Written by Lucy_c

26 Jan 2009

Tom picked me up from the waiting area in the docks, and we started off. When he started off I took off my coat. Underneath I was wearing just a bikini top, and suspenders. It was dark outside and with the cab light off only he could se. It wasnt long before he pulled over. He said I was tease and he wanted to fuck me.

I told him to stay where he was and I would sort him out. I leant against the inside of the passenger door and started to roll my boobs with the bikini top on. It wasnt long before this had rolled down beneath my breasts. I slowly rolled them, tweeking my nipples. By this point he'd unzipped himself and was starting to rub himself. I crawled forward over the seats with my top beneath my boobs. I took hold of his hard cock and slowly started to rub it up and down, all the time looking straight into his eyes. I asked him if this was how he liked to be wanked. He nodded. I lent forward and took his cock into my mouth, sliding it up and down until it rocked the back of my throat. Massaging his balls as I took his length. It wasnt long before he shot his salty load which I swallowed. Tom leant backwards as though I sapped him of his strength. So I took his cock in my mouth and kept sucking and rolled it in my mouth until he got hard again. This took about 20 minutes. When he was hard enough I turned my back on him and eased myself on his cock. He grabbed hold of my boobs and rolled them in this hands as I rose up and down. This lasted about 5 minutes until he came a second time.

When he recovered, we headed to Germany.