Written by Tom

21 Feb 2013

My girlfriend is getting into glamour modeling and had an interesting recent shoot to say the least! She has been doing it for a year or so but does not do topless yet, just implied topless as they call it. She is 5ft 3in with 34C boobs and brunette hair. The shoot was a standard shoot for her, hands over breasts and laying down to cover them up. At the end of her shoot another model, a few years older and known was due to be shot next when she asked if my girlfriend would like to do some shots together. She agreed and changed her bikini while the girl started her shoot.

When she came back the girl was topless and called my girlfriend over. She had D cup's and was a blonde. She immedietly cuddled up to my girlfriend and their bodies rubbed together which gave my girlfriend a tingling feeling all over. The model turned round and took my girlfiends hands and placed them on her boobs for a few shots. This shocked my girlfriend and started to make her moist and had her nipples like bullets. The girl was taking the lead and took off my girlfriends top and now their bare boobs rubbed together and my girlfriend moaned. The model giggled and said someone's horny making my girlfriend blush.

For the next 20 minutes the girls got into a variety of senual poses with my girlfriend touching and being touched all over. THe shoot ended with both girls naked but for their heels but not showing their pussy. The final shot was the model behind my girlfriend with one arm across her boobs and the other across her pussy. They were in the pose for a minute or so and the models hand moved closer to her lips and then out of view slipped her finger along her gash which was soaking and made my girlfriends legs almost buckle. She whispered in her ear I can't wait to get you in the changing room. The shoot finished and they went to the changing room my girlfriend walking ahead of the model. When they got in the model locked the door my girlfriend just stood there in her dressing gown knowing what was going to happen.

The model rushed over and grabber her and started to kiss her passionately. She pulled open her gown and grabbed her pussy roughly and slipped her finger up her. My girlfriend was in a daze and came immediately moaning as load as she could with a tongue stuck in her mouth. The model broke away and took off her robe and lay on a couch telling my girlfriend to get between her legs and lick her. She was hesitant saying she'd never done it before, the model giggled and said don't worry just do what comes natually. She spent 5 minutes licking her slit and making her moan then the model pulled her up and lay her down. She got between her legs and licked my girlfriends pussy for all it was worth my girlfriend trying not to scream as she wanted to so much. She had another couple of orgasms and ejaculated for the forst time ever. The model then got up lay on my girlfriend and started to finger and kiss her my girlfriend doing the same. They lay there writhing, fingering and kissing each other for another 15 or 20 minutes ograsming numerous times.

They dozed off for a bit but were woken by someone trying to get into the room. They quickly got dressed not really speaking as another couple of models had come in to get ready. When I got home she had had a bath then sat down and told me everything. I was bursting out of my trousers and fucked the shit out of her as I was so horny, We spent the night having hot sex until we were both shattered. My girlfriend reckons she can get in touch with the girl and would like to do more shoots with her and hopefully bring her home for a night!!!!