Written by Naughty trucker and wife

12 Oct 2017

Following on from Ali having spent a weekend as a sub fuck toy for dean and his friends, all went quiet for a while on the sex front, Ali wasn’t so keen on meeting new guys, and I was becoming concerned as she was going off sex at home too. Then suddenly out of nowhere I get a text as I’m driving along in my truck, 100s of miles and several days from home. “ I’ve met a new guy online, he seems exactly what I’ve been looking for, and I’ve asked him round later when the kids are asleep. Hope you don’t mind”

Any fellow truckers will know that we spend way too much time thinking as we sit alone for hours and days at a time, this day was no different. Wtf is she doing I thought, this is meant to be a fun thing for us to share as a couple.. despite my worries I was going to change nothing and influence less..

“ ok if it’s what YOU want, but please keep in touch and keep me updated through the evening as to what’s happening so I know you are fine..”

I got in return “ xxx my pussy is throbbing xxx”

I had several texts from Ali through that evening and into the early hours, she sent many pictures, all where she was fully dressed, then out of nowhere I get a pic of some guys rock hard and very impressive cock, then another of his two large rough hands. And several smiley face things.

It went quiet and I fell asleep, when I woke I had two pics, one of Ali totally naked laying on the sofa smiling up at the camera, and one of Ali lay clearly masturbating herself with one hand and stroking the guys huge dick with the other. I immediately text Ali asking if she had had fun and a good fucking, NO was the simple answer, “ I have not picked him for me, I have picked him for you, so hurry home you sissy bitch I have some surprises planned”. I am still two days from home and my mind is in overdrive, and surprisingly my dick is like an iron bar. It was a long tough two days to get home, a lost count of how many times I wanked myself off on the journey..

Whilst parking my truck I messaged Ali to say I would be an hour, her answer shocked me, “ get a shower at work, make sure you are spotless, come home wearing only overalls and boots, and do not even consider coming home before 10pm.. and yes bitch 10pm means 10pm.”

Ok so now I have 3 hours to kill, and much of it was filled looking through my many pics of Ali playing flashing and teasing, and after a great wank, a shower and a good close shave all around downstairs it was time for Home..

10pm exactly I unlocked the door and walked in, Ali was in an outfit I’d never seen before, thigh high lace up boots, very shiny very high heeled and black, a black crotchless pvc body/ corset thing with chains from her pelvis to her breasts, and a collar around her neck. WaoW fuck you look hot I said, she simply smiled and ordered me to put my work bags away, get her a red wine and come into the bedroom.

At this point I am thinking it’s just me and Ali as kids are at grannies.. until I walked into the bedroom.. here stood chris, about 6ft2 muscular build but bald.. Ali isn’t into bald guys.. I am instructed to sit on the bed and shut up. So I did.

Chris was now hanging something from the top of our bedroom doorway, Ali was licking her lips and happily stroking her pussy as she watched..

once chris was finished I asked what it was, he and Ali both hissed at me to shut the fuck up. So I did. Ali moved from the bed to a chair in the corner of our room, then ordered me to strip naked and lay face down on the bed.

Once I was naked and lay on the bed, chris grabbed my hair and pushed me face down on the bed and ordered I keep my eyes closed and face tight buried..

I was now getting confused. But did as instructed, chris was now giving orders to Ali as to where to put cuffs and restraints etc and she was placing these on me as she was guided. One the ankle cuffs were on, a long metal bar was attached, preventing me from closing my legs, then a blindfold was placed on my eyes and my head pushed back into the pillows, it went very quiet for a while, I knew they were still in the room as I could hear them breathing. Then I jumped as hot liquid was poured on my back and down my butt cheeks and all down my legs. Then I could feel Chris’s hands begin massaging me and was just laying enjoying it when I felt another pair of hands join in, I was guessing these were Ali’s hands but didn’t dare ask. The newer hands were really focussing on my upper and inner thighs and the crack of my ass, I was amazed how horny I was becoming as the hands and fingers teased my virgin asshole. Soon enough I felt chris sit squarely on my wide open legs, and his huge rough hands began massaging me again, then he moved and I could feel his rock hard cock sliding up and down the crack of my ass, then it was gone again,

Whoahhhhh what the fuck I thought as the cold sting of an ice cube was placed squarely on my anus, and held there for what seemed a lifetime, then an even bigger whiahh as it was removed and something was dripping onto my Abu’s and cheeks, fuck it was hot.. I now know it was hot wax, and then without warning my head was lifted and turned, and Chris’s huge cock was placed in my mouth, I could sense Ali with her face next to mine, and she said “ open wide you cock sucking slut. Do not suck or lick it, just keep open and feel your mouth being fucked” I think when I was almost gagging after a long while they became bored and decided a change was needed.

I was pulled from the bed still trussed like a turkey, still with wax hanging from my back and my ass.. still with my legs held open with the bar.. Ali and Chris moved and adjusted the restraints, and then Chris physically lifted me off the ground, and I could hear him telling Ali which bits clip where. Then suddenly he let me go, after my initial panick which made the other two laugh, I realised I was being suspended in mid air and guessed it was what chris had been fitting in the doorway. I was face upwards, knees on my chest but ankles in different counties. Hands firmly bound behind me under my back,

Ali started swinging me gently back and forth and soon enough as I reached her, I realised my face was connecting with her shaven pussy, and following her instructions I was soon pushing my tongue all the way in her pussy and then I was gone again, soon enough it was chris who was where Ali had been. And as I arrived each time I had his cock sliding into my open mouth.

Ow OW Fucking OW as I felt something hard and flat connect with my bare ass as I reached one end and then a hard cock hitting my throat at the other, my cock was so hard and I was almost ready to cum when that poor bugger got a thwack or two and vanished.. suddenly the cock was replaced with Ali again, her pussy was absolutely dripping and swollen, so I knew she was as turned on as me,

She suddenly spoke to chris and clearly demanded he use a condom, now Ali hates condoms with a vengeance so I kinda knew where this was going, but as I was tasting my wife at every swing, and as horny as a polecat myself, I fugured I may as well enjoy losing my anal virginity..

Ali vanished from my tongue but chris kept slowly pushing me back and forth. Suddenly I felt Ali start smacking my ass again with whatever she was using, now she knows having my ass spanked sends me so horny, then she starts applying some lube between my ass cheeks and gently working in onto my anus, then slowly bit by bit she is inserting what I thought was one of her vibrators into me, then I’ve realised she is wearing a strap on, after a few minutes she is sliding me on and off her new penis and spanking me each time it enters me, but as quick as she started she has stopped, I could hear her and Chris kissing beside me, and she complimented him on his huge cock, I felt chris move between my ankles, and then Ali was back at my head end. She began rocking me gently and ordering my tongue onto and into her pussy. Then wham.. for the first time in my life I have a guys cock rammed balls deep into me, it was so different to how I’d imagined,

“ how do u like that you naughty little bitch” asked Ali?. Well by the fourth or fifth time of him ramming into me, my own cum erupted without warning and flew everywhere, I’d no idea I could cum so much.. Ali roared with glee, chris took his cock out of me when I’d stopped cumming, removed my mask, but left me tied and hanging, he took hold of Ali and stuck his now bare cock in her mouth, he fucked her mouth hard and fast, and wasn’t long before I could see him empty his load in Ali’s mouth. She then turned to me held my mouth open and dribbles his cum into my mouth.. “ you will make me a good little cum dump bitch” she said, I simply smiled as she and Chris walked out of the room. About an hour later Ali returned and said Chris had left, and asked if I wanted releasing, well my simple “YES” only got me a severe spanking. Eventually I figured that Yes please Madam was the correct answer..

Ali has often tied me into the swing and allowed other males to enjoy me, although she prefers bi guys so she still gets lots of cock, and I am still her regular cum dump bitch for when she has sucked and fucked them dry..

Although the time she came home and caught me with a bi fuckbuddy of hers and me in her undies in the swing was a very very sore experience....

More if ya want them..