Written by Cara T

19 Dec 2016

Hello. I'm Cara. I'm 45 married with Kids and to be honest I'm not sure if this is the right site to be posting my story or blog whatever you call it but I have to share this becouse its driving me mad.

My husband is a lovely man but he hasn't satisfied me in the bedroom for many years. Our sex life ( for what it is) is poor. He lasts a few minutes and he's satisfied but I want more.

A few years ago I was a size 18 but went on a fitness drive int he gym and I diet plus treated myself to a boob job. Nothing outrageous, just something to firm them up becouse my breasts are large (35 DD) they had started to sag but now they are quite firm and natural looking. My husband didn't comment and I don't think he noticed.

That, with the fact that I lost weight and am now a size 10, I think made me look sexier and gave me confidence. But my sex life didn't change. I wanted more fun but didn't want to cheat on my husband. I used to fantasise about stranger's filling me with cum and about me having amazing orgasms but was too scared to do anything about it.

But then I started looking on websites for a release and I found it in a couple who live about 50 miles from me.

They were looking for fun but what they called 'soft swinging'. We wrote to each other for quite a few weeks before we met in a hotel and it was amazing.

We don't have penetrative sex but they love to touch me, I arrived in the room already knowing from our correspondence what they wanted. She undressed me, takes my blouse and bra off and touched me, making my nipples hard and sucks me using her tongue to flick and play with my nipples then I'm completely naked and on my knees.

I watch them fuck in front of me then he pulls out and she takes his cock and slowly wanks him until he shoots copious amounts of cum onto my face and breasts.

Then I let her lick it off. Her tongue exploring my face, tummy and breasts sucking and cleaning me. Sometime he manages to do it twice and my please lasts longer.

But then they wrote to me and asked if someone else could join us, his brother and his wife.

I sort of agreed but wasn't' sure at first becouse it wasn't intimate but now I miss them if we don't get together for a while.

His brother is quire handsome but his wife is a beauty, she has large breasts like me but even though her sister in law is small she is very attractive as well.

I'm just the 'toy' they play with. Its the same ritual. Not much small talk but then non of us are there for that.

I undress in front of them, I've even shaved between my legs becouse they insisted on that. Then they get aroused and start sucking and touching and fucking whilst I stand there and they look at me. Then they swap, fucking each others wives for a while then its my turn.

The two girls pull me to the floor and I lay on my back. They toss the other woman's husband off and sometimes they get the me to do it themselves so they can touch me and put things in my pussy. Most;y tongues, fingers or hands but now and again a small bear bottle with find its way into my pussy.

I can tell when they are about to cum becouse the men lay over me and the cum shoots onto my face, may mouth and my tits. If the other one can't wait he just points his cock at me and as long as his brother manages to get out of the way in time, which nearly always happens he cums on me or in my open mouth.

Then the girls have they're fun. I not a lesbian at all but I love the touch of a woman. They nearly always lose control.

Usually they start but just licking me, as a rule there's a lot of cum on my chest, dripping off my big sensitive nipples and they love to clean me there and I have to admit I usually reach an orgasm when they do.

Then there are tongues and hands all over me. Most of the time that's what happens, tongues and mouth's cleaning my skin but now and again the wife with the large breasts gets carries away and she will straddle me and grind her wet pussy against mine, grabbing my breasts and squeezing. I love her beautiful face, looking so angry whilst she's enjoying me whilst they all watch.

I'm growing to like that and I cum so hard when she does. On one occasion her husband got so carries away watching that as soon as she reached an orgasm he pulled her off and slid inside me pumping cum into my pussy. It wasn't what we agreed on and he was full of apologies afterwards.

They said they would understand if I didn't want to come back but at the end of they day he just got carries away.

I shower at they're home, sometimes joined by someone else. If its one of the boys I suck the last of the cum from his cock or if its one of the girls its quite nice. Touching each other, watching water drip from hard nipples.

Then I go home to my husband and play the good wife. Making dinner and making sure he has a clean shirt for the morning, making sure the kids have clean clothes for school. He tells me what his day is like telling me I shouldn't work so many extra hours.

But I'm thinking that if I didn't Then I wouldn't be able to sit and listen to him drone on whilst still tasting another mans cum in my mouth. Or make that two men's cum.

Once I was listening to him when I ran my hand though my hair and felt a bit that I had missed. It was still sticky with cum and I came at the thought of how it got there.

You may think I'm a slut and that I should swinging should involve both couples but I know there are men reading this who want to cum on me. I wrote my story on another site and was inundated with women wanting to fuck me.