Written by Fitnfun2017

27 Dec 2017

I’ve been a member of SH for only a few months and so far only had one experience.

I’m living in a sexless marriage. My wife has never given me oral and there is no desire from her to experiment which has meant our sex life has been pretty dull.

I still love my wife and have two fabulous children.

Initially my profile was written to explore my possible bi side as I felt I would less guilty being with a man rather than a woman or couple.

After a number of false starts, I contacted J on this site. He is gay. He responded quickly and within days we had arranged to meet as his house.

I work long hours so managed to arrange a meet without creating suspicion.

I was both nervous and excited having no idea what was about to unfold.

We spent ages chatting, getting to know one another. J was being patient with me and I was way outside my comfort zone.

Time was rushing and I knew I had to leave soon so I plucked up the courage and invited J to sample the goods.

He quickly removed his glasses, slid across the couch and began feeling my leg. I slightly parted my legs and he quickly moved towards my cock.

He slowly rubbed me up and down before reaching inside for a better hold. My pants were soon by my ankles and I looked down to see J’s mouth around my cock. What a great feeling! This is my first blow job in 15 years and this guy is amazing.

He compliments me on my cock saying how nice it is and so hard too. This is so unusual for me to hear as though other guys can’t be as hard if you know what I mean. Also I’m on the small side which has always made me feel slightly inadequate, especially when reading the stories on SH about the big boys.

I stand up and face the couch. J is sitting running his tongue up and down my shaft before taking me fully in his mouth again.

I was worried about shooting my load quickly but I’m doing ok. I used to be a stayer and perhaps that side of me has not fully gone.

I rest my hands on J’s shoulders. My god I’m enjoying this. I feel a tightening as he continues a fabulous slow movement up and down my cock. I’m cumming and let him know I’m on the verge. I’ve no idea what he will do but he just quickens his pace until I explode in his mouth. Of wow, what a great feeling.

J takes my load and continues suck for a short while before releasing me. He tells me I’m a heavy cummer which was something I didn’t know.

Our time was up and I had to leave. I have such a mixture of feelings. I delighted I had this experience and definitely want more. I want to see him again and this time I want to taste him for the first time. I also want him to play with my arse and then fuck me.

So far, we haven’t been able to meet again. I’m having fantasies about our next venture together. But also I want to meet a couple too. I realise how much I love licking and sucking on a beautiful pussy and would love to experience a couple.

Perhaps I need to rewrite my profile in the hope of attracting more offers. I recognise I cannot change what I’ve got but that doesn’t mean that I cannot excite another and contribute to a great evening.

Whilst my story may not be as exciting as many here, it’s entirely true and honest. I’ve grown because I took the plunge and joined SH.

Now I long for more experience with both sexes.