17 Oct 2015

Page 1. It's early morning at home. I'm in my dressing gown making coffee and breakfast for my husband. He showers then comes downstairs to enjoy the coffee before he goes to work. He sits at the table legs apart and I catch sight of his knob as his dressing gown opens. My heart rate jumps as I'm getting turned on. I sit next to him and slide my hand up his thigh. But once again he takes my hand away and leaves. Feeling frustrated I turn to wash up not realising his father has been watching walks up behind me and puts his hands over my eyes. He grinds his growing knob into my ass through the dressing gown. I want him to lift it up and enter me as I push back to feel him wanting me. Then a voice comes down the stairs. It's my husband saying goodbye. Before I realised what had just happened his father disappeared and I was left feeling really horny but not sure what to do next. Page 2.. I went upstairs and looked in on my father in law but as far as I could see he was asleep. My mind racing my button throbbing I went for a shower. I soaped myself all over paying special attention to pussy and ass. The soap being used as a lubricant as I push a finger into my ass. I'm moaning forgetting we have a house guest. Or maybe not. Maybe I want him to hear as I play. Maybe I was only dreaming earlier. After all his father was a good looking man in his late 60's and had never shown interest in me before. I removed the head of the shower from the wall to rinse myself off. I spread my legs and let the water jet up over my pussy. To my surprise the jet was strong and found it massaged my button and I felt myself come. I continue to tickle my pussy some more as I begin to tremble and come even harder. P3... I wrapped a towel round myself and walked back to my room. I was just about to enter when I heard a noise coming from the spare room. I looked in and saw my father in law taking himself in hand as he lay there naked and very hard. He played hard then his eyes met mine as he saw me watching him. He told me that he had heard me in the shower and couldn't help himself. I just stood there transfixed on his cock. I asked if he had been my visitor downstairs earlier. He said he had but he wasn't sorry. He had ran off because he heard his son calling from the stairs. He said he should never have said no to me and he knew that I wanted to be fucked with the way I responded. P4.... He stood up walked towards me and slipped his hand round my waist taking off the towel. He kissed me in a way his son had never done. I weakened at the knees as he slipped his hand on my button whispering in my ear how much he wanted to taste my pussy. He pushed me to my knees and made me take his very hard cock in my mouth. He tasted good as I swallow his hands holding my head in his knob as he fucked my mouth. After a while he raised me up threw me on the bed and told me he was going to make all my dreams come true. He was going to worship my body to make me tremble with delight. P5..... He went between my legs parting my pussy lips and exposing my throbbing button as he rolled and flicked his tongue over me. I came over and over again. His cock was so hard big and long I knew it was wrong but I wanted him. Wanted him to fuck me. He knew that he was finally going to feel my pussy. He turned me over lay over me and his pushed his knob deep inside me. His thrusts were deep and hard his hands grabbing my hips as we moved as one. He rubbed his hands over my ass as me placed a finger to my ass and gently inserted it thrusting in time with his cock until he exploded inside me. I lay there hardly able to move as I recovered from such deep orgasms. P6...... He kissed me as I got up to leave and said his son should treat me better. I left feeling fully satisfied for the first time in ages. My husband came home from work. I was still turned on from my earlier encounter with his father and went to kiss my husband. He was not responsive. His father however noticed and came up took me from my husband and showed him what he had been missing as he raised my skirt while he kissed me playing with my button as he did. My husband was shocked but to my surprise I could see his knob grow as his father carried on. My husband stood up his knob straining to be released and and join in. It had been a dream of mine for some time to have the attention of two men to play with me. His father turned me to face his son who had now relieved himself of his clothes and stood before his wife with a huge hard on. He told his son to sit on a chair then told me to sit on his knob. I willingly did as I was told. My husband felt strong. His knob filled me, reaching deep inside of me. As I was enjoying the attention from my husband my father in law knelt between my open legs watching his sons cock thrusting deep inside me. He lent forward and licked my pussy as he watched his son. We were all loosing control my husband came as his father licked his hand wanking himself off. He could taste his sons seed as he took his cock from me. He stood up pushing his cock into my mouth as he came on my tongue. I swallowed his seed. I was pleased to say this wasn't the only experience I had with them both while he stayed with us. It turned my husband on and I benefited having two cocks to play with. He visited a lot more after that x