Written by Gary

16 Sep 2014

Well where do I start? Never written here before, read many a story, and enjoyed most, although some do seem a bit far fetched! But enjoyable all the same.

So I am Gary, 40, married to Emma 42, Emma is 5’9” size 14, 38D breasts, (always a focal point) Emma has jet black hair.

We have been married for 10 years now, and always enjoy a good sex life, 8 months ago I was fast approaching my 40th Birthday, Emma had been asking me what I wanted, I had shyed away from answering as I truly didn’t know, anyway one night in bed after a particularly good session, she asked again, I just blurted out that I would love to see her pull another guy, you could have heard a pin drop, then she started giggling, oh like the girls on your computer she laughed, oooops! Busted! Oh I said you know about that, not stupid she replied, so you want me to dress like a Tart and sit in a bar on my own for hours on end, it did seem a bit sordid when put like that, however no mistaking the rise in my manhood, actually I said no! not like a tart, I have always harboured an affection for sensibly dressed women, or the business look,

Skirt, blouses and jackets, at conferences, lap top under one arm, Costa coffee in the other, again a giggle when I mentioned this, well when I say giggle more like a hysterical laugh.

A couple of nights later, Emma said if that is what I really wanted she would give it a go, however at any point she felt uneasy she would simply bale out, fair enough I thought, we talked it over, trying to plan for every eventuality, if it was business look, then obviously weekend was out, also it should be a Hotel, not a sleazy one, it would need to be one that handles conferences, neither should it be too local, should we book her a room? Could be expensive! However every story on here has success first time every time so a room could be worth it.

We chose a Wednesday evening, a Hotel in a large town a half hour away, the rooms were expensive, but worth it I reckoned, Emma chose her outfit, a knee length cotton skirt, pale blue blouse, and jacket, undone, matching underwear, and tights, the skirt was a little tight, she does have a nice arse in my opinion but hips are a little wide, she was very nervous bless her, but we drove to the Hotel with me in a state of excitement.

I sorted a room, and she settled herself into the lounge area, legs together and both legs slightly to one side, laptop on pretending to type, note pad by her side, she was very good and portrayed a perfect business image, sadly though nothing came of it, so we went to the room and had great sex, mainly due to my aroused state and anticipation, we tried again a few nights later, still nothing, the rooms were expensive.

We decided to try a different approach, as she was now a little more relaxed, I dropped her off, no room booked and then went home, if I got a call to pick her up, then no luck! First time I got a phone call, so I went and got her, Emma was a little grumpy, maybe no one fancies me she said, look I said give it one more go, so a few nights later we tried again, I dropped her off, and went home, 7pm no call, 9 pm still no call, 11 pm I thought of calling her! No best not, 11:30 I drove to the hotel, no sign of Emma anywhere, 1 am no call, I drove home, , at about 1:30 I heard a car pull up, there were two in it, they were chatting then Emma climbed out, a little tipsy, but she made it to the door, and got it open, first thing I noticed was she looked like she had been dragged through a hedge backwards, there were more buttons undone on the blouse, no! the buttons were missing, she giggled and raised her skirt the cum was oozing through her tights, I gave him my panties with my number on she said! How many were there? Just one she said but he was insatiable.

I ripped what was left of the buttons off her blouse and had her tights down in a flash, and veryu soon added my cum to his, he wants to see me again said Emma…………………………………. Best not disappoint then