Written by Gary

16 Dec 2015

I had known Steve twenty years at the time and his wife Ann ten being newly single they felt sorry for me and Called on me regular to go out with them for meals or drinks. At school I always knew Steve was well hung and after a few drinks one night the conversation got round to sex. Ann complained that while it was nice sometimes he was well hung 9 inch long and very thick it was sometimes a bit too much and a regular cock would be nice.

I laughed and told them it has been three months since I'd had any sex and we all laughed as we drank more and they invited me to stay over the night. Sex was in the air I didn't realise it at the time I thought I would be having a wank. We arrived back at there house and Steve was getting frisky and she told him no she was still too sore from last night and they had no lube. He said I bet if I had a normal size cock you would she smiled and said she was randy but he would just stretch her again and make her sore we all laughed. It went very quiet Steve told her I had an average size cock so why didn't I (Gary) fuck her ? We all laughed one thing lead to another and we ended up on there bed me and kissing Steve watching. I eased my hand into her knickers fingering her and making her cum she slid her hand into my boxers stroking my cock I nearly shot my load there and then. Steve and I undressed Ann as I whipped off my clothes she lay on her back and I climbed on top and eased my stiff cock in. I would like to say I lasted for hours but it was only five minutes I filled her pussy with my spunk what seemed like gallons and as I did so I stuck my tongue in her mouth kissing her passionately.

Pulling out a large amount of spunk started leaking out Steve climbed on top and his cock slipped in he fucked her hard she was squealing and Cummings for a good twenty minutes. She taunted him asking him if he liked sloppy seconds he said he loved it she said next time he would have to lick her clean this tipped him over the edge as he shot his spunk in her pussy. Laying on the bed she said spunk was the best lube ever as she lifted the duvet slid under it and pulled her thong bake on. We slept one on each side of her I was woken with the sound of them fucking and I had sloppy seconds that morning. I've had many more as has Steve fifteen years on I'm still fucking Ann with Steve and alone he has kicked her clean and she can not get enough spunk. Tonight we are going as threesome she wil have on her high heels stockings and little panties and later she will have them and her full of spunk.