Written by Wife watcher

1 Dec 2015

....and I saw her pussy lips open and glisten with juice.

Enough about the Arsenal, bloody predictive text, whenever did arse become Arsenal!

Michelle opened her legs and allowed her pussy lips to part and the masseur moved closer to her lips and massaged her thighs close to her pussy. He worked her inner thighs and flicked her now open and wet cunt, which was now widening as she got very horny. Michelle was breathing loudly and lifting her legs and at one point arched her back as he kept flicking his little finger over her pussy lips and onto her clit. Michelle groaned a couple of times as he let his finger stroke her clit and linger on her lips.

He never pushed inside though and kept up the teasing and making Michelle whimper. He moved his hands onto the top of Michelle's thighs and began to kneed her shaved pussy from the top. He started at the edges of her pubis and used his fingers to rub and kneed all around the top of her mound of Venus as he got closer and closer to her now wide open lips, as the disguise of a massage was completely lost as this guy was now kneeding Michelle's very wide and very open pussy.

He pushed his finger down the middle of her cleft and began to rub Michelle's clit and she opened her legs wide and her pussy opened up with her lips spread wide. He now began to finger the skin between Michelle's pussy and arse and gently slip a finger inside her anus as he rubbed at her clit making her gasp and groan. He inserted one of his fingers into Michelle's arse and with his same left hand pushed two fingers into her pussy. He then pushedhis little finger inside her bum also so he had two fingers up her arse and two fingers inside her pussy. His right hand was now openly frigging her clit hard and Michelle began to play with her tits and nipples, a sure sign she was going to come soon.

He rubbed her clit as he finger fucked her arse and pussy and his fingers now rubbed Michelle's clit hard and she began to groan she was coming.

Keep fucking your fingers up me you dirty bastard she shouted, I am going to come mmmmmmmm.

Michelle began to come and he fingered her harder and faster rubbing her clit as Michelle came she began to buck on the bed and shout she was coming. She came hard against his fingers and her pussy began to shoot jets and squirt against his fingers. She shouted she was gushing as she squirted her cum juice out of her pussy onto his wrists and lower arms.

I took out my cock and began to wank it and I stood up and moved towards Michelle's tits. I rubbed my cock against her very hard and aroused nipples which were sticking out hard and she shouted come on you dirty bastard shoot your hot spunk all over my tits.

This sent me over the edge and I shot my hot sperm all over Michelle's hard nipples and tits. I was wanking hard and shooting spunk all over her and she was loving it shouting go on love shoot your come on me then watch me fuck him him. Watch me fuck him and see him shoot his spunk deep into my unprotected cunt.

As I finished coming I turned and looked to my left to the see the guy lift Michelle's legs and begin to insert his rock hard and very veiny prick into Michelle's wide open cunt. He pushed in hard and fast, no pretence just a good hard fucking as his balls banged against Michelle's arse. He pulled Michelle down on the bed and rammed into her as Michelle shouted she was going to come again and keep fucking me.

He fucked her harder and harder and then very quickly began to judder as I watched him shoot his dirty hot Turkish spunk up into my wife's unprotected cunt. I told Michelle he was coming up her pussy and she began to groan and shout as she came against his cock shooting deep inside her. She shouted for him to jeep shooting up her as she could feel his spunk shooting up her hard.

I watched as his spunk drizzled out of her lips as he pumped up her and became frothy and creamy against her outer lips. He finished shooting and held his cock up her and I kissed Michelle hard on the lips and then looked at her as she mouthed thank you.

I looked at her pussy as he took out his softening prick and more sperm drizzled out of her large wide and very red well fucked cunt.

Her pussy was very swollen and covered in sperm as were her tits.

The guy pulled up his shorts and left the room and I kissed Michelle again and asked if she wanted me to clean her up. She knew what I meant and said, mmmm yes please then kiss me with it.

I went down on her sloppy, well fucked and cum filled cunt and began to kiss it and suck all the sperm and Michelle's pussy juice into my mouth. When I had cleaned her up I moved to her head and she opened her mouth wide and I drizzled the contents of my mouth onto her open lips and into her open mouth and when it was empty I kissed her.

Mmmmmmmm she said when I finished and I kissed her again and could taste all the come juices.

Hope you enjoyed coming with us and we hope you managed to actually come with us whilst reading this. Michelle would love to hear more of what you would like to do to her so don't hold back.