Written by databoy

9 Dec 2016

as per my posting on here regards persistence with wife on getting a 3 sum Debra requested another meet but she wanted to be in control and choose the guy. I was a little surprised by this as i thought it would take longer for her to realise that this was a good thing for our marriage and sex life and was in full agreement with her. We sat down and discussed what she would like to do and how to go about her choosing the partner that she wanted. She discussed with me that she would like a younger man who would be able to last longer but she didn't want to upset me. I ensured her that this wasn't a problem and it was all about pleasing her. She then mentioned that there was another guy who worked on the shop floor of the works where she worked in the office who she quite fancied the look of. She had heard stories about what he gets up to at the weekend etc as the gossip went round the offices and he always had a little flirt with her when he had to visit for paperwork etc. I advised her to ask him when she could but she had to be confident that he wouldn't gossip to anyone about it other wise it wouldn't happen.

Anyway as the days went by she did finally manage to chat to him as she went to the pub at lunch time and he was in there and she took him to one side and just asked. Now this was coming from the woman who a few weeks ago wouldnt entertain the idea but after one session she was a bit brazen to be honest.

The night was set and we were going to meet at a hotel away from the area and proceeded to arrive there late afternoon and meet the guy who we shall call Sam in the bar area. We checked in to the hotel showered and spruced ourselves up and then made our way to the bar to meet Sam. We sat there having a drink and then Debra said to me "he is just coming through the doors" and i looked up and saw a guy about 23 years of age average height but obvious he looked after himself and was dressed smartly and quite good looking. he walked over to us and Debra introduced me to him and i shook his hand and offered him a seat. Once sat down we chatted about this and that and then we got around to why we were there and i began proceedings with "are you ok with this, and can i trust you to keep quiet and everything that happens in this hotel stays in this hotel" these were the rules that i said applied to which he replied yes on all accounts. We continued to chat and have another drink and then Debra said she would retire to the room and for us to come up in 15 mins to which we agreed.

Whilst we were still downstairs i spoke to Sam and told him that he needed to have stamina with Debra as that is what she was looking for and if she asked to stop then we must obey her wishes at all times if we are to enjoy and maybe repeat the event. At that we stood up and went to the room and i let us in with the key card and we both walked in and Debra was there on the bed waiting dressed in a black underwear set complete with stockings, suspenders and black high heeled shoes. Well this was a sight to stir the loins of any man and by the bulge forming in Sams trousers he certainly approved and he made a move towards the bed. Debra stopped him and said " strip first i want to have a look at you and what you have got and see if the stories are true. At that Sam stripped quickly and once he pulled his boxers down Deb let out a sound of mmmmm and said "yes its true" and i looked over and Sam had a large cock about 8" in length and quite a girth on it as well. " join me on the bed" Deb said and Sam moved in and kissed her hard on the lips and Debra grabbed hold of his cock and began to feel him up and down and giving his ball sack a squeeze every now and then. By this time i was in the corner of the room and stripped wanking my cock just watching the event unfold.

Debra was now wanking Sams cock hard and telling him that he had to last and please her and at that Sam decided to pull away and move down to Debs pussy where he pulled the panties to one side and began to lick her quite vigorously which she loves and i could see that she was wetter than ever as the juice glistened on Sams mouth and fingers as he entered them into her. Debra was holding his head and grinding him into her pussy and saying "lick it hun, taste me tell me i taste good" well Sam couldnt answer as she had pushed his head so hard into her pussy. As this went on for about 5 mins and Sam was licking and eating her pussy for all his might and then Debra let out a long moan as she experienced an orgasm and her hips began to rise and Sam did well to keep his head in the same place to bring her to fulfilment.

Sam moved away from her pussy and positioned himself on the edge of the bed and pulled Debra to him and pushed his cock straight into her and she let out a gasp as he pushed in and out. " please fuck me hard Sam I want it hard" and Sam began to pump in and out of her at a steady pace and Debras body was moving with the motion. He was pumping like this for about ten minutes and Deb was loving every minute of it and he then lifted her legs up and over his shoulders and held the small of her back so she was raised off the bed slightly and then began to pump hard and fast into her for about 10 strokes and then slow down for the same amount and then speed up again and he kept this going for at least 5 mins and Debra was now beginning to writhe around a bit as this must have been having an erotic effect on her. Sam completed a set of 10 fast strokes on her and then said " i am going to cum where do you want it" and Debra said " cum in me i want to feel your cum in my pussy" and sam pumped as hard and fast as he could and after about a minute he let out a loud groan and tightened his buttock cheeks and shot his cum into Debs pussy and she joined him in another small orgasm and Sam just lay there on top of my wife. Once they had both recovered Sam pulled out of her and I could see that he had shot an awful lot of cum into her as it was dripping down from her pussy and into her ass crack and then onto the sheets beneath.

this was too much for me and i moved over and set myself between her legs and entered her pussy with my own cock and the sensation of sloppy seconds felt very good if i say so myself and i only lasted about 2 minutes before i filled her cum soaked pussy with my own load.

Debra lay on the bed well and truly fucked and had enjoyed every minute of the meeting and we sat and chatted for a while before Debra Kissed Sam and said " thanks for what you have done and now i am having a shower to clean up" and she went into the bathroom. I told Sam that that was his Que to leave and he got dressed and before he was about to leave i reminded him that it was our secret and it should stay that way and he confirmed that to me and was hoping for another meet sometime to which i told him maybe you never know.

We have discussed what happened and Debra has said that even though she enjoyed it she will only ever do it on a arranged basis and not too often. That is ok with me!