5 Jun 2018

This is a rough account of an experience i once had.

She was sexy as hell with a perfect body. We’d been out on the town and were heading back to mine. We stumbled through the gate into my party shed at the back of the garden. I loaded up the P.A., flicked on the UV light and got a few more beers. She was sexy as fuck, turning me on with her gaze. She slowly walked over to me and held her body close to mine. She moved her hand up to my cheek and brushed my hair away. I felt a tingling below. I’d never been with a girl before but it felt so right. She cupped my cheek and grabbed my ass with the other hand. God she’s sexy. She looked longingly into my eyes. I craved her touch. With a cheeky smile she moved in for a kiss, I let out a moan of pleasure. "God this turns me on", i thought. My hands move onto her hips nervously. I don’t know what to do. She kisses me deeply as she slowly moves towards the pool table in the middle of the room. She grabs both of my ass cheeks as she lifts me onto the edge of the table. She takes a step back and looks at me “I want to fuck you so badly” I gulp with anticipation. She gives me that smile again. She takes off her shirt revealing her white lace bra and perfect breasts and I feel a stirring below. She walks back over and caresses my inner thigh. I let out a groan. Her hands move up my body and She removes my shirt. She moves in closer. Her warm soft skin against mine. With her breath on my neck I moan again. She gently kisses down my neck across my chest over to the other side of my neck. My whole spine tingles. Her hands move across my waist pulling me closer to her, my moist pussy against her waist. She unclips my bra and in one move, my nipples are in her mouth. I moan loudly. As she flicks her tongue over one nipple, her fingers stroke the other. I feel my pussy throbbing. She stops, looks up at me and kisses me deeply again. Her hand works it’s way down and strokes my dripping pussy through my jeans. She pushes me down onto the pool tables and pulls down my jeans and pants, revealing her prize. “Are you ready for this?” She asks. I look up with lust. “Fucking yes” i say. She smiles and pushes my legs apart. Before I know it her tongue is expertly flicking over my clit, driving me wild. I let out a huge moan nearly cumming straight away. My back arches as she inserts two fingers inside me. I give in. My body crumbles around her. My breathing deepens as I orgasm. She peers up at me while licking her lips and gives me that smile again. I lay there’s motionless apart from my breathing. She stands over me and strips completely down. God she’s sexy. She climbs onto the pool table and straddles me, leaning over and kissing me deeply. My own juices on my lips. I’m so turned on. I get a little brave and move my hands up her legs as she starts to grind her body up and down against me. I look longingly at her and ask “can I have a go?” With a smile she gives me a nod. She climbs off me and lays down at the top end of the table. I sit between her legs and admire her body. “Can you tell me what to do, where to start?” I ask. She grabs both her breasts in her hands. “Here” she commands. I lean over her and take her hardened nipples into my mouth. She moans deeply  I stroke up and down her sides while my tongue teases her breasts. Her back arches and she demands again “fuck me, now!” I look up and obey. I move down to her warm, silky snatch and wrap my lips around her. I suck on her clit and ram three finger inside her. In and out. Hard and fast. My reach my other hand up to play with her nipples and I fuck her hard with my fingers and my tongue. She moans loudly which turns me on even more. She rides my fingers and she moves her hips up and down. My tongue still flicking over her clit. I feel her pussy tighten around my fingers and she cums over me. I moan with her, my pussy, dripping with excitment, in the air. I look at her. Deeply in the eyes. “Shall we take this to my room?” I ask. “Only if I can tie you to the bed” she demands. I nod and smile.