Written by Kate

18 Jan 2016

My sister is a lot younger than me and over the years I have had varying degrees of infatuation with her hunk of a husband but, of course, did nothing about as I was married and, well, she was my sister. One Sunday a few years ago, he flew in for an emergency business meeting the next day and my sister called that morning to ask if he could stay the night with me since he couldn't get a room in town. I thought it a bit odd since she knew my divorce had become final a few months before and we wouldn't be chaperoned, but I couldn't refuse. He arrived in late afternoon and we had dinner in, then sat in the lounge having wine and talking until quite late. As usual, he flirted with me and got my juices flowing more than usual, probably because it had been many months since I had had sex and was quite horny.

We finally said 'good night' and he went down the hall to the spare room while I retired to mine. I stood near the bed idly playing with the buttons of my blouse as I fantasized about sexy male just down the hall, when he walked in and came up to me. He stood close in front of me and slowly placed his hands on each side of my waist and said, "I've wanted you for years and I think you've had the same thought about me."

I immediately responded with, "What about my sister? I can't violate her trust in me." He smiled as he quickly replied, "Oh, I have her permission." Seeing the astonishment reflected in my face, he continued, "Me having you has been an element of our 'pillow talk' for several years and has added 'zing' to our love making. And she has finally said for me to go for it since you're now divorced." Seeing I was still processing this development, he slowly leaned in and gave me a closed mouth kiss. Then, when I didn't push him away, he kissed me again, gently pulling me into him as he ran his hands lightly up and down my back.

My lips soon parted under the gentle pressure of his and he pushed his tongue just inside my mouth. I stroked mine against his, wanting the friction and the teasing arousal. Our passion quickly deepened, but it was difficult to concentrate on the kisses when his hands roamed over my body. He caressed my back, then my bum before cupping my breasts, squeezing and caressing them. I arched against him and felt him already hard constrained inside his trousers. His skilled fingers found my tight nipples and brushed over them, then concentrated on rubbing them between his thumbs and forefingers through the thin material of my blouse and bra, sending jolts of electricity down into my womanly center, inflaming me.

Urgent wanting soon burned hot and my remaining resolve melted away leaving a pool of desire in its place between my legs. I soon was lost. My groin ached as my womanly center swelled and moistened in anticipation. I fumbled with his belt and got it open, then undid his trousers and pushed them and his boxers down. He kicked them away and removed his shirt. He then helped me remove my clothing. As each piece was removed and revealed my womanly charms, we paused as he explored with his fingers and lips. This slowed the process, but I finally was naked.

He dropped to his knees and eased my thighs apart, holding the folds of my groove open with his thumbs. In seconds, he was licking the very heart of me. It quickly became almost too much and I began moaning as his tongue moved up and down as he sucked the feminine juices leaking from my opening. He then concentrated on my clit, swirling it with his tongue until it became a hard pebble of nerve endings. Too good, too soon, too early; but I didn't want him to stop, not when he did those little circles with his tongue, alternating them with deeply sucking my hard nub. He was driving me out of my mind with pleasure, the pleasure only a very skilled lover can give to a woman.

Keeping his tongue on my clit, he pushed two fingers deep up inside and curled them forwards against that special spot that gives a woman intense pleasure from the inside. I pushed my hips downward to increase the pressure as his fingers increased speed. I gasped as his tongue circled my clit at the same time his fingers rubbed and stroked from the inside. The sensations blended and enhanced each other until I was at their mercy, unable to do anything but gasp loudly as I surrendered to the climax that soon overwhelmed me. I screamed out my release, thrusting my hips against his mouth and fingers. My tummy spasmed as my climax played out for what seemed like eternity until I was totally spent and my body sagged against him.

What came next was almost anti-climatic as I found myself being lifted onto the bed. He spread my legs and quickly lowered himself between them and filled me with his hardness. I wrapped my legs around his hips and pulled him closer. He filled me completely, making me arch up against him as he moved deeply inside me. I knew I wouldn't last long and felt my passion being pushed rapidly toward the summit. Within a few minutes, I pulled his hard maleness into me as deeply as I could with my arms and legs, and my body soon convulsed. He followed my lead and pumped harder and faster until he came toward the end of my come. Our bodies slammed into each other as we wrung out that last remnant of pleasure, then we collapsed into each other, panting and moaning with pleasure.

We slept for a while in each other's arms, then awoke refreshed. He kissed me as his hands caressed my breasts and his fingers rolled my nipples into hardness again. I reached for his cock, found it fully erect, and moaned, "I want you again - with me on top." He rolled onto his back and helped as I moved over him. I straddled his hips, then slowly sank down onto his rampant cock and closed my eyes.

He filled me completely. I leaned forward and braced my hands on his shoulders as I prepared to start moving, but he told me to wait. I opened my eyes and found him watching me. He said, "Sit upright and shift your weight backward so you're sitting straight up, not leaning forward." I did so and felt his cock fill me even more. Then he instructed, "Spread your thighs more while pulling in with your tummy."

I was unprepared for the result. The upper part of his cock was pushing hard against the nerve filled area of my pussy and it started to spasm with pleasure when he thrust his hips up and his cock moved deeper inside me. As I started my up and down movement on his erection, he used the thumb of one hand to roll my clit. This manual manipulation, together with him thrusting his cock upward inside my pussy each time I moved my hips downward had me feeling caught between two erotic forces pushing me toward another climax.

His cock and fingers moved hard and fast against me as I thrust downward. I soon moved my hands to my breasts, tweaking my nipples between my fingers, my head rolled back and eyes closed. I felt like I was riding a cloud of pure pleasure. I opened my eyes and looked down into his face when he said, "I love watching you fuck me. I want to come with you. Go for it and I'll try to come at the same time." I grimaced with passion as I concentrated on coming. I was close and soon came with screams that echoed around the room.

He continued thrusting upward, burying his cock deep inside me, and I came again and again, moving immediately from one come to the next, a feeling I never before had experienced. I was unable to stop, riding him and squeezing my breasts as I cried out each time the short waves of orgasm hit me. As I rode it out, my breathing came in pants accompanied by deep gasps of pleasure.

Somewhere along the way, I felt him buck out his own climax and flood my pussy with his hot cum, which quickly leaked out around his cock and smeared our groins and pubic hair. As I started to come down, the smeared cum made a squishy sound as we continued moving our hips against each other. When I was finally finished, I collapsed forward onto his chest and he held me with his hands, slowly caressing my back. When our mutual panting slowed, he kissed me long and slowly and deeply.

After a while, I rolled off him onto my back. He half rolled onto me, putting one arm under my neck and throwing a leg across my hips. His other hand cupped my breasts, and we fell asleep once more, this time for several hours. When we awoke, we made love again with him between my legs, thrusting his cock deeply inside until we climaxed once more.

We finally got up, had breakfast together, and he left for his meeting. An hour or so later, my sister called and asked how the evening went. I asked what she meant and she laughed as she pointedly asked if he was as good in bed as I had thought he would be all these years I was infatuated with him. I groaned into the phone with sexual satisfaction and she laughed approvingly. We had a long conversation covering the whys and wherefores of what happened until she ended it with her guess that when he returned to her that evening she would be the beneficiary of his residual horniness from him finally having me. I thanked her for the loan of her husband and rang off.

This experience after my divorce did a lot to make my subsequent sexual 'adventures' possible, but more about those later.