14 Dec 2015

I have just got back from a 4 day conference in the Midlands at first I thought it was going to be a right boring affair there where around 70 of us typical conference style, big meeting then breakout sessions for us all to get to know eachother etc etc I was in a group of around 15 people nobody stood out from the crowd so to speak but I did get talking to Gillian who was around 47 married but good to talk too, at dinner we had tables of 10 and I was seated next to Gillian over dinner Gillian was hitting the red wine a bit and I asked her if she minded being away from her husband, well not sure if it was the drink but she went on to tell me she thought he was having an affair as he had gone off sex and had not touched her in months.

At the end of the meal I suggested we get a drink in the bar before making our way to our rooms, so large brandies later Gillian asked me to walk her to her room as she did not want to be walking the corridors alone at night, while we had a good time talking the way she dressed was very conservatism long dress past her knees and a jacket on that showed nothing.

When we got to her room Gillian invited me in for a coffee or a drink so in I went well she headed straight for the bathroom and told me to pour her a brandy out of the mini bar.

Well when she came back into the room she had taken off her jacket and she had a fantastic pair of tits in fact she asked me what i was staring at, all i could say was blimy you have kept them well hidden for the night they must have been 38G ( in fact was a 36DD, she told me later ) I could not take my eyes off them and said her husband must be a fool, she asked me if I was a boob man well most of us are but said i like other areas too but would love them wrapped around my cock anytime it was here i thought i had pushed my luck too far , but she smiled and said yes i would like that and dropped the top of her dress, they where magnificent with nipples like organ stops must have been half an inch long, she said your turn now so wasting no time dropped my trousers and boxers to show a good semi and getting bigger , she said i was much bigger than her husband , she went to get some baby oil from the bath room and told me to sit in the chair after applying a liberal amount of oil to her cleavage she knelt in front of me and wrapped her boobs around my cock and started to wank me off looking from my cock to my eyes , it was a fantastic sight I lasted about 10 minutes before shooting a large amount of spunk over her face and onto her neck and boobs , I was very proud of myself in fact she just carried on wanking me until i was dry she then started to lick my spunk from round her mouth and rub what was left over her tits and nipples in only a couple of minutes she shuddered to a massive orgasm. She then asked me to leave her as she had never done anything like that before and needed her bed.

more to follow if you like it ?