Written by honeyhole69

7 Aug 2013

I am Sara in my early 20s attractive long blonde hair with 36E boobs I have been having some fun with my Boss Dan at a recent works event at a well known exhibition where the Hotel had messed up my reservation I ended up sleeping in my Boss Dan's bed with him for 4 nights.

Since then we have had a couple of sessions in our MD's office and boardroom when he has been away on business, we do communicate in the office by e-mail so as not to make ourselves obvious as to what we are doing. If you would like to hear more of those adventures let me know and I will type them up for you to read !

This story is about a night we had out just recently, Dan is married and so am I my hubs works away a lot of the time so my time is my own quite often, Dan's wife Sue was away and after working late one Friday night we went back to Dan's House I went in the back way so his neighbour wouldn't see me.

I had bought a change of clothes with me from home Dan said wear something tarty we are going to have some fun tonight, I went for a shower as Dan stood watching me , I thought he might get in with me but he said no wait till later. I got out as it was a lovely warm evening I had decided to leave my bra off an slipped a white g-string

on and the only thing tarty I had was a clingy ribbed vest mini dress.

I went to show Dan he said that will be fine put some heels on and lets go I finished with a little bit of make up and some bright red lippy as Dan likes to see my lipstick around his cock. I went back out the back door and met Dan around the corner from his house he drove me out to a Pub he knew and we had some food and drink with me getting some comments from some of the regulars when I got up to use the ladies as to whether I needed any help in there and if I wanted a lift home and leave your boyfriend there !

It was beginning to get dark when we left as Dan drove and soon turned off down a track into a car park, we parked up and Dan flicked the light on I was thinking he wanted to see me we began to kiss and feel each other, he pushed the front seats back and let the windows down to keep us cool so I thought. We lay back kissing and he asked me to pull my top down so I slipped my arms out of the dress he began to roll my nipples between his fingers and was soon licking them covering them with his saliva and sucking on my nipples and boobs biting them making them stand up even harder than they were.

As I held Dan's face against my boobs I could feel his hands spreading my legs apart, I lifted my knees up as I couldn't see past Dan's head as his fingers ran along the inside of my thighs up to my g-string tracing around the outline of my string. I was feeling hot and very horny now and when a finger slipped under my G-string I took a gasp of air as Dan played with my boobs the finger found its way inside my hot, wet pussy another one soon joined it and began to slide in and out of me.

I was soon gasping in Dan's ear to get between my legs and fuck me, he said yes in a minute lets have this string off first I don't want anything in the way, my string was pulled off and Dan said you want me to fuck you do you - I said Oh yes more than anything !

Dan said close your eyes and I will help you out the car he told me he wanted me over the bonnet, so I closed my eyes he turned me facing the car and spread my hands out on the bonnet, my eyes shut I was pleading with him to fuck me he rolled my dress up around my waist pulling the top down so it was like a belt around me as I leant there on my 4" heels.

I felt Dan put a hand on my shoulder as he fed his long cock into my dripping pussy using his other hand then holding my shoulders he began to fuck me I was telling him ,harder, fuck me Dan ! oh please fuck me! Then he leant over to whisper in my ear for me to open my eyes as I did I suddenly realised we were not alone, I said to Dan did you know we have people watching us, he said that's why I bought you here Sara.

I said you dirty devil ,he said you know you love it your body is too good to keep hidden as he fucked me, Dan was getting close to cumming in me, I told Dan to play with my nipples as I was about to cum as he pulled on them I gave a groan leaking my cum juice over his cock. Then Dan soon followed by telling me he was going to fill me with his man juice by pulling my arse back against his belly and thighs groaning as he filled me up.

Dan then turned me around so the group of five men could see my body , he whispered to me I want you to pick out one guy who you are going to suck off as my eyes danced around looking at them all, he then told me I was to go to the men one by one let them touch me and help them to release their pent up frustrations however I choose. The 1st guy I went to on the right was in his 20's his cock out of his trousers I whispered to him he can touch me but he can't fuck me his face lit up at the words he pushed me back over the bonnet and began to bite my arse and lick between my arse crack he had 2 fingers inside my wet pussy then he moved closer and I could feel his hand stroking up against my arse.

I could feel his hand moving faster and him panting as I felt splashes of his cum spraying over my back and my arse, he said thanks love nice body !, as he moved away before I could turn around the next guy was upon me he turned me round so my wet arse was on the bonnet of Dan's car pushed me back against it legs apart then took my hands one on his hard balls as he placed the other hand around his thick shaft he said a bit gruffly to me to stroke him till he cums over my tits and tummy.

He was probably in his late 40's as I spat on my hands to rub his cock he took longer to cum and splashed thick spurts of cum over my tits as he shouted fuck that was good ya tart! I had to suppress a giggle as he turned away. I looked at the others and this time i headed for a good looking guy who was tall and dark skinned I stood on tip toe to whisper in his ear he grinned and pulled his jogging pants down and his cock sprang out at me I went over to him turned my back against his chest.

I looked at Dan who seemed to wonder what I was doing, I went on to tip toe as the guy helped me by bending his knees for me I put a hand behind me to feel his cock I opened my legs a little and slid my wet pussy over the top of his cock. My pussy was coating his dark cock with my juice making it glisten, he held my waist for a second to lean forward to say could he fuck me. I said no that's not the deal , I turned and this time I bent forwards from the waist forward and placed my lips along his shaft, stopping to give it a good suck every now an again he had good control and was holding my hair in his fist fucking my mouth .

With me bent over like this it must have proved too much as another guy came behind me to run a hand over my pussy and slide it through my wet juices and inserted a couple of fingers while his other hand felt and tweaked my nipples, at one stage I thought he was going to slide his cock inside of my pussy as I felt the head at my wet gaping hole when I felt my arse pussy and legs getting splashed with his cum.

I was now dripping wet with cum, hot and horny as I turned all my attention to the cock in my mouth, I licked ,sucked his cock while caressing his dark balls he was now trying to hold back from cumming as I gave it a few extra long and deep sucks into the back of my throat. I then heard him say Fuck lady I am cumming as he pushed more of his cock into my throat I tried not to gag as I swallowed his warm juice he held my head there until he had given me every last drop.

I stood up turned around to show everyone my empty mouth and that I had swallowed all his cum, he said lady that was good you can do that to me again anytime, Dan gave me a nod and I went over to the last guy I could tell he wouldn't last long after what he had seen he was the oldest guy there probably in his late 50's his cock was red and throbbing I turned with my back to him and rubbed my arse in circles over his cock he put his arms around me to feel my boobs squeezing them and within a minute or 2 he grunted as he splashed his cum up my back and over my arse.

He said sorry sexy ! I have been watching your arse with the other guys and that was the last straw I turned gave him a kiss on the lips and went back to Dan, he said show is over lads thanks with various responses they left as Dan said you better wipe yourself with you dress you are covered with cum. We got back in the car drove back to Dan's house we went in through the front door as it was late now we had a shower climbed into bed chatted about what had happened earlier and holding each other fell asleep , waking up to find Dan's morning glory to much to ignore knelt over him sliding my still wet pussy over his length as he woke up, hope you enjoyed my story love to hear your comments , we both would xxxxx