Written by Going Insane

6 Aug 2019

We had been married 5 years when Gilly, my wife returned to work after starting our family. She adapted to the corporate life again and was quickly promoted and paid accordingly. It was her that suggested to me that her sexual freedom was the only thing missing. I made a gut wrenching decision and told her do what she felt she needed to do.

Gilly almost immediately exercised her new freedom. In hindsight, I am sure she had this person in mind and just wanted me as a husband to approve so she was not cheating. She has never held anything back or hidden her extra sexual activities from me. So I have enjoyed her liaisons with other men and felt all the angst and mental torment which drives me to love my lady even more.

From the start she never stayed hooked to any lover for very long. She liked the chase, the catch and then moved on. Her quests made her even more horny, dirty minded and sexually wicked which for both of us is unreal and cannot be understated. All this in our marriage still makes me squirm with pleasure when I think about it.

This happened probably about a year after Gilly first started seeing others. We had a friend, David, who although about 10 years older than us was a very fit, competitive and an extremely charming man. Although married he was very fond of the ladies and had numerous affairs. We used to meet up with him occasionally for a drink and a chat. His favourite topic of conversation was women and sex. My wife loved it and he seemed to enjoy talking sex with a female audience, especially as she openly flirted with him.

It wasn’t long before she made it known to him that she was available and started sleeping with him. He was the first man that I knew personally that she was having sex with so it was different. She didn't tell him that I knew, she never told any of her lovers.

A few weeks after she first had sex with him we were to meet him for a drink. I was a little reluctant to go as I said I would feel a bit awkward sitting there knowing they had been screwing. At my wife's insistence we met up with him. Gilly can be very persuasive and I had to sit there acting like I didn't know what was going on. My wife then put him on the spot by asking him who his latest sexual conquest was. He looked a bit taken back and replied that he couldn't say as he promised to keep it secret. She started asking what she was like and if the sex was good. Although a little hesitant at first he must have realised that she was trying to get him to talk about their sex life in front me and he soon warmed to the task as my wife asked him very intimate questions about his latest adventure.

By this time my heart was pounding and my stomach was in my mouth as with Gilly’s encouragement and coaxing, he told me in intimate detail exactly what he had done with her. Of course, he still had no idea that I knew who he was talking about. He went on to describe what she wore for him with details like high shoes/black stockings and suspenders/short black skirt etc. He told me that she was a really good fuck and described all the positions and locations he had fucked her in. With her careful questioning he told me that they were fucking bare back (which I knew). She even got him to describe to me the first time he slipped his cock into this woman (Gilly). By now he was enjoying it and really getting into his stride.

She coaxed him into telling me that this woman had said her husband wasn't very well endowed (I'm 6.5 inches so not that bad but I played along) and she needed to be with a guy who could give her a hard fucking. I remember one of the last things he told me was that after sex he liked to lie with her fondling her tits and watching his cum dribble down her thighs. I nearly came in my trousers, right there in the bar.

All through this I had to pretend I didn't know who he was talking about and try to look like I was enjoying the conversation. It was incredibly humiliating but at the time really exciting. My wife really looked like she enjoyed herself and to cap a truly memorable evening she gave me the ultimate choice. She said as I had to be at work early the next day, if I wanted I could go home early and she would get a ride home with David.

In other words "if you go home now I will fuck him tonight--you choose"

I went home alone.

When my wife eventually got home she told me that listening to her lover telling me what he had done to her was a real turn on. She also told David after I had left that the more graphic he had become then the hornier she had become. She told him that he just had to fuck her. When they left the bar in his car she sucked his cock as he drove to our house. She had to stop a number of times as he was ready to explode. Then he stopped and fucked her in the playground carpark at the end of our street.

My wife continued to see him, which wasn't difficult. He owned some holiday properties in town and was refurbishing one them. As I worked shifts she had plenty of opportunity. She arranged for us to meet him for drinks again and told me that if I wanted any more details of what she did with him then I would have to hear it from him. Only this time I would have to ask the questions and not her. At this time I was riding an emotional rollercoaster. It was a mix of incredible jealousy and intense excitement all rolled into one.

As I said before my wife could be very wicked in a sexy way and sensing my mental turmoil would add to it by making me make decisions about what she should do. For instance, she was playing with my cock one night and asked me if I thought she was a naughty girl. When I said “yes” she asked me if I would like her to get David to spank her. She knew the mental turmoil I would suffer and that I would have to say yes.

Two weeks later we met with David again for the drink. As we entered the bar Gilly reminded me that if I wanted to know more then I had better ask the right questions.

So after the initial small talk and with my heart pounding and my hands shaking I asked him how things were going with his new woman.

He told me that she was the horniest bitch he had screwed and she could not get enough of his cock. He said she loved to dress like a whore for him and she would sit astride him his cock buried deep inside her and she would be shouting "fuck me fuck me!"

He told me that she had beautifully suckable tits, a gorgeously tight little cunt and that she had told him that she loved the feel of his cock inside her.

He told me about one day when she bent over a kitchen bench. Her skirt riding up showing her stocking tops. She then started wiggling her arse to him. He went up behind her pulled her thong to one side and slid into her very slowly. He fucked her against the bench. When he finished and pulled out his cum ran down the insides of her legs. He ran his fingers through it and picked some up and feed it to her. She sucked his fingers and told him how good it tasted.

But things happen and David’s wife found out he was cheating but not who with. He was give the choice of an expensive divorce or to behave himself and he chose the later. A few months later they moved so he was out of our lives. Which was a real shame.

With all the guys she saw after this we never managed to recreate the same set of circumstances. Gilly has never let me watch her in action, which I suppose would be the ultimate torment. However she was quite inventive and found other ways to torment and excite me.

With another guy she was seeing she offered me the chance of a cheap thrill. She told me to wait outside a certain shop at a specified time in shopping centre about 20 miles from home. I went and waited. About 10 minutes later she turned up arm in arm with her latest lover. They quickly disappeared into a sex shop which was 2 doors down from where she had told me to wait. She gave me a quick glance but never made eye contact. It was only enough to acknowledge I was there. Of course her lover never knew me or what I looked like. I was just another person standing in the street. I followed them in and discreetly watched her choosing things that he was buying for her. They bought crutchless panties, a fishnet body suit and a vibrator. She would wear the clothing for him and they would use the toy to add to their sex romps. I just loved that, it sent my mind into a whirl imagining what they would do with it.

With another lover who was particularly well built, she made a clay model of his cock which she kept on my bedside table. This was a reminder for me to know what she was getting when she was with him.

She has also made me go and buy her condoms for her and she would say things like "bring ribbed ones because I like the feel of them inside me."

Not surprisingly we never told any of my friends about our lifestyle however my wife had a very close girlfriend who she told about our adventures. This girl was like a soul sister and knew every detail. She so much wanted the same for herself but just couldn’t get the courage to act it out with her husband. Whenever this girlfriend came round to our place I would be really embarrassed and keep out of the way. My wife found this most amusing so she devised a plan to give me an excruciatingly humiliating experience.

In her usual way she gave me a choice. If I wanted her to go out and play that weekend then I would have go into town and buy some lingerie for her from a specific shop. The problem was her friend managed that very shop! So I ended up in a lingerie shop with her friend helping me choose underwear that she knew my wife was going to be wearing for another guy. So humiliating and exquisite torture.