Written by Jerry & jeanie

22 May 2017

Me and my girl friend have a interesting sex life we like to try different things and are very open to listening to each others fantasies .

I few months ago a confessed i would love a bit of arse play with her , she never said no but i said i would be gentle , anyway after a bottle of wine we were kissing and i removed her lace panties and i made my may to her pussy , licking nice and gentle , i eased 2 fingers into her as i increased my tounge pressure on her clit , i moved her legs up and i licked between her pussy and arsehole , she was still moaning , so i stayed licking her arse and it tasted good , i started tickling her arsehole with my finger , a bit more foreplay and my finger was all the way in , she asked me to stop but to lick her clit as she was ready to cum , i dived in and 5 good minutes of clit licking and she was a happy bunny.

After 5 mins she wanted to satisfy me with one of her special blow jobs , all was going to script , like all men i love getting my cock sucked , normaly her signature move is holding my balls as she sucks me , but i felt a finger tickling my arsehole , payback i was thinking , but i was in cock sucking zone , then her finger was up my arse with a little bit of spit she went for finger number 2 and with a gentle rocking fingers up my arse technique and getting my cock sucked , l shot my load into her mouth , i was shocked my orgasm was so powerfull , it had to be the anal fingering .

Well lets fast forward this , we both are not strangers to arse play anymore infact , i fuckmy good lady up the arse , which she loves especially when i cream pie up her arsehole but there is more , ive been letting my missus fuck me with a strap on i tried a vibrator but me progressed to a strap on and i love it ,i come like a trooper but here is my dilemma the gym i go to one of my sparing partners is bi , hes got a good body and ive been having these thoughts , but i would like him to be my fuck buddy and fuck my arse , im sure hes up for it , but my sex life with my missus is amazing why cant i just be happy with what ive got , there again my gym buddy has a thick 7 cock ive clocked it when i was in the shower .

Any readers out there please give me some advice ..... what do i do ???