4 Jan 2018

One evening while surfing a number of this sort of site for possible meets (I was keen for a good introduction into this exciting world of sexual freedom) I was contacted by a couple who wanted to meet in a public place to see if I might be up for a little fun. Not being shy I went for it, a couple I thought, that will do nicely!

We met in a cafe off the A303 for coffee and immediately hit it off, he was tall and slim while she was short with a great figure she was braless and had pierced nipples, all of which was attracting a lot of attention from the staff and those at the other tables. We chatted in hushed tones for a while to see what each of us wanted from a meet, when she finally turned to her husband she just said "I'm in and I want it now".

We went to his car and they gave me directions as he did this I was feeling her beautiful breasts which she had exposed by pulling down her T shirt. Having been given a taste of things to come I backed off threw my leg over my bike and started her up, the vibration from the V twin was adding to my erection by this point.

I followed for a few miles wondering if I could actually do this when we pulled up outside their place, it was now or never I thought and followed them in, a quick chat and she then made the first move. Walking over to me she asked my if I wanted more of he, I looked at him and guessed he was okay with it because he had his decent uncut cock in his hand gently masterbating it. This was it then, join in or run away. I started taking my clothes off from the top down, they both asked me to keep my leathers on but unzip and pull my cock out.

She sat on the couch and started to suck me all the time I was fascinated by his cock which just got bigger and bigger, man he had some pre-cum! This was my first time being in close proximity to another erection and it turned me on.... a lot so I asked him if he would come closer, he moved over started pulling on my cock while feeding it into her mouth, fuck this was good. I couldn't hold off any longer and I started to wank him gently while spreading his pre-cum all over his cock.

I have to be honest I didn't last long spilling my load in he mouth, she then finished him off while I wanked him. Following a short rest she got us both hard again and we spit roasted her swapping ends frequently, by this time I'd removed my leathers in spite of her protests, I just don't see a damp patch as being attractive lol. When we were all satisfied I climbed into the bike gear and went home with happy memories of my first time.

I loved what happened, we haven't repeated the experience though I would love to make love with another couple, but I had awakened my inner bi, this was an itch felt I would need to scratch.

I sold the bike recently as it just wasn't getting the use but I have fond memories of a great meet.