Written by Giles

20 Sep 2015

During our marriage I had often fancied anal sex but my shy young wife ruled it out. Occasionally I slipped a finger inside her bottom as we were making love but all I got from Anne was "Please don't". So I gave up trying - she was just too prim and proper. 

Our neighbour Linda confided in one of their girly chats that she and her husband regularly had anal sex but still Anne resisted. Even when Anne had her first love affair with a young lad called Chris she still said no. Chris had moved in with us and Anne had all the sex she wanted. Linda and Anne were close friends and on one occasion Chris had made love to both of them. Anne had shown her displeasure at this at first but they quickly made up their differences. I knew that Linda fancied Chris something rotten and she often flirted with him over the back garden fence. Chris was a tree surgeon and one afternoon I noticed him in Linda's garden looking at the conifer trees. 

Linda invited Chris, Anne and I round for a barbecue. Anne was excited for me and told me to make a move on Linda. Linda's husband was away working and Anne still felt guilty and sorry for me not having any sex for nearly a year. After the barbecue Linda told us all to come inside and she served us coffee and trifle. Linda said "Can we start where we left off last time?" This had been the time when Chris had made love to Linda downstairs and my wife upstairs. Linda stripped off and Chris did the same. Anne reluctantly and slowly took off her clothes. I followed. Linda asked Chris if he would like to have anal sex with her and without even a glance at Anne he went up to Linda and put his large hard penis near her face. Linda started sucking on Chris's cock and I could see that Anne was jealous. Anne then leapt up and joined in with the oral, massaging Chris's balls and licking his long, thick shaft. Anne said "You can have my bottom if you want it Chris". I couldn't believe what I was hearing. My wife was about to have anal sex for the very first time. Linda told Anne to come with her to the bathroom. I assumed they were just chatting and they were but later I realised that they were cleaning their bottoms. Anne and Linda came downstairs smiling. Both were still naked of course. Linda said the best way was to bend over the dining room table. I can still see the two girl's bottoms plump and ready for the taking. Chris was eager to start but Linda said I could take part with a bit of spanking first. I slapped the girls alternatively on their bottoms until their cheeks were rosey red. It felt strange to be hitting the woman I loved. Linda said 

"Anne has been naughtier than me sir. Hit her harder sir!"

Linda obviously was enjoying the role play. I slapped Linda's fleshy bottom as hard as I could."

"Ooh sir that hurt!"

Linda stood up and handed me a tube of lube and told me to finger it Anne's anus.

"You have to relax Anne's  Sphyncta.

"Her what?"

"S P H Y N C H T A", Linda spelt it out.

"Another vowel please Carol. " I joked.

 "The ring of muscle in her bum you silly thing!" she giggled.

I couldn't stop trying to be funny. "This reminds me of that banana Anne. Do you remember? "Another dagger look from Anne.

"It  started  with a banana and very soon she was having therapy" I clowned.

"Just get on with it will you!" ì Anne implored.

Chris pulled my arm away and placed his penis against my wife's virgin arse. hole. 

"Heh mate ... steady on ... you heard what Linda said." 

"Fuck off you wanker". Chris took a firm hold of his baseball bat and forced it 

inside her. Anne let out a gasp. After a  while Anne's gasping stopped and she looked at me and flashing her eyelids at me, smiled. "Ooh Kev it is much better than I imagined.  You were right we could easily have tried this ourselves. Pity!" Chris came very quickly and then started on Linda who was gagging for it by then. Anne and I watched and held hands as Linda enticed him skilfully in and very soon she too had a bottom full of Chris's cum. Both girls went off to clean themselves up. They both laid onto Linda's bed and poured themselves a glass of bubbly. All Chris and I heard was their giggling. Chris slapped me on the back and apologised for being rude to me and told me to go home saying " I am staying tonight here tonight."

"..... and don't worry ... I will bring Anne home in the morning."

So that was my one and only anal experience!