Written by Professional guy

9 Jun 2014

I had been working overseas and was bored and horny one weekend and came across swinging heaven online. I signed up, created my profile and sent a couple of exploratory notes to profiles of couples that seemed relatively new to swinging. Despite being straight I had always liked the idea of a MMF threesome. A day later I returned to the site to find that the wife of one couple had replied saying that she liked my profile and would I be prepared to send her a photo . I duly obliged, took a selfie and sent it through to her. About ten minutes later I got a reply saying that they were interested but wanted to know more about me. She sent me her mobile phone number and we exchanged texts over the next few days. The texts were getting increasingly friendly and she had even sent me a slightly risqué photo of her leaning towards the camera, flashing her very nice cleavage. She was mid forties, very pretty and I was definitely interested. In her next text she asked if she could see a photo of my 'hand, holding something'. I had a pretty good idea what she wanted to see, but not wanting to be presumptuous I sent her a photo of my hand holding a cup of coffee. The next text was a smiley face with the words ' very nice, but not quite what I had in mind'. I quickly stripped and took a selfie of me stroking my very hard cock. I sent the text through and got a very appreciative response. Emboldened, I asked if she would be prepared to send me a photo of her hand, holding something. She said she would have to check with her other half. Later that evening I received a very sexy photo of her dressed in a negligee, cupping a naked breast as she posed for her other half. By now I was very very interested. I returned to the UK a week later and we arranged an initial exploratory meet at a nice hotel near where they lived. Jane (not her real name) was very clear that it could be just dinner, it depended very much on the chemistry. It was to be just us two for dinner and she was vague about her partner, Richard's (again, not his real name) involvement in the proceedings .

The hotel was about 40 miles from my place and as I wanted a drink I had already booked myself in to the hotel. My logic being that even if the evening was a total disaster, I wouldn't be able to drive and would need a bed for the night.

We had arranged to meet in the bar at 7.30 and, being a woman, she arrived at 7.50. She looked fantastic wearing a tight black dress with a hint of cleavage showing. The first ten minutes were a little nervous and cagey as the bar was crowded which made conversation difficult. By the time we went through to dinner we had both relaxed and the wine was starting to lower inhibitions. When we fished dessert we returned to the bar for coffee and a night cap.

At this point Jane asked if I would mind if Richard joined us for a drink. I replied that of course I didn't but my mind was racing. My first thought was that she wanted him to take her home. Reading my mind Jane asked how I was going to get home as we had had best part of a bottle of wine each. I explained that I was checked in to the hotel and would be staying for the night. She smiled and said ' that was very presumptuous of you'. I explained my logic, that I had wanted to be able to have a drink and enjoy the evening without having to drive home at the end of it. She smiled. Ten minutes later Richard joined us. I didn't know who was more nervous, him or me. After another drink the atmosphere was jokey and friendly. Jane asked if she could have five minutes alone with Richard. I went outside and wondered around the hotel grounds returning ten minutes later. On my return Jane explained that they had discussed the situation and, if it was alright with me, they would like to join me upstairs in my room.

Without wanting to sound either too surprised or too keen I said that 'that would be bloody fantastic'. My attempt at nonchalance failing miserably. Jane asked if she could have the key to my room as she would like to no upstairs and slip into something more comfortable. Richard and I were to join her in ten minutes. Richard and I chatted excitedly for the ten minutes, during which time time he said that I was in for a real treat as Jane loved sex and was a very skilled lover. We knocked on the door and jane answered wearing one of the hotel dressing gowns. I could see her stockinged legs and they looked very sexy. We cracked open another bottle of wine and jane said, ' right boys, what next'.

I suggested that we play strip poker to add to the excitement. I had bought some playing cards especially for this eventuality. Richard and I managed to lose about 10 hands on the trot and before long we were both sat there naked whilst Jane had only lost her dressing gown. She looked fantastic in her bra, knickers, suspenders and stockings. Richard suggested that I kiss her. As I leaned across to kiss Jane she reached down between my legs and slowly started to stroke my very hard cock. I started to fondle her breasts as we french kissed passionately. Before long all three of us were lying on the bed with Richard and I alternately kissing Jane, her breasts and fingering her very wet pussy. Richard was clearly very excited and knelt by Jane's head offering her his cock. She lovingly took it her mouth and started to suck it and fondle his balls. I started to lick Janes pussy, enjoying the scene that was unfolding in front of me. After a few minutes Richard started to moan and then came loudly in Jane's mouth. After recovering for a minute he went over to Jane's handbag and got a camera. Jane slid down from the top of the bed and took my cock in her mouth. It felt amazing and I now understood exactly what Richard had meant earlier. Richard started to snap photos of Jane sucking my cock and she was clearly posing for him. After another few minutes Richard said that he was going to leave us alone and he would be back to pick her up at 2.30 am. The next hour and a half was incredible as Jane sucked my cock, whispering the words ' cum in my mouth' as I neared one of the most intense orgasms of my life. We then fucked and by the end of our hour and a half alone together I was totally spent. We kissed goodnight and arranged to speak again very soon.