussy and rides me hard. I can feel the wetness and see it dribbling down my cock on every thrust, knowing why her pussy is so wet is so hot and I say I’m not going to last long! ‘Neither am I’ she says and starts to cum on me, this is the final thing I can take and I also erupt inside her, Cumming what feels like liquid fire the sensation is amazing.

We lay together after, touching and kissing each other, I tell her I love her more than anything, and she replies ‘it’s my turn to live out my fantasy next time..’