Written by Alan

26 Dec 2012


I am writing about an incident that happened just over a week ago.

I went into my sons school to speak with the headmistress about his teacher with whom he was having some problems. My wife Claire works at the school too as a lunchtime assistant but didnt want to go and have a confrontation with her boss about a teacher....she said it was awkward and asked if i could sort it.

I have always got on very well with Mrs K and she was always very pleasant towards me and indeed everyone, the children adored her although she did sometimes rule with a rod of iron.

She is about 5ft 6 id say with shoulder length black hair a size 14 ish figure and nice big boobs.

I made an appointment with her and turned up at the school later and she invited me into her office. I had always found her attractive and she always wore a straight black skirt and a white blouse with black patent heels....a sexy/naughty secratary sort of look that i love.

We discussed the issues and she reassured me that she would deal with them. The conversation then became very light hearted and she began to flirt with me. I remembered whilst chatting with her that the rumour mill had suggested that she had had an affair some time ago and i began to flirt back with her. It was now fairly late and most of the other staff inc teachers, assistants and the secratary had gone home and Mrs K went to make a drink and she also fetched some biscuits.

She now sat next to me instead of behind her desk and i was looking at her legs and looking at her boobs through the gap in her blouse. She noticed and said jokingly and in a flirty manner 'oh sorry am i gaping a little' and i replied by saying oh dont worry about it, i was enjoying the view...laughing at the same time to had my nervousness after what i'd just said.

She looked at me and said 'well i dont get many compliments thses days - so im glad you're enjoying it'! I replied by saying that im sure she gets lots of admiring glances with her good looks and sexy figure. She then said do you think i'm sexy then? and stood up and pushed her boobs out, i stood up in front of her openly now staring at her boobs as she looked at me and i said yes....you're very sexy!

She reached out and stroked her hand down the front of my chest and scratched my nipple with her nails so i reached out and squeezed her boobs. We started kissing and she grabbed my cock as i was slipping my hand inside her blouse and she whispered to me 'i want you'!!

She suggested that we left the school and booked in at a local hotel, saying that she'd follow me over there. I agreed and called the hotel there and then and booked a room and off we went.

I checked in and paid for the room and Mrs K followed me up to the room. As soon as we were in the room we tore each others clothes off whilst kissing and groping each other and she dropped to her knees and sucked my cock like a dirty whore.

I pulled her up and rammed my hand between her legs and felt her sloppy soaking shaved fanny for the first time and finger fucked her. She was creaming all over my fingers and then she pulled them out and sucked my fingers dry whilst looking at me, the dirty bitch i thought! I threw her onto the bed and licked her sloppy pussy and sucked her fat clit before moving up and slamming my hard cock right into her.

She screamed as i fucked her and she soon came and was begging me for my sperm and i duly squirted it all right up her sexy pussy. I pulled out and she sucked me clean. After a bit of sucking i was hard again and she was dipping her fingers into her spunky fanny and sliding a finger up her ass.

Mrs K was on her back and begging me to fuck her again and i did before she said to me 'pull out and fuck my ass big boy' so i pulled out and slowly pushed deep into her ass, she screamed and panted as i fucked her and she rubbed her clit until she came and then i filled her bum with my cream.

We both lay back and relaxed, until her husband called on her mobile and she said to him that she had got stuck with a parent and would be home shortly, and while she was on the phone to him i was sliding my finger up her ass and my thumb up her pussy finger fucking her and feeling my sperm deep up her.

She said she had to go but hoped that we could do it again sometime and i said i'd love it to be a regular thing if she fancied, she smiled and said she'd love it!

Since then we have been texting each other and we have arranged to meet up tomorrow lunchtime at the hotel to continue our fucking. She tells me that she loves dominant guys and wants to be my fuck slut.....I cant wait!!

I will keep you posted on our sexy antics.