Written by sarah

20 Mar 2015

My husband and I have been married for 25 years and our sex life had started going a bit stale, we started fantasizing about me with another man which spiced our sex life up, then the fantasy turned into reality, we arranged a meet up with a man and I had the time of my life, all the while hubby was watching. I'm 5'6 blonde and a size 10 luckily I have kept my figure over the years. We carried on with our fantasies in bed while making love, hubby said how he had noticed his brother looking at me, I agreed with him but said he's been doing that for years, I knew he fancied me as he told one of his friends and his friends wife told me, that night we had a fantasy about his brother Kevin. After a few weeks we had a family party to go to, it was a really posh do so we all dressed up to the nines, I had a skin tight black dress on, with killer heels, I couldn't wear underwear as the dress would show it. Kevin turned up on his own looking really hot, we all had a few drinks and was sitting round a table, I crossed my legs so my dress rode up it gave Kevin a good view of my thighs. Hubby went off to get more drinks, Kevin leant over and asked me to dance, it was a slow song so I agreed. we started swaying back and forth, he had his hands on my bum and pulled me into him I could feel his cock, it was rock hard and huge. He said do you like what you feel, I said I love it. hubby had came back and was standing a good distance away but watching every movement, he gave me a thumbs up, kevin said I need to do something about my hard on what do you think, I said what do you have in mind, he said follow me outside, I gave hubby a thumbs up and went into the gardens I found Kevin leaning up against a wall, he went over and we started kissing, his hands were all over me, he moved my legs apart and started to finger fuck my pussy until I cum, I undid his trousers and his rock hard cock sprung out I couldn't believe how big it was, I started to wank him, after a while he bent my head down and told me to suck it which I did, he carried on finger fucking me, he turned me round and started licking my pussy, while his fingers were rubbing my cum onto my arse, he stood up and started to fuck me, he pulled my hair and called me names I then felt his fingers rimming my arse I started to moan with that he pushed his finger into my arse, we both cum and had to go back to the party as if nothing happened although we have arranged to meet again, second story to follow.