Written by The annon housewife

13 Apr 2018

I’m going to share my secret with you because after over a year of keeping it to myself I feel the need to get other peoples opinion as to whether or not what I’m doing is right or not.

I’m 45 and married to a wonderful man who has no interest in sex ( he’s 62). He doesn’t get an erection and by his own admission, sex has come to seem pointless. We have been to counselling and seen a doctor but they all agree that its just one of those things. The next issue is that I have a high sex drive.

I did have an affair but I felt that was just betraying my husband and over time him and I became distant. I didn’t want us to get a divorce and so I just dealt with it myself if you know what I mean. Then he sat me down and told me of his plan.

He told me that he wanted me to be happy and that he had ‘chosen’ someone who would be what he called my ‘sex partner’. This was someone he had met online through a ‘fuckbuddy’ site. To begin with I was horrified but after a few hours of us discussing this he convinced me that this was our best option and that he really was on with it.

He showed me a picture of Tony who is 26 and quite handsome. We agreed to meet in a café for a chat which in itself was surreal but we got on well and so I agreed that we should try it once.

Looking back on it now I was a bit too controlling and should have just let the experience happen but I set a lot of rules. 1, he should just come into the bedroom where I would be naked under a duvet, he should just climb on top of me, enter me and we would have sex, plus he must wear a condom. And so that what happened.

He arrived on the day and at the time I agreed, I lay naked under the duvet. Tony came in, got undressed, climbed on top of me and and entered me. The feeling of guilt was there but he was big and long and although I enjoyed it, I didn’t cum. I just lay there whilst he thrust himself into me until he ejaculated.

The second time I didn’t feel so guilty, my husband had seemed genuinely happy for me so I looked forward to Tony coming round. But again, I lay there, he entered me and he fucked me hard.

The third time was different, it was less formal. Tony took his time, I offered him my breasts and asked him to take his time and suck them gently. I loved the feeling of his tongue rolling round my hard nipples and the feeling as he gently sucked me whilst at the same time his hard cock was thrust into me over and over again. This time I came, it was mild but exciting.

The fourth time Tony took control. My husband had never performed oral sex on me so when Tony’s mouth explored my pussy it was amazing. We fucked for a while and then he pulled himself out, turned me onto my tummy and lifted me up, entering me from behind. He fucked me hard and it felt good, I even enjoyed the feeling of my breasts swaying as he did so and the feeling of him grasping them to squeeze them hard as he fucked me.

Then the fifth time we went from just hard fucking and we made love. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t love tony but we had become intimate friends. We laughed and had fun and then, after about an hour of fucking he stopped. I knew he was about to cum but neither of us wanted it to stop just then. He pulled himself out and knelt there between my legs. His hands explored my body, my large soft breasts and I ran my hand over his firm chest and strong arms. I still don’t know why I did it but I leant forward and pulled the condom off.

Tony slid back into me and started thrusting. And them I had my first orgasm for many years that hadn’t involved me masturbating in the shower and I felt Tony cum inside me. The feeling of his cum flowing into my pussy was amazing and I came again. We stopped for a while but neither of us wanted it to end and we fucked and came again.

Now I ride his cock and he fucks me against the wall, over the end of the bed doggy style and he even carried me around the bedroom fucking me whilst he does so and the feeling of his cock in my mouth is exquisite. Sometime we make love and have nice calm sex and other times we just fuck like animals. I ask my husband to go out so I can scream and cum as load as I want without thinking of him having to listen as his wife is fucked by another man. We have gone from having sex once a week to three and sometime four times a week. I have even met Tony in his car and sucked him off and let him shoot cum into my mouth which I swallow gladly.

But what I am concerned about it how I seem to be losing control of myself. Last weekend I went out to a friends birthday evening out. I handsome young man took interest in me, he took me out into the alley behind a club where I opened my blouse and let his suck my breasts before I lifted my skirt and let him fuck me whilst his friends watched. I don’t know his name but I let him cum inside me and I loved it.

I don’t plan on letting that happen again but I craved his cock and the thrill was amazing.