Written by Lorraine

12 Jan 2008

In most cases ie stories you read on this site the guy initiates the situation but in our case the reverse is true. My name is Lorraine, my partner, Paul, (names changed) usually does the typing (as I sit beside him) when we post an adventure. I was more the one to have fantasies about multiple partners than he, but he did play along and did enjoy it.

The whole thing came together after a short separation when I was about 32. I have an insatiable appetite for sex immediately after that time of the month and not during it as most women do. Our adventures in most cases happen or are initiated then.

We (Paul and me) had a silly fall out back then that had lasted a month and I wanted to get back at him but also get back with him. After a month with no call I was in despair and really sexually frustrated. My pal Marion was nearly fifty and her husband Kevin about the same age. He has a brother Michael who was then about fiftytwo. Both the men were overweight and clumsy loud types. No offence to the Irish!

My phone rang one night and hoping it would be Paul I answered quickly. It was a friday about 7pm but it was Marion asking if I`d go for a drink with her and Kevin but Michael would be there too. I was so angry that I agreed. We went to a local pub where I hoped to see Paul and rub his nose in it. Women do. After four or five hours drinking heavily we left for Marion`s house for a last drink without having seen hide nor hair of Paul.

Once at their house Marion went to the toilet and her being true to form jumped into bed and fell asleep. That left me alone down stairs with Kevin and Michael. Kevin went to the kitchen to pour us a drink and Michael and me had a snog on the couch. He was inexperienced for a man of his age and kissed like a virgin and I was immediately turned off. Kevin walked in with the drinks and I moved from the 2 seater to the 3 seater couch to escape him. i was really frustrated that night and kept checking the mobile hoping for the call. No luck.

I was dressed in the best and had just been waxed from the fanny to the feet and was still tingling from it. I`d on a new black wonderbra and tiny black thong with my usual black hold ups. I`d on a loose silky emerald green top that was buttoned almost to the neck. My bra size then was about 36e but with the wonderbra on I`d felt too titty so I`d covered them up. I`d on a bottle green knee length skirt silky but had a little black slip on beneath as it was annoying my still tingling legs.

After an hour of listening to them boasting I lay back on the couch with my head on the arm rest and nodded off. I`d only intended to rest and phone a cab then leave.

I awoke needing to use the toilet to find the lights in the living room off but the hall lights on with the door slightly ajar and the music down low. Kevin did appear to be standing at the door and I thought he was on his way from the toilet. Michael was sitting on the floor next to my couch.

I got up and stumbled to the toilet but when I sat down realised my top had only one button still done up and six others undone. I couldn`t remember anything other than the first kiss with Michael and my head felt clear now. Did he undo the buttons when I was asleep? For a minute or two I didn`t know what to do? I had fantasised before about many situations but this hadn`t been one of them?

I composed myself and gathered my thoughts and realised that what I thought had happened was really exciting me. I felt my heart race and made a knee jerk decision to go back down and lay on the couch. I was thinking that I must be mad but I was very excited and found the thought thrilling. I decided to leave the top with only one button undone and made my way to the living room.

I felt sober and very much alive now but pretended to be drunk as I walked to the 3 seater and removed my shoes and lay on my back with my head on a pillow and facing away from the light from the hall. I must have lay for ten minutes pretending to be asleep as both men sat opposite me whispering. I did feel slightly exposed as the silky top had slipped open as I was on my back and hoped the view was thrilling them?

Kevin spoke in low volume and asked me, are you staying or will I get you a taxi? I pretended to be asleep and didn`t answer. I heard Michael say, ask her again? This time Kevin spoke in louder tones and asked, are you staying or will I get you a taxi? Again I said nothing. After about a minutes silence Kevin said, she`s out of it, I`ll watch the stairs! Fuck me I thought, this is for real!

I heard Kevin get up and stand by the door and Michael move to the floor beside me but then nothing for a minute or two. My heart had almost settled as I kept my eyes closed and then Michael gently shook my arm and asked, will I get you a taxi? Again I said nothing.

Almost immediately I felt a gentle tug on he last button and felt my top fall open. Fuck me, my heart was racing and I moved slightly to control my breathing. I felt his hands fumble for straps and clips to my bra before I felt him tug the front down and expose my nipples.

I could hear him panting slightly over the faint music. Fuck me, I felt so alive and excited but tried to stay calm. I was thinking about the fact that sexually he does nothing for me but this fat old man had me praying he wouldn`t stop? I was also hoping Kevin was watching and feeling more than a little guilty that Marion was up stairs asleep? I was so turned on.

For about ten minutes they seemed satisfied and happy to be looking at my tit`s and I was aware they had opened the hall door slightly to allow more light in. I was feeling disappointed they had stopped. My nipples were stiff as hell and I was craving one of them should touch them?

Suddenly I felt my zip on the side of my skirt loosen and could feel the waist band being tugged as it was being gently removed by sliding it down under my legs right to my ankles! Fuck me I thought? If they were only after a sneaky peep why have to be at my ankles? Events moved pretty swiftly after that and I could feel Michael lift the front of my slip and could hear Kevin urge him on.

I was now laying there on my back with my blouse fully opened, tit`s half in and half out of my bra, my skirt at my ankles and my slip lifted up at the front. I was straining to listen in to the whispering and I was praying these two fat old advantage taking chancers wouldn`t stop!

Gently I felt my thong being tugged to the side and could hear the whispers ever louder as they both seemed to be inches from my now exposed pussy pressumably staring at it? Fuck please don`t stop I was thinking to myself?

I soon felt the thong being eased down and they/him try to remove it? I felt it being tugged down past my bum to my ankles. My bottom half was now exposed aside the slip around my waist and everything else around and my ankles and my black hold ups covering my legs.

I did not want it to stop and was craving a touch and willing them to feel me. Because the whole thing had taken so long I was now bursting to go to the loo! I knew if I`d gone to the loo it would be all over? I improvised! I let a gentle but continuous stream of pee trickle out on to the velour couch and as soak in. As there faces were inches from my pussy I heard Kevin whisper, oh fuck, she`s blootered, she`s wet the fucking couch!

I slid slightly down the couch to move my bum from the damp patch but could feel it ever so slightly against the small of my back. I also opened my legs a little farther. As before, they waited a moment to see if I`d waken. Soon I felt a warm finger stroke my pussy lips and let out a pretend drunken sigh! I could not believe what I was doing going along with this but I just did not want it to stop!

Bit by bit one finger then two worked their way into my soaking pussy as I pretended to be in a drunken sleep. I did let out little sigh`s and whimper`s but only because I couldn`t help it and was loving what they were doing to me. By then it was not for the drunken reassurance they needed it was just that I couldn`t help it. They whispered to each other and swapped places a few times as they fingered my hole and I had orgasm after orgasm as though pretending to be having a wet dream?

I felt Michael kneel between my legs and waited in nervous antisipation for his cock to enter my fanny as he gently parted my legs still further. I was wondering what size it was as the entire episode had passed in the semi dark with my eyes shut? Please be huge I was praying? My pussy was absolutely gaping and soaking wet and I could feel it pouting just as it does before an orgasm!

Just as he was poised over me I heard Kevin in a panic whisper to him from a few inches away. Kevin said, you can`t ride her, we`ve already gone too far, stop now! Michael gently panted back, I`m only going to rub my helmet on her pussy lips, watch the door! I wont ride her! Fuck me I thought, so close and yet so far?

I felt his breath on my face as he took his full weight on his arms, so`s not to wake me? I suddenly felt his knob slide from one end of my pussy to the other as he worked it up and down my slit. Pressumably in his hand now? Too accurate not to be? Kevin then said, that`s enough now! Michael whispered, check that Marion`s asleep I heard something? Kevin whispered, oh fuck? as I heard him leave the room.

I sighed as I felt Michael slip just the knob of his cock in a little and make a few gentle thrusts. I moaned and made a pretend sleepy noises as I gently rode back to try and get a little more cock inside my hole. I was gasping for his old cock now and wasn`t going to let it go! He threw caution to the wind and slipped his entire length straight in and lowered his heavy old body on top of me the moment Kevin had moved from the door!

Due to the surprise entry I reacted by opening my eyes and pulling him in by the bum! I realised what I`d done and said, Oh Michael Darling, did I fall asleep just as we were going to make love? Darling? make love? I must have been mad for it and almost choked on those desperate words? The lying old sod said yes! As I looked him over I realised all he had on was his shirt and wondered at the state of undress of Kevin?

He supported his weight slightly and began tugging at my bra like a novice to try and remove it. I`d to do it for him but wrapped my legs round him so as not to lose the thick cock I`d worked so hard for! His cock was at that time the thickest I`d ever had and it was stretching my hole to the limit. I really let go now and was riding back with a fury and being really noisy too! I was telling him to ram his cock up me and to spunk my hole as I noticed him looking up!

Kevin had rushed in and was saying Oh no, please shush, you`ll wake Marion, shush!! He was fully dressed and looking horrified and I nodded, okay. Michael was riding like a mad man and I was riding back even harder. My tit`s were bouncing all over the place and I was pulling and scratching at his arse to get more well deserved cock in me! I saw Michael look to the door and realised Kevin was still watching us. I waved for him to come over and whispered that he should keep guard from here.

This was my first time being an exhibitionist and it was even better than I had imagined! I was lying back and pushing Michael off a little so that Kevin could see him stretching my hole with his thick cock then pulling him deep inside again! Kevin was sitting by the couch staring from us to the door but a little more relaxed now I`d quieted down. I was on about my fifth orgasm of the night when the fat old man shot his spunk inside me and I shook all over as I felt it pump inside.

As soon as Michael was off I was pulling at Kevin`s trousers like desperate tart as he resisted a little. I was dripping with spunk and by now crawling about the floor with my tit`s swinging trying to pull Kevin`s trousers off. Michael sat on the other couch and watched. By then I had Kevin on his back and his token resistance was broken as he pulled his trousers off himself!

I kneeled on the floor resting on the couch as entered me from behind and I bucked back like mad. He rode me as fast as he could and I felt and heard him slapping off my bum! We both came very quickly and I got my second load of spunk in five minutes. Kevin`s cock wasn`t as thick as his brothers but it was longer and I thought I was due pay back?

I left soon after in a dishevled state and when I awoke next morning I couldn`t believe what I`d done? It was fantastically dirty and erotic and I`ve never regretted it ever! It was super treating two fat old blokes you normally wouldn`t look at twice! I think that`s why it is still special to me? We still relive it for our own entertainment from time to time and it still gets me gushing wet!