Written by Ron&Maureen

6 Sep 2017

Once again, thank you for the lovely comments. We would like to dedicate this post to jess&Ben who we hope will also enjoy this recollection of one of Maureen's recent encounters. We always like to read everyone's comments,as being new to this scene we appreciate the words of encouragement and advice.

This is what happened when Maureen went on one of evenings out with friends recently. If any of you remember, I ended our last post saying how we had talked about how to possibly move things along a bit and how if Maureen met anyone that she wanted to bring home then I was happy to go along with it as long as I knew about it and was there (mainly so I knew that she was safe).

Well back to the recollection of that evening. Please forgive me if at times things go a bit lacking in detail, but I am trying to remember as accurately as possible the events of that night.

Maureen went out with her usual group of friends. Since meeting Tom and experiencing the new life she has lately her confidence has grown and this has been reflected in the way she now dresses and acts. Yes, she is still a mother and grandmother, to those on the outside in our normal day to day life they would not know otherwise. But privately she is a sexy beautiful woman with needs that require meeting. Under the normal day to day clothes are now lacy underwear. When the weather is warm enough she will go in public without underwear now. She is now aware that men look at her in the street, glances of her cleavage and buttocks. For me I have to admit that I find it fantastic that my wife, the mother of our children, the grandmother of our grandchildren, still has the power to turn heads and men want to have sex with her even at sixty seven.

Anyway, I am rambling again, so please excuse me. Back to that night.

Maureen was out with her friends and there was some kind of university thing going on, not sure exactly, but there were several students in fancy dress. The bar had music and Maureen and her friends were having a few dances between drinks. Some of the lads kept going up and dancing around them. This gave everyone a chance to have a joke and swap chit chat. Back at their table some of the lads asked to join them and bought a few rounds of drinks. It seemed that the lads were impressed I guess at how these ‘grannies’ could keep up with young lads. Youngsters think they invented drinking! Maureen said that they bought some shots and expected the women to turn down drinking them but no chance, they showed them that they could hold their own.

Nearing the end of the night a couple of the lads were sat chatting to Maureen and Gillian, her friend she used to work with. Gillian said that she had better get off as her husband would be wondering where she was and the last bus to her house would be leaving soon. Gillian asked Maureen if she was OK and how she was getting home, as I had been known to pick her up in our car sometimes, but Maureen said She'll be fine, will get a taxis. The lads told Gillian that they would make sure that Maureen got a taxis OK.

It was when Maureen went to the toilet before leaving that she text me, saying “ Been chatted up, Be home soon x”. I replied “really? Invite him back if you like” it was Maureen's reply that jolted me. “ its two, not one, and they are uni lads”. I just replied “ and your point is? it's fine x”

Maureen was walked to the taxis rank, a lad each side of her. When they got there Maureen said “ thought you were going to see me home safely?”. The lads must have thought either they'd just see her home or all their Christmases had come at once, I expect that it's something they'd expect maybe from a young filly they had pulled but probably not from someone who is old enough to be their gran. In the taxis Maureen said she made sure that she was sat in the middle, thank gawd for the London style cabs being rolled out to taxis companies nationwide, normal cars are a bit cramped for three backseat passengers. Maureen said that she mentioned how warm she was, unbuttoning a couple of buttons on her blouse. A rouse to show off her cleavage. She said that she could feel their eyes burning into her flesh as they looked to see what they could see. Maureen said that during the journey home she had her hands of the leg of both of them, giving them a squeeze and a feel. She said she wanted to send out a message without it being too flirtatious or over the top.

I heard a taxis pull up outside and when the door opened Maureen walked in followed by two young men. Both around six feet tall, muscular, in jeans and t-shirt. When they saw me they seemed a bit taken back but I introduced myself and said you must be the kind gents who offered to see Maureen home, then offered them a beer. At first there was tension in the air, think the young men wasn't expecting Maureen to have a husband or that at least I wouldn't be there.

We chatted and found out that one was doing a photography course, the other some kind of computer programming, lost me there as I am no “techy”.

As I was nearing finishing my beer Maureen said that she needed to make herself more comfortable and went into the bedroom. A few minutes later she returned in her silk kimono gown. I offered the lads another beer, leaving Maureen to keep them company. From where she was sat they could clearly see Maureen body as the gown was fairly short and clingy. When I returned I said I was going to retire for the night, that they stay for a bit as Maureen probably isn't ready to go yet I expect. Then as I kissed Maureen goodnight I added, “I hope you have thanked them for being so gentlemanly in seeing you home?” then “ if not I hope you will”.

I went to our bedroom but left the door slightly ajar, just enough so I could open it later if what I was hoping may happen did. I didn't want to risk the lads freaking out or making a hasty retreat ,hence why I thought it best to retire. About five minutes later Maureen came into the bedroom, whispered “you OK with this? They may bottle it but if they don't I hope you manage to watch darling.”

She then went back out to rejoin our guests.I heard Maureen say that I must be tired as I was asleep already. Not true but I think she didn't want them to bottle out. I heard the radio go on, later I found out she did that to help muffle any noise I might make if I got up and moved about.

It was a painstakingly long wait, straining to hear anything from the lounge. About twenty minutes must have past and I thought I heard some faint moans. I slowly, gingerly,crept out of bed, tiptoed to the door, listening I could hear Maureen giggling and a male voice saying “that's good”.

I ever so slowly opened the door, just enough for me to get a view of the lounge.

Maureen had joined them on the sofa, her gown was open, her naked body being caressed by two pairs of hands.Maureen had their penises in her hand, slowly masturbating them. I watched as their hands stroked Maureens body, her breasts and stomach.I watched as one of them bent forward to gently suck on her nipple whilst the other caressed her pubic mound, his thumb finding her clitoris. Maureen let go of their penises so she could take her gown off. Now fully naked, she told them to get undressed. Soon all three were naked, then young men's penises erect and proud. Not large, more average but still impressive. As one stood in front of Maureen she took his penis in her mouth, cupping his scrotum, her head sucking on the bulbous tip. The other lad parted her legs so he could insert a finger into her vagina. Maureen's head bobbed up and down as she took pleasure in orally pleasing. The one fingering Maureen's vagina was obviously hitting the mark as she started to orgasam.

I think Maureen needed to be penetrated, as she pulled the lad from her mouth, got up and pushed him down on the sofa. Straddling him she took hold of his penis and lowered herself down. I watched as she guided this hound penis to her labia, watched as she pushed down allowing the head of his penis to part her labia, as his penis entered her vagina, filling her. She rode him, her hips thrusting into him, could tell she was using her pelvic muscles to “milk” the hard penis inside her silk sheath. I knew that from that position Maureen would be feeling the tip of his penis against her cervix. Maureen rocked as she made love to this young man. The other lad offered her his penis to suck,which she did. I knew it wouldn't take long for Maureen to orgasam again. And I was right, her head tilted and her body shook as she climaxed, very vocal as it hit her. I heard the lad say he was close, heard Maureen say inside,give it to me inside.

Then he did. I watched this young man ejaculate inside my wife sending her into another spasm of pleasure. I watched as his shaft glistened, trails of his sperm leaking out of Maureen's labia and down his shaft. Once fully spent Maureen climbed off him, a huge globule of thick sperm dripped out of her vagina and onto the carpet.I remember thinking I must clean the carpet in the morning. But Maureen wasn't finished, she wanted another penis to make love to her, to fill her, to.. fuck her. Yes that's what she wanted. To be fucked.

She leant over the sofa, presenting her rear, her vagina wet with sperm, her labia red and open. The other lad got in behind her, pushed, his hard length entering Maureen's vagina easily. This wasn't going to be making love I knew. This was pure sex, Maureen wanted it hard,deep,wanted to be filled. And he did. Long fast strokes, giving her his full length, his scrotum slapping against her buttocks, the other lad massaging his penis watching, urging his penis to recover. I watched, we watched, as my wife of sixty seven was pounded by a young man in his twenties. Watched as she clawed at the sofa, eyes closed, pushing back onto the penis plunging into her, she seemed to be in a constant orgasam, almost screaming, clawing at whatever was near her hands. The young man didn't need to be told where to ejaculate inside her, he knew it was a foregone conclusion, his pace quickened, I saw his buttocks clenching and knew that he was filling my wife with his sperm, his fertile young seed. Once over he pulled out, another load of sperm dribbling out onto the carpet.

Maureen needed to rest. Her vagina looked red and messy, but having just received two penises and accepted their sperm she could not be anything but messy.

I retreated back in case I was seen. It must have been about half an hour or so when I heard movement in the spare room. I heard the headboard banging against the wall. I crept out to take a look but the door was closed. I could only lay back in my bed listening. For the next hour I heard the telltale signs of the bed, cries of pleasure from maureen, that told me she was at the mercy of these two men. It didn't stop the whole time I was listening.

Later after it went quiet I heard a taxis pull up and the front door closing. Shortly after Maureen climbed into bed. Are you awake she asked. Of course I was. She apologised for the door being closed, one of them did it. I asked if she had enjoyed it. She had, but said one of them tried putting his penis in her anus, it hurt and although he managed to get the head in she couldn't bear it any further and made him stop.

I placed my hand down to Maureen's vagina, it was really wet and sticky. I kissed her, wanted her. Despite all what had happened Maureen didn't object or try to discourage me as I went down and kissed her stomach. I could smell semen on her, I didn't care, I wanted to make my wife orgasam, as my mouth went onto her pubic mound, my tongue running along her engorged puffy labia tasting her, still leaking semen.

Needless to say we slept in in the morning. A couple of days later there was a note on the rug, pushed through the letterbox. It asked Maureen if she would be willing to help with the photography course work, if so call him, and left his number , signed off simply as “Niall”. Maureen laughed and said at least she now knew one of their names.