16 Feb 2017

This goes back to the mid 1980s, the days before digital photography.

I had just gained promotion and my company wanted me to move north from what we called then the Home Counties. My wife who was 28 would have to find a new job, this was not an easy time for employment, when is!! After a couple of months of having no joy we were out to dinner with some friends we had made when the subject came up and how we were looking at all options. Nathan said that a friend of his was off to New Zealand and giving up his photography business. We had both been keen photographers and the spark of an idea formed.. ...A few weeks later we were meeting Nathans friend and making him an offer for his business. One of the things he had started as well as the usual portfolios for up and coming models was "Glamour Days" and this seemed to have the potential of a good little earner. Using the aspiring models he opened the studio at weekends for amateur photographers to learn glamour photography.

We found suitable premises with an office, changing room and two studio areas and advertised the first Glamour Day. We limited the places to 4 photographers and booked 4 models for 1 1/2 hours each. Lingerie, topless, art nude and erotic nude.

The places were soon taken and the first Saturday arrived. First session went well, then the phone rang, second model had backed out. Nothing for it Jules, my wife would have to step in, initially she said "no way" but we had little choice. I kept things running while she shot home, changed and grabbed some undies. After the first session we had planned a tea break, I was chatting to the photographers who seemed pleased. They were looking forward to the second model for the topless session. Jules made it back just in time and disappeared into the changing room to dump her stuff. She stepped into the studio in a flowery dress, nails hair and makeup done with lots of her 38D cleavage showing.

To be continued if enough people like it.